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The Most Powerful Law Of Attraction Visualization For Manifesting Money Fast!

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

May 23

Today I'm going to talk about the most powerful law of attraction visualization for manifesting money fast! Let's get into it! 

The most powerful law of attraction visualization for manifesting money  fast! Would you like more money? If you use this visualization, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and you can start to call money into your life. Make sure you read this blog all the way through and use this visualization technique. It will change your life.

More money will come to you and you will attract more money using this most powerful money visualization.

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For this visualization to work, you must just try on this thought pattern. Money is energy. It comes to me now. Afterwards you could take back whatever belief systems you want to hold around money, but what I'm inviting you to do, just for a little while, is just try on this belief system.

Just suspend your disbelief long enough. Money is energy; that's all it is. What does everything in this physical reality? It's just energy. It sounds like very crazy, right? I remember when I first discovered it. I was like "Wow, this is kind of bizarre." It's so bizarre because the wall, the chair, I'm sitting in, the chair you're sitting in, the phone or computer, you're watching this on, is actually just energy. It doesn't appear to be to our physical senses because they've been programmed to think that it's solid matter and it's vibrating at a dense enough frequency that to our physical senses, it seems to be a solid object.

The Most Powerful Law Of Attraction Visualization For Manifesting Money Fast - energy brain

What science has shown us is that when you look at the atoms that make up the wall, that make up the chair, that make up your body, that make up anything in this physical world, what science has shown us is that the atoms are actually 95% to 99% empty space.  What the heck? What does that mean? It means that almost entirely, this physical reality is actually nonphysical energy.

You can call it spirit. You can call it God. You can call it consciousness. You can call it by vibration. You can call it anything that you want. Alan Watts said you cannot get wet by the word water, but I like to call it energy. What is money? It's energy. What are thoughts? Thoughts are energy that move outside of the speed of light. The rate of vibration that your eyes can perceive.

You can't see thoughts. You can't see your soul, but you are a soul and you use a body. You can't see thoughts, but they create the physical reality. Science has shown us that the subatomic particles that make up atoms are actually how they manifest themselves based off of the observation of them. It's called the observer effect. How consciousness perceived subatomic particles determines whether they show up as a particle or a wave.

A wave, meaning nonphysical energy. It's in a state of possibility that hasn't become physical reality and particles, meaning that it's physical in nature and way meaning it's nonphysical. What are your thoughts? They're thought waves. They're nonphysical energy that you can't see, but they become particles.

Money is determined by your own energy. What I'm saying is money is simply energy and until you think of it that way, a visualization technique or nothing is going to allow you to attract it because if you look at money from the Newtonian perspective, the Newtonian physics model, which is that everything is a physical matter. We live in a physical universe and energy is this kind of unexplainable phenomenon that's a byproduct of matter.

Albert Einstein looked at it totally separately. He said that energy and matter are so connected that there are essentially one in the same. They're one in the same. Energy and matter are one in the same. That's why 95% of a wall is empty space because 95% of a wall is nonphysical energy that your senses can't perceive.

The Most Powerful Law OF Attraction Visualization For Manifesting Money Fast

You can't perceive all the nonphysical intelligence that makes up money, a hundred dollar bill or your dream of $100,000 a month income or $1 million a month income or $2,000 a month income or an extra $400 a day. Whatever it is, it's a nonphysical energy that already exists as a wave. All possibilities already exist. Albert Einstein said something else that was very interesting. He said that time is an illusion. All energy is happening simultaneously. Science tells us energy is never created or destroyed.

Stay with me too because this visualization for money is going to bring it into your life, but I need to share this with you so it flips a switch in your consciousness and will eventually allow this visualization to quickly bring money into your life.

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This may sound like crazy ideas. I get it. Your subconscious mind and my subconscious mind and everyone's subconscious mind has been programmed by a society that looks at the world from the Newtonian perspective. We believe we're just these meager physical bodies and this is who we are. This is the smallest portion of who you are. You're a spiritual being.

The Most Power Law of Attraction Visualization for Manifesting Money Fast

Most of who you are is nonphysical. You're a spiritual being using a physical body, and so it can be difficult to look at everything like energy because we've been programmed to think money is a physical object. You've got to work very hard. It's hard to come by. The rich people control it. You might not be intelligent enough, you might not have the right resources.

You're probably not smart enough, and insert a million other limitations. Money is evil, money is bad, money is wrong. It's so difficult to get, and so what I did is I started hypnotizing myself. I always say brainwash yourself before the world brainwashes you.

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I started brainwashing myself that money was energy, it came to me quickly and easily. I used to believe the rich people controlled it all and it was really hard to earn. I thought that was logical. I thought that was realistic, but I realized it was a limiting belief system. If everything is energy and my observation or consciousness is what creates the energy, that becomes my reality, then I needed to change my belief systems and make them more in alignment with what I truly desired, which was freedom, which was abundance, which was success, which was joy and freedom.

