The Worlds Darkest Secrets - Jake Ducey

The Worlds Darkest Secrets

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 07

The worlds darkest secrets ... That sounds bad, but having this awareness around the secrets of the world is actually going to help you upgrade your consciousness and become the happiest and best version of yourself. So theres a chance you won't believe that this is happening, but it has happened and this is going to be quite liberating.

We all know Sigmund Freud, right? The grandfather of psychology and psychotherapy. And basically his discoveries, in a nutshell, helped us discover the unconscious mind and the bizarre motives of the unconscious mind. Now insert his nephew, Edward Bernays, who saw a great opportunity to profit off his uncle's discoveries. And basically what he did is he created public relations. He created PR.

He went to the biggest companies in the world like banks and places on wall street.

I am paraphrasing. This isn't an exact quote but it was along the lines of this. "I can use my uncle's discoveries and I can actually use it to convince people they're not good enough, smart enough, and that they're too fat, they're too skinny, so that they need to buy all these things to be lovable. And to top it all off, I understand the hidden motives of the unconscious mind.

And if we positioned things the right way where people want power, sex, and validation... If we position these the right way, I can get the triggers of the unconscious mind that will basically get people addicted to buying all your products and services. It's going to cost you a bunch of money to hire me. But it's going to make you away more money."

worlds darkest secrets

This actually happened. You can Google it yourself. Edward Bernays. This is how he created public relations. It didn't exist before. So they started their first campaigns! They used Inverse marketing to convince people that they weren't good enough.

They're too fat, they're too skinny, they need all these things. You need to buy this, you need to buy the newest of this. And this has been going on for quite awhile now. And so we come to present day where we've been conditioned from the time you're in your mother's womb! We've been conditioned to believe we are inferior. And that's how the entire global elites of society control us. We've been convinced that there are very few people that are very powerful... When in reality you're immensely powerful.

But we've been convinced to instead get attached to the image we see in the mirror and to then go, I'm too fat, I'm too skinny, I'm too old, I'm too young, I didn't go to the right school. I need to buy this thing. You need to buy that thing and I'm not good enough and I'm not smart enough.

And I've titled this content "The world's darkest secrets" because they've set up a system of control that only will last if people don't think that they're good enough. And that's what they've done. Think of how they market on the radio and the tv and bilboards and online. It's how they convinced us to buy their things that has warped our self image. Which is you are basically worthless.

worlds darkest secrets

Once they started this new marketing style, they realized it was working more effectively. Then they decided they were going to start doing larger and larger outlet malls and bigger and bigger things, and that's how this whole society and present day was built to be such a disempowering culture on an individual level.

It can make you angry or it can liberate you. I'm choosing the ladder. This is just a playground for us to learn and experience as we're spiritual beings in a physical body and we incarnated here to learn these things, but what I want you to know is that you already are good enough. You already are worthy. You are divine.

See, the way that they've set the system up is control. And the only way you can control people is if you can convince them that there's something wrong with them. It's kind of like in a really bad abusive relationship, right? How does one person control the other person?

They think that they're so bad that they actually deserve the abuse and then it becomes this weird addictive cycle. It's a similar type of psychological pattern that we're all in with the way that the elites and these giant billion dollar advertising companies have set this whole thing up. It's like they taught us If we break away from the system and we go within ourselves and find our own peace, joy, and freedom, that we're somehow setting ourselves up to not be good enough because we need to impress everybody else.

worlds darkest secrets

And here's what I want you to remember. You already are good enough. So if you already are good enough, how do you want your life to look?

This is a very different way to look at your situation. How do I want my life to be? if we recognize we're already a divine being, there are great things within our life, then what happens is all the sudden we can consciously create our life from a healthy, feel good and free perspective. You can have the car, you can have the house, you can have the first class flights. But if you're seeking your own identity from them, they'll never make you happy.

If, on the other hand, you know that your identity is a divine being already. You're already good enough. You're already smart enough, you're already deserving because you're one with God and God put you here and that another person or an advertising agency doesn't have the ability to tell you that you're inadequate.

Who are they to do that? They do it unconsciously. You are a divine being! The kingdom of heaven is truly within. You can enjoy all the nice things that life has to offer, but now you're no longer seeking your identity from them. Now you're no longer have the ability to be controlled by the, by the societal elites. You're free. You're free to create. You're free to live your freedom manifest. You're free to be yourself. You've been led to believe that you're just a physical body. If everyone knew that they were one with God, how long would this system last? Not very long.

You're a spiritual being in a physical body. It's kind of like when you rent a car when you travel. You're just borrowing the vehicle to get around but you are not the car.

You're going to help liberate other people and other souls that are trapped in this feeling of inferiority where they think they need all these things in order to impress people or feel good about themselves. You can have all those things, but let's first find the kingdom of heaven within ourselves.

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