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ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE | Law of Attraction

Discover how to properly Ask Believe receive in this blog. So many people teach the law of attraction, but they forget to teach what could be blocking it from working in the first place! Let's get into it 🙂 

Ask, believe, receive. You've heard it in the Bible, you heard it in the law of attraction teachings, you've probably seen it as a motivational quote above your friend's bathroom while you were going potty and you were like, man, that's inspiring.

But how do you actually ask, believe and receive? The trouble is nobody's teaching this. There's so many people teaching the law of attraction. There's so many people teaching how to get rich. There's so many people that are all around inspiring people, but they're missing something that Sigmund Freud was actually showing us how to get the things that you want in life.

This is essentially forgotten teachings that we've swept under the rug and we've replaced it with other things that haven't really worked.

You probably heard somebody say, "Just ask the universe for what you want and by Golly it will show up!" One of three things will happen.

One is you will ask for what you want and you will not get it.

Number two is you will ask for what you want and you will get it.

Number three is you will ask for what you want, get it, and then sabotage it.

ask believe receive

I can recall a young lady that I was very good friends with in high school. She was one of my best friends and the number one thing she wanted in life was to fall in love.

I didn't know anyone that was in more relationships than her. She must have had 20 boyfriends. It seemed she had one new boy every week and the trouble was she wanted something consciously, but unconsciously she sabotaged it every single time.

What Sigmund Freud really showed us one of his greatest discoveries into human psychology and just general health is that your unconscious, which is often irrational, how has been programmed from memories and emotions of the past.

They may be memories from two weeks ago or they may be from childhood. These memories and emotions drive our entire life. It's called the unconscious because it's actually unconscious. You are literally unaware of it and guess what? Every area of your life has been programmed unconsciously.

Perhaps you've heard of the Sufi poet Rumi. Rumi had a beautiful quote and he said that your task isn't to seek love. It's to find out the barriers that you built against it.

Your task isn't to seek what you want. Maybe you want money, maybe you want love. Maybe you just want a job that you really enjoy that pays you well. That's inspiring. It's a great team atmosphere. Maybe you want a house you'd really like to live in. Maybe you want to feel the cold wind on your face in a convertible, your favorite your dream car. Maybe you want to live in the mountains.

ask believe receive

Whatever it is, I know that there's something that you're asking God or the universe for. And the most amazing thing is this world is so awesome and friendly that you can literally have anything that you want so much so that you don't even have to seek the things that you want.

You don't have to seek the money. You don't have to seek the love, but you have to find all the barriers that you built against it. I'm going to show you how to do that here in this blog. What's going to happen is it's going to make what you want come to you way faster and with a hundred percent accuracy.

When you're working on your goals, when you're showing up and logging 12 hours a day because you read motivational quotes from Instagram entrepreneurs that say, "there's only 24 hours in a day and you need to take advantage of everyone!". 

And so then you started working 10 hours a day or 15 hours a day or 18 hours a day. All of those things. You started visualizing, meditating, and you did all of these things. They're all conscious activities, but your conscious is only responsible for 5% of your life. Just five.

What controls the other 95%? you're unconscious! And your unconscious may have been programmed to believe that money is bad. Maybe your unconscious was programmed to be a good little boy or a good little girl, so you don't want to have too much success unconsciously because you don't want to make other people feel bad.

Maybe your brother or your cousin or your dad or your uncle or your best friend had some insecurities, so you always felt weird about doing well because you didn't want them to feel bad. So unconsciously now, 20 years later, you really want that job. You really want that money. You really want that success.

You work hard. You're doing positive thinking and affirmations consciously, but it's not happening. You said, "why God? Hello? Are you there? I promise I'll be your biggest fan. Just give me what I want. God, hello, I'm on my knees right now. My hands are in prayer mode. God, I promise I'll be the best messenger of your word, universe. Hello??? I'll always believe in you. Just help me"....That's all conscious!

So I'll give you an example. By the way, before I get into my example, if you want an unconscious system that's actually designed to retrain your unconscious mind and to rewire your brain,

 I created a software called Second Mind.

ask believe receive

I learned all these things that I said, oh my gosh, this is true and I'm going to share with you the story I'm about to share with you. And when I discovered all this, I was like, oh my gosh! I actually have been unconsciously blocking what I wanted.

I wasn't even aware of it and I've been working like 12 hours a day and I have no life. I don't feel healthy because all I do is work, but I still haven't gotten what I wanted. I thought I was supposed to get what I want by working hard and by consciously watching the secret 10 times, but I still don't have all the things that I want in life.

It's all about my unconscious. So I created this software for myself to reprogram my mind. It Has changed my life over 300,000 people from all over the world and use it in only 24 months and it's free to demo right there down below.

So I'm going to share with you two super quick stories and how the unconscious controlled them and how I manifested these things incredibly fast. So the first one was attracting my soulmate Ashley. Deep down I obviously wanted to attract love, but I wasn't having any success with it. Even somebody that I thought I was in love with ended up leaving with another guy and I was really sad.

ask believe receive

Other than that, I just never found anyone that I even liked. And it just seemed like I wasn't able to attract the right person. I didn't know that my unconscious was controlling the ship. My parents got divorced and I can remember a lot of very turbulent and emotional times, a lot of which I did not remember until I dove into them.

