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How to Know The Universe Is Sending You Signs

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 04

Here's the thing, the universe is sending you signs. Your higher self is trying to communicate with you and you don't know it yet because we aren't taught to be able to read the signs that the universe is telling us. This is very important in order to manifest your dream life. Let's dive right in. How to know the universe is sending you signs ...

Your higher self is trying to give you some guidance. The first sign is that nothing is working out and it's like you just keep feeling like you're hitting your head against the wall over and over. It might be in dating, it might be in a business, it might be in friendships, health, rent or the home that you're trying to get. If it just happens a couple times, then it's probably just the universe testing you to be more persistent.

But if it keeps happening over and over and over again, chances are there's been something in your heart or your soul, a deep desire of yours that maybe you've been ignoring or you've been trying to suppress.

If you keep doing it and it makes you feel like you're hitting your head against the wall is because the universe is trying to tell you to go in a different direction. A lot of times if we can go into the silence, if we can be still, if we can be quiet, if we can contemplate, if we can reflect, we can find the answer that the universe is trying to give us.

Because what it's really saying is, Hey look, all is well, but you're not on the right path and I'm not going to let you keep going this way. So I'm putting this brick wall and the universe is really saying start that one business, take that one job, it's cool to date this person. Hey maybe you should move to this city. Hey, it's time to finally start to get healthy and get a gym membership.

how to know the universe is sending you signs

It's telling you where it wants you to go. And so if you feel like you keep hitting your head against a brick wall, so to speak, then ask yourself this question, what does my heart want? What does my heart truly want? And what you often find is that the universe was just trying to direct you in another path.

The lessons repeat until we learn this because we're spiritual beings in a physical body. You have a body but you are a soul and your soul came into this body. You chose to come into this body in order to learn certain spiritual lessons and we all have our own Dharma, our own purpose, our own things we're meant to learn. But all of life is trying to do is to help you learn those lessons for your own level of enlightenment on your own journey.

Because life is always happening for you and that this is basically a little game for your soul, for your own raising, your own level of awareness and your own self realization in your own level of enlightenment, on your own journey, the lessons that you're meant to learn, continue to repeat themselves until you learn them. Sometimes the same lesson will repeat itself for someone's whole life. Just in different forms.

how to know the universe is sending you signs

The people will change, the dates will change. Maybe the cities will change. But it's basically the same lesson that we're being presented with over and over and over again. And it will continue to happen until we learn it. all you gotta do is just keep reminding yourself all is well and that life is happening for you, that the universe is truly on your side. And to remind yourself, I'm a spiritual being in a physical body and I am not just this little physical body spinning on this little rock.

I'm literally a soul that's come here into a body. I've chosen to be here in a body, in a totally friendly universe, to learn certain spiritual lessons, to grow my awareness and to further my cosmic journey of self realization. And that a lot of times if we can slow down enough, take a nice deep breath, we can realign with the remembering that we are here to learn the lessons and to listen to what the universe is telling us.

It's a wonderful day to be alive! I'm sending you so much love and abundant prayers. Cheers to tuning into your higher self and listening to when the universe is sending you signs.


Miracles are normal.


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