I retrained them and it's right there down below. It's free to use. I made my own success hypnosis for myself seven years ago. Now there's a bunch of people copying it. I made it seven years ago and it changed my life. I had no intention of giving it away, but amazingly over 300,000 people from all over the world have used it.

​I made this for myself because I needed to change my fundamental belief systems around money. It worked so amazingly for myself. I started giving it to my friends. My friends started having great success so I started giving it to my clients. My clients started having great success with it, and then I put it up for free online.

Now over 300,000 people from all over the world have used it. Every day, I hear an amazing manifestation story of people attracting more money from it. It's free to use. Make sure you use it every day while you're journaling, while you're cooking, maybe while your eyes are closed and before bed.

You can use that to start retraining your subconscious belief systems that might be blocking money that you don't even know that you have.

If you haven't yet,

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Keep reading for the most powerful law of attraction visualization for manifesting money fast! 

Similar to a dog whistle, you can't hear a dog whistle. It's energy beyond what your physical senses can perceive. Your thoughts are energy beyond what you can perceive but ultimately, you see the effects of your thoughts in terms of your bank account.

The key is "Can I start controlling my thoughts instead of the outside world controlling my thoughts?" For most people, what happens is their bank account controls their thoughts. If your bank account controls your thoughts, you can never think greater than your bank account. If your bank account isn't where you want it to be and you look at it and you say "I'm broke. I'm stuck here, I make this much money..' Then that becomes your self image, which will eventually recreate itself in a cyclical nature where you constantly create the same cycle over and over and over.

"See, manifesting money doesn't work." No, it's because you're allowing your outside world to control your consciousness and you're only looking at what you have now. If you look at what you have now, that programs your consciousness and you create the same energy in the future so you've got to start saying "Money comes to me quickly and easily."

The Most Power Law of Attraction Visualization for Manifesting Money Fast

When you're in this visualization, close your eyes and start imagining and seeing yourself with money flowing into your life. You see yourself so excited about money. "Yes, it's finally happening." Shake hands with this new client, with your boss. "I got a raise! Yes!" You start using those end results situations to suggest new images.

Most people are always worrying about money and they're sending negative images to themselves all day and they call it realistic. It's important to be realistic and look at your circumstances, but if you constantly suggest negative images to yourself, you're programming your subconscious mind to create the same negative energy.

In the Bible, it says "To those that have, more will be given. To those that do not have, even that which they have, will be taken away." What is that saying? When you're in the consciousness of having, you will attract more of it. When you're in the consciousness of lack, you're going to continue to create more lack for yourself over and over and over again.

The whole goal is to start being in the energy of having the money before you have it, and that's what's going to start to convince your consciousness that you already have it. You'll start looking for ways that abundance is around the corner, instead of constantly complaining to yourself or to your friends or telling the same story about how you can never get the money and the problem is you're not smart enough.

You're too old, you're too young. It's your bosses fault. It's the economy's fault. It's that money is the root of all evil. It's that I'd rather be happy. At least I'm happy. That's like a consolation prize. Would you rather have your arm or your leg.

If possible, you'd prefer to have both of them, right? You'd prefer to have money and happiness, right? What I'm inviting you to do is start playing these images in your head. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Imagine yourself waking up this morning, jumping out of bed. How is your life different now that you have money?

Maybe you're going to your favorite breakfast spot. You can't go to very often because it's financially stressful and now you get to go there like every day for breakfast as part of your morning ritual. Maybe you are just going to go pick out your favorite new dream car. Maybe you're writing a check to help out a friend. What are you doing? What's going on in your life right now?

What I'm inviting you to do is step into this reality. Forget about your present circumstances and step into this new reality. What does your life look like? Take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out. Money is on the way. Why? Because it's energy. Everything is energy. Everything is God energy. Every cell of your body vibrates in harmony with it. Money has it and like energy attracts like energy.

The Most Power Law of Attraction Visualization for Manifesting Money Fast

Your true spiritual DNA is abundance, is freedom. If you're not driving a vehicle, close your eyes and just take a deep breath and feel the truth of that. Feel yourself vibrating in harmony with money.See dollars flowing to you. See yourself with a huge smile on your face jumping up and down. You're so excited. Your life has changed forever. It's like you won the lottery, but it's so much more than that because you didn't just win some little state federal lottery.

You won the spiritual lottery because your spiritual DNA is perfect. It's for abundance. It's for constant expansion.