And some of these traumas, we sometimes deduce into assumptions about reality that really aren't true, but it's just how it's interpreted unconsciously and you aren't aware that it's happened. And so seeing the divorce, unconsciously, I associated a relationship with problems.

I would think that maybe none of it was worth it. I wanted to have a partner. I wanted to fall in love, but it wasn't working out year after year after year.

And I eventually stumbled upon this type of material about the unconscious and the memories and emotions and belief systems and behaviors and life patterns that are stored in the unconscious, that are driving the ship and everything changed.

I discovered that I thought of a lot through my parents' divorce. All this baggage that I stuffed under the rug.

I realized what I got out of it as a kid was I associated relationships with problems.

ask believe receive

​And so as an adult I consciously wanted a relationship, but my inner child, my unconscious mind and my unconscious self that controls 95% of my entire life and the majority of the patterns and things that I attracted into my life was programmed to not have a healthy realtionship because I thought relationships would cause more drama.

So my brain and my nervous system created a reality in which I would have less drama and less drama was not having the relationship that I wanted. I consciously wanted and I asked the universe for it and did my affirmations.

I watched the secret, I did my thing, but those were all conscious things. And then unconsciously I finally realized I had associated it with drama. And so what I ended up doing was addressing that part of my younger part of my life that had formed in my unconscious and I reprogrammed it and I reprogrammed love to be positive and to matter. I reprogrammed myself so that relationships could be extremely valuable, healthy, and powerful.

All of a sudden I had reprogrammed my unconscious with a new pattern and belief about relationships. And it did not take more than a few months to attract Ashley after that. It came randomly too. It came out of the blue, but it came because finally I cleared the unconscious with a new memory.

And when I re patterned my relationship unconsciously with love, then I attracted Ashley and it came out of nowhere. The same thing is waiting for you for whatever you've been wanting to attract.

ask believe receive

The second story is about my own success and my own lack of success. When I was 19 years old, I dropped out of college, backpacked around the world, did a little vagabond trip, and I wrote a book about it. It is a self-published book that was called into the wind and my six month journey for wandering the world for life's purpose.

I wrote a book that no one would publish. Everyone thought it was a bad idea, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I decided this is what I want to do with my life and my career. I didn't know how to write. I failed junior English class in high school. I was a college dropout. I didn't do well on my standardized testing.

I got into college because I was a first team all San Diego basketball player. I said to myself, God, if I can write this book and I can turn this into a success, then I don't need any money from this at all.

I just want to do this. I just want to be happy. I just want to help people. And this was when I was 19 so flash forward to almost a decade later. I spent about five years where I worked all day every single day. Basically I had an obsessive compulsive personality towards work.

I was that person that believed the motivational Instagram quote that said, you know, 24 hours in a day, I only need 30 minutes of sleep. I'll work the other 23 and a half hours. I believed that stuff. And I actually was an example of it in my life. First Time Ashley slept over at my house, I said, "look, I just wanted to let you know, um, I wake up every single morning at 4:00 AM and I start writing."

And so the first time she slept over into bed, you know, like 11 o'clock, I woke up at four and I worked all day. It was really hard to break that cycle. So I was doing all that, but I didn't have any money. I was becoming more stressed out as i was getting older and I felt i needed to be making money. Then Ashley and I move in together years later and I'm still in this struggling spot.

ask believe receive

Ashley goes into credit card debt because I wasn't able to consistently pay for things and it was not going too great for me.

I hit a place where I said, "Okay, something's got to give". I realized that those memories that I just told you about that I had told, I had asked for what I wanted this, this career, inspire, inspire a bunch of people, write a bunch of books, do all these things, travel and present all these ideas.

I started to journal and realized i consciously wanted money but had been unconsciously warding it away because of my negative belief around it.

Ask yourself, what happened as a child that shaped your beliefs. How is affecting you today? Your task is not to seek love. It's the find all the barriers that you might've built against it. So let's say you want money or you want love, or you want *fill in the blank*...

what I invite you to do is pull out a journal. you can ask, believe and receive. But if you do it all consciously, you're leaving it up to chance.

And the coolest thing is you don't have to find every one of your memories from childhood or something crazy lke that. You just have to acknowledge that your own conscious is controlling the ship and you are deciding to be free of it. You're deciding to set your own conscious blueprint. Finally, I set the conscious blueprint that it's okay to be successful.

In fact, if I become wealthy, I'm going to be able to help more people than if I don't have money. Love is good. Love is healthy. I set these new conscious things in the present moment and set the intention to put them in my subconscious and then my life started changing.

ask believe receive

 So this is how you ask, believe and receive. What I invite you to do is pull out a pen and pad, think of what it is that you want right at the top of the page or just in your mind, how have I been unconsciously programmed to block this and what do I want to release from my unconscious that might be blocking what I want?

What's going to happen is you're going to feel lighter, more excited, you're instantly going to feel a smile on your face. It's going to feel like you are no longer carrying a huge extra weight on your shoulders because all of you are consciously and subconsciously now going to be programmed for what you're asking for from the university.

You're going to get it quicker and faster and there's going to be less of a delay. Why? Because you're no longer unconsciously blocking it!

if you want to reprogram your brain, we found out through neuroscience that your unconscious patterns and emotions eventually store themselves into the chemistry and neurology of your brain.

Now you can rewire all of that and set your brain up for what you want. I call that the second mind! If you haven't yet, make sure to use it. I'm sending you lots of love and light!

Have a wonderful day and remember

miracles are normal


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