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The Fastest Way To Manifest Your Dream Life

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 05

The first thing to truly manifest the life of your dreams and do it quickly is to raise your standards. We're conditioned in our world to believe that just not that much is possible. Let's talk about the fastest way to manifest your dream life ...

The biggest obstacle that most of us face in life is to take the ceilings off of our own perceptions about what's possible. We're in this very small room in a huge infinite mansion, yet we think this little room is the whole house. We're in this giant mansion so to speak.

It's kind of like when they put a governor on a car, you hit it full throttle and let's say it tops out at 101 miles an hour. The truth is that car can go up to maybe 120, maybe 150, but the manufacturer put a governor on it and you need to have a governor in America. It's a legal thing. A governer is a little set program in the car that stops it from going as quickly as it could. Similarly, we have these little governors on our mind basically that have set standards in our lives that are a lot lower than what we really want. We really want certain things but we justify why we can't ever get it. We settle.

We do this because we've been conditioned to believe that what we truly want probably isn't likely and that we should be a little bit more realistic. Will Smith once said that being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. The irony is when we put that governor on our mind, what we're really telling our subconscious is this is what's possible. The images that you form in your mind about your life ultimately become the outer pictures that you experienced. The outside images that you see that are the circumstances of your life, all they are is a delayed reflection of the inner pictures that you create. they manifest afterwards.

The fastest way to manifest your dream life

That's why I say their delayed pictures. What you see as a projection of consciousness in your life is a delayed reflection of the images you hold in your own mind. And so what I'm inviting you to do is take the governor off of your mind. Ask yourself, what do I really want? And where in my life am I settling. And when you raise your expectations, the universe meets you there. The universe meets you halfway because you're co-creating with the universe. You're co-creating with this divine intelligence. You're co-creating with it, meaning it can't show up and show you the true beauties of life and what you're really capable of unless you raise your expectations and set higher standards.

You have to start believing and saying, "I am worthy of what I really want". Instead of just saying, "Oh well, you know, you can't get everything you want in life and you don't always get what you want". Start knowing, here's the money I can really make. I'm going to imagine the dream life that I actually want to live and eliminate the word. "realistic" from my vocabulary.

Now, for most people, this can become a problem when they make the conscious decision to say, "I'm ready to manifest my dream life. I realize I've been settling and I realize I've been selling myself short and I'm going to truly commit". But then what happens is they eventually revert to their old limiting conditioning. I call that the first mind. The first mind is the one that's been programmed by society and it's been programmed by the outside world. Now, neuroscience shows us now that the environment around us actually plays a large part in how our actual brain gets wired and how we build our neural connections, how we perceive reality, and thus how we wire our brain and create our future.

The fastest way to manifest your dream life

Because your brain is just an artifact of the past. It just memorizes the past. So if you struggled financially, if you weren't very confident, if you didn't think you could attract love, maybe you saw your parents get divorced. So you think love is pain. All of those memories and all of those things we've been told, they wire into the brain and the brain is just an artifact of the past.

The problem with that is it gets wired that way. It's called Hebbs law. It says that nerve cells that fire together wire together. So our brain keeps recreating the same limiting past based off of the things that it's memorized and been programmed with.

That's the first mind. But now neuroscience shows us through neuro-plasticity that you can actually rewire and retrain your brain. You can literally build new neural connections and make your brain an actual artifact of the future you want because your brain doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real. Instead of living from your first mind, you could actually create a second mind and make it literally an artifact of your future. You can actually erase old patterns of thought and start to train yourself for more confidence, more abundance, more love, etc...

I created the Second Mind neuro programmer to literally do that to my own mind. I made myself a guinea pic and hypnotized myself for the things I wanted. If you want to try my Second Mind and rewire your mind, the link for a free 30 day demo is right there, down below.

The fastest way to manifest your dream life

You eliminate the word realistic from your vocabulary. Everything is unrealistic until it's realistic. How would you act if you knew your business was going to succeed? How would you act if you knew your relationship was going to be successful and filled with love.

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How would you feel? You would just be saying things like, "thank you universe". Thank you. You'd be working hard and you wouldn't be worrying about any little details. I am realistic. I am expecting miracles to show up. I'm actually quite literally expecting it. Just like when you flip a switch, you expect the lights to come on, right? When you turn your faucet, you expect the water to come out.

Now you're also imagining things in your mind, visualizing them clearly with creative imagination and knowing for certain your co-creating it with the universe. So all your hard work will be rewarded. All your courage will be rewarded. All your boldness will be rewarded. You know it. You know that life is on your side. So comment down below. I know life is on my side.

I'm reminding you that you are more capable than you could even imagine and when you start to raise your standards for yourself, when you start to take that governor off of your mind and ask what am I really capable of? Am I settling? What can I really achieve? When you remember that life will meet you, the universe will meet you halfway, that's when all the magic and manifestations occur.

Use the Second Mind for FREE

The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

Make sure that you retrain and rewire your mind to step out of your first mind and into your second mind. It's right there. Down below about absolutely great day. Thank you for being here and being you. Remind yourself, I live in a friendly universe. Great things are headed my way.


Miracles are normal.


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