Think about this universe. This universe is so abundant. What are the characteristics of God energy? It's constant expansion. It's infinite in nature. The stars, the galaxies continue to grow every day. The sun continues to shine everyday. It's total abundance and that energy is locked up in every cell of your body. There is enough abundant energy, enough potential in every cell of your body to attract millions of dollars to you, for you to have an experience, everything that you want out of life.

The only way to get there is for you to step into that reality. Picture a white wall. You see that white wall and it's got a beautiful gold door with a bright gold handle. You bring your hand right over to that door and you open that door and on the other side of the door is your reality. Now that you realize that every cell of your body is destined for the freedom that money can buy, the things that you could have with money, the generosity, the joy, the experiences, and you open that door and you're stepping into that reality.

What's on the other side? It's exciting, right? It's freedom. It's joy, it's constant expansion. Life is getting better every single day. You're laughing right now at how silly those old ideas were -- money's the root of all evil. I'm not good enough. I'm not smart enough. I don't have the resources. The rich people have all the money.

You're one of those rich people now and you're generous with your money. You are one of those rich people. Say to yourself "I have the right to be rich." Get it drilled into your subconscious.

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Command, demand and bend the universe to your will. Don't go "God, please help me. Can I please have some money, please?" No. It is my right to be rich. It is my spiritual right. Every cell of my body vibrates in harmony with wealth and abundance. Every single day, the universe is for constant expansion and growth.

Every day, my money is multiplying. Unexpected sums come to me quickly and easily. I have a divine right to wealth, freedom, happiness, abundance, joy, prosperity, and all that the universe has to offer because I'm a child of God. I'm a divine being worthy of experiencing the fullness of what this life has to offer. I am not bound to my past. I am not bound in my present circumstances.

The Most Powerful Law Of Attraction Visualization For Manifesting Money Fast

I am a divine being. I have a right to be rich. It's great. It's exciting. It's amazing. I feel it in every cell of my body. Every breath I'm taking now feels more exciting. Why? Because I feel more confident. I feel less worried. I feel more excited about life. It makes me just want to smile. It makes me just want to jump up and down because I'm like "Yes, my life is finally changing. The life I know deep within my soul I was capable of living, but I never thought was truly possible. It's a year for me now."

What does that life look like to you?

What are you doing? You wake up in the morning. You put your feet on the bed, on the ground. Maybe you put them on the bed first cause you were jumping up and down, but then you put them on the ground. What happens to the rest of your day?

I know what mine looks like. It's this. Wake up, have a great morning. Make some videos, work on them. Go to the beach out here in Hawaii. Hang out my wife, go hiking, go out in the jungle. What does yours look like?

What does your ideal day look like? What does your perfect day look like now that you have money? Here's what I want you to do. You can open your eyes and take a couple deep breaths in and out. Feel excited. Say to yourself "Yes, money is finally coming to me." Say it. Feel it.

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Here's what I want you to do. Pull out a piece of paper and I want you to write down your dream day, your dream life now that you have financial freedom. Start the paper with "Now that I have financial freedom, my dream day is... " Start like that.

I want you to pull out a Microsoft word document or I want you to pull out a scrap piece of paper or your journal and I want you to write. Don't worry about how long it is. It might be 10 pages, it might be one page. It might take you five minutes. It might take you 20 minutes. See where your soul leads you. See where your deepest desires lead you. 

"Now that I have financial freedom, my dream day is.." Let your mind go, and what I want you to do is something magical. I want you to read it to yourself every single morning and every night before you go to bed.

The Most Powerful Law Of Attraction Visualization For Manifesting Money Fast

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Get it drilled into your imagination. Get it drilled into your subconscious. Tell the universe, "Hey universe, I know now I'm a divine being. Here's what I'm doing with my life now that I have financial freedom." Read it to yourself every morning and every night. Say to yourself constantly, "Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily."

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Cap it off with using my free success hypnosis to change your subconscious thought patterns.

Share this with your girlfriend, share with your husband, share it with your best friend. Share it with your coworkers, your employees. Share it with people you just met. Share with people so you can get on the same wavelength Then you guys can hold each other accountable to living from this divine aspect of yourself.

Hold yourselves accountable to reading your statement that we just talked about. Now that I have financial freedom, my dream day is.. Hold yourselves accountable to doing it everyday. Send each other a text message every day. "Yo, did you read yours yet? Yes, I did. Did you read yours?" It will only take you two seconds. Pick someone and do that with them every day.

A lot of people think "Well, we need to get rid of money for the world to change.' That's never going to happen. We need amazing, beautiful human beings like yourself. Say to yourself "It is my right to be rich."

My only ask is that you come back and share your amazing success story with me. Email my team to make sure we don't lose it -

Email us and let us know about your amazing success story using Jake's

Thank you for reading this. I'll talk to you soon.

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