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Jake Ducey
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The Law of Attraction and What Nobody Tells You

The law of attraction is powerful but so many people aren't having success getting what they desire. In this blog, I'm going to address what no body is telling you that is potentially blocking you from the law of attraction working in your life. Let's dive right in! 

​What they don't tell you about the law of attraction! You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. You may be wanting to create the things that you want in life but this is what they don't tell you. And when you understand this, it's going to speed up the whole process of all areas of your life for attracting your soul mate, attracting money, new jobs, and new opportunities.

Things are going to come a lot faster to you after you apply what you discover here in this blog.

Let's say that you want to attract money. That's great. What we are told is that the Law of Attraction says that you get what you want. What they don't tell you is that a lot of people do not get what they want. So why would the Law of Attraction say you get what you want?

The answer to that lies in your unconscious. It really is like a Freudian Law of Attraction. For example, you say "I want to make ten thousand dollars a month". But there is a blockage in your subconscious mind.

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In this example, what happened is when you were a kid your parents got divorced and one of the first memories of them arguing that you can recall is them arguing about money. In fact the number one divorce cause that we have in our world today is money.

Obviously divorce is a very emotional thing especially when you are the child of two parents that are getting divorced. It can be very traumatizing. If you as a 20 year old, as a 40 year old, as a 60 year old, wanted to make more money there will most likely be some issues.

 If you saw a divorce as a child, the child's mind says "divorce is bad"... and the divorce happened because of money. What do you think your your unconscious association with money is after you make that association?

Money bad. Money causes divorce. Money causes pain. Money causes suffering. I don't want money. That's what your unconscious does. It's not rational but your unconscious stores that emotion. And unless you can really look at whatever it is that you want let's say you want money or let's say you want love. Let's say you want freedom. Say you want a new job. Let's say you want help.

law of attraction

It doesn't matter what it is. Insert whatever it is but you have to look at your earliest memories to see the ways that you are programmed and you've got to be able to tell yourself that those memories and those emotions do not control you anymore. That unconscious pattern doesn't control you anymore.

Even if you say "I really want money. I made my vision board! I do my affirmations! I work 17 hours every single day! I'm so hardcore, I'm going to manifest money" you will not receive unless you rewire your subconscious programming.


Because there is an unconscious emotion that was stored since childhood or maybe it happened in your more formative years in high school, college, or thereafter that afftes you relationship with money and your beliefs around it.

Even though consciously you want this thing the earlier programming is blocking what you want.

And that's because the majority of your life is actually unconscious unless you become aware that your unconscious is running the ship and that those emotions no longer control you. Or those memories no longer control you. You will always play out the old programming over and over and over and over again.

So this is what they don't tell you about the law of attraction!. They want to simplify it to such a degree where they say you get what you want. A lot of people don't get what they want. Why?

 It's not because this universe isn't friendly or the law of attraction doesn't work. It's because the unconscious mind is running the ship. For instance there was a woman in one of my seminars. I was discussing all of all of these things and I was teaching about the unconscious.

law of attraction

At the break, she came up to me and she was maybe in her 60s. She said, "you know what, this is incredible."

She was very emotional and she said, "I've been wanting to attract love for so long and I haven't been able to do it. It's been really disheartening. I wanted a partner. I wanted my husband. I haven't been able to do it for years and years and years. I retraced my memories in regards to love and I remembered when I was a child my parents were not in a good relationship. They would argue all the time and they eventually got worse and it was very traumatizing so as a child I said to myself, 'If that's love I don't want it. Love is pain.'"

She stored that in the unconscious and as she got older she developed a conscious mind. But your conscious mind is only responsible for 5 percent of your life. Consciously she says I want love but unconsciously she programmed herself at a young age to protect herself from pain. And the pain was love.

So, unconsciously she was always attracting the wrong people and the wrong things. Her unconscious in her brain was protecting herself from the pain of love.

And in that moment she realized that definition of love, love is pain, was wrong altogether. As a 60 year old she finally realized Love is not pain. Love is joy and freedom.

She had to tell her unconscious mind, "Look, thank you for protecting me for the last 50 years from ever falling in love. But I want love. Love is freedom. I'm not afraid." And in that moment she released those unconscious emotions that had controlled her entire life. Very quickly after she attracted her soul mate.

If you want the law of attraction to work, it's so key to notice where you're programming is holding you back and rewire all those beliefs.

When you identify them, simply say, "Thank you for that my sweet subconscious mind. But now I control the ship."

And what happens is all of a sudden you drop all the blocks, all the resistance that is stopping you from you having what you want in life because you've finally brought awareness to the unconscious programming.

And when you identify that the unconscious controls the ship and it may be blocking it all of a sudden you're free and all of your things can come to you quicker and faster and your life becomes more fluid. And it's no longer like you're dragging an anchor around with you everywhere that you go.

law of attraction

Thank you so much for being here today.


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