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The Sign That What You Want is Coming |Law of Attraction

What you want is likely closer than it seems to be. In this blog, the number one sign that what you want is coming.This is a sign that the things you're wishing and praying for are coming. 

The number one sign what you want is closer than you think is that you feel the energy or the emotion of what you want, even without the physical representation of it. For example, if you want money then you should feel so good, feel so abundant, feel so vibrant, and feel prosperity. Feel it in your body.

Maybe you want love, but you're feeling down and out because the last relationship didn't worked out and no one on your online dating app seems cool and it's been two years since you went on a date that you really like, etc...That type of thinking and energy will only attract more lack into your life.

See, the number one sign that what you want is near is that you aren't waiting for your physical senses or the outside world to tell you what your reality is. Most people live in reactionary consciousness their whole life.

sign that what you want is coming

"Well, I don't see the money. I'm starting to get nervous and I really want it. I know what my goals are. I've been working really hard, but I'm starting to get a little bit disappointed. I mean, everyone says that our soulmates are out there but it's been so long and I'm starting to think that there's no good guys left and there's no right women left!"

Reactionary consciousness is where you allow your physical senses to control what you think and feel. Now the number one sign that what you want is coming is that you feel it from within. In the Bible it says, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you to seek first the Kingdom of heaven and then all things will be given to you. What is that saying?

The Kingdom of Heaven in other words, is the paradise within you. Tap into that place before the outside world shows you the evidence and the evidence will come.

The sign that what you want is coming

In Paramahansa Yogananda's book, autobiography of a Yogi, there's a paraphrased quote. A guru told him to seek not the poultry tensile of earth and said to go within and find that place within yourself. Then everything in the outside world will come to you, but it will be secondary to your inner-state.

So you know that what you want is on the way when you feel the emotions of it and you're producing and circulating the energy of it regardless of what's outside of you. In fact, that's the only way to create something new and different.

Your consciousness and your feeling and your emotion all have to be greater than your present environment. Most people feel in correspondence to their environment. That's how they feel about their money situation, wherever their present job, work, romantic relationship, wherever it is now, that's how they feel.

But the question is, can you feel gratitude for a future possibility before it's actually made manifest?

Can you feel so grateful and excited that you're matching the frequency of what you want?? The law of attraction says energy attracts like energy.

So if your energy is tuned into level ten, then level ten results will follow you! What you want is coming, says the law of attraction. I've seen it so abundantly in my life and I hear success stories every single day.

Alot of people operate from an energy that is level 3 but they want level 10 results. Their thinking is in lack and need. They don't feel the abundance they want to receive because they are so focused on their current struggle.

sign that what you want is coming

But it's never too late to shift energy and attract what you want. With a simple choice and flip of a switch you can step into your new freqeuncy and rise up to level 10! Much like the earth has a gravitational pole that keeps the moon in its orbit.

You have a gravitational pole at all times and it's your vibration. It pulls things back into your orbit that match your frequency.

All you have to do is keep feeling the energy of what you want. You ask, "how do I do that?"

Well, go do things that make you feel that higher state. If you love swimming, go find a body of water and swim. If you love hiking, go hike, go meditate, go do whatever it is that will get you in the feeling of the love that you want, the joy that you want, the wealth you want, the freedom you want, the confidence that you want instead of waiting for the outside environment to tell you that you have what you want! (run on sentence lol its all the passion)

 start claiming it into existence from your own frequency, energy and emotions. Watch the abundance unfold and fall into your lap.

It's just going to happen because you're projecting a whole new frequency. So this is the number one sign that what you want is on the way. And if you really want to amplify that, I created a success hypnosis, it's free. It's right there down below. Psychologists tell us the subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. And if you do not reprogram your subconscious, your subconscious will habitually operate off of your past experiences. So you have to program it towards the success that you want if you wish to recieve it.

Most people think they cannot have happiness unless they get something in the outside world. They cannot have the feeling of freedom they want unless they get the money. They cannot feel the peace of mind and love that they want unless they find their soulmate.

So they're constantly in an energy of lack because they're waiting for the thing in the outside world to come to them. Then they'll be better. Then life will be great. Then they'll get what they want when in fact, the only way to have an overwhelming sense of joy, freedom, happiness, fulfillment, love, and confidence is to cultivate it regardless of the outside environment.

Working this way always connects you to the truth. Seeking first the kingdom within and then all things will be revealed unto you.

Emotion is energy in motion. You know you have a gps in a car and it tells you whether you're on the right track for your destination or not. Your emotions are your manifestation gps and you can tell by how you feel, whether you're attracting the money you want, the opportunities you want, the adventures you want, and the partner you want.

You can always take a few deep breaths and connect back to that place within yourself.

Now in conclusion, I want to take you through a quick few minute guided meditation to get you in the feeling or emotion of what it is that you want. If you haven't yet, Jake's hypnosis is right there down below

This universe is friendly. God is on your side.


Miracles are normal


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