Shocking Law of Attraction Technique To Manifest Money pt.1 - Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey
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Shocking Law of Attraction Technique To Manifest Money pt.1

In this blog I'm going to talk about the shocking law of attraction technique to manifest money! I'm so happy you're here! Let's dive right in! 

You can manifest more money and It's not what anybody tells you. I was in economics class as a freshman in college and I asked my teacher why we couldn't audit the Federal Reserve.

He told me to be quiet and I started thinking maybe this system is set up for us to fail and it wasn't until years later where my girlfriend was in debt because I couldn't pay for anything, nothing in my career was working out, that I stumbled upon the secrets to money.

These are the secrets that the richest, the wealthiest and most successful people in the world know how around how to manifest money. And when I apply these into my life, I became a millionaire in a very short period of time using the law of attraction and using these teachings on consciousness.

I learned them from Stuart Wilde. One of the greatest metaphysical teachers in the world.

shocking law of attraction technique to manifest

This is a three part series and this is all about his two hour talk on mastery of money. I can't put the video in for copyright issues. So I break it down. I've listened to this over a hundred times. I got it printed all out in book form for myself and I want to share these with you because when you use these techniques it's going to change your life.

you're about to manifest more money. Let's dive right into these techniques and secrets on manifesting money that changed my life and I know they're going to change yours.

Shocking Law of Attraction Technique To Manifest More Money #1

Number one, the physical plane is not designed for people to become rich. Now I'm not trying to be all doom and gloom, but the reality is that if you look out through history, there has always been a fraction of 1% that have propped up the political elite and the system has been designed so that you do not get rich and I do not get rich.

It's just been set up that way and when we understand that and we no longer start to say the propaganda that was passed down to us, such as things like, "well, money is the root of all evil. You think the people that control the world think that?" No. You think the people that can fly wherever they want in the world, That can donate to the charities they want to donate to, and live in the homes they want and do what they want with their lives.

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Do you think that they say that? No, they do not say that. It's important for us to realize that we can start to break free from this system that they've set up in order to keep us down. And when you start to raise your money consciousness and you start to say, "I deserve to be rich, it's my right to be rich, I'm going to be rich. That's in my destiny." That's when the cards start to shift in your life.

Comment down below It is my right to be rich.

And here's the good thing - You don't need to take from the rich people in order for you to get rich. You can use your consciousness to bend this physical reality in order for you to tap into the money flow, provide valuable service to the world and create financial freedom for yourself in your life as well.

shocking law of attraction technique to manifest money

And what Stewart Wilde says is that the system has literally been set up. It has literally been engineered for you not to have money. So Stuart Wilde says the system is designed so that a few people have the wealth and the rest of the people do not have the wealth because it's designed like that. 

Because it comes down through thousands of years, the common man has to put in a certain amount of transcendent energy to pull himself or herself out of a system that is not designed to assist you.

So he goes on and he says well let's just say that maybe 500 to a thousand families own 99% of the assets in the world. And that's essentially how this world has been set up. And they've kept this hidden knowledge of how to use the power of your mind to attract money because they're into control.

These families own the governments, they own the societies, they own the banking systems, they own all the financial institutions, they dictate what you'll pay in interest, how much your rent's going to be, what your mortgage terms are going to be, what your car payments are going to be.


Uncle Sam

They decide everything and they also decide how much money the average person on the street is going to make or is going to have.

So what Stuart Wilde is pointing out is that this thing is set up in order for you not to get rich and he points it out because once you become aware of it, then you go, ah,

there are hidden keys that they know that I can utilize.

I can pickit, I can yell at them. I can do all these things. I could say tax them more, but it doesn't work. Quite frankly, it doesn't work. And the answer instead is for you to decide that you're going to get rich. And when you do, that's when the flood gates open up.

So Wilde goes on to say that the world is not designed for people, it's designed to keep the institutions up. It's designed to keep these political philosophies up. It's designed to support the governments. It's not designed to support you and me.

When I was 19 years old, I was sitting in economics class. I asked my teacher why we couldn't audit the Federal Reserve. He told me to be quiet and I realized this is not going to help me become free in life.

I realized I need to form my own ideas around money. That's when you can finally break free from the way that they've set the system up. Because otherwise the government just sends ordinary people the bills like it's nothing and we accept.

"Here's the increase in tax. Here's what we spent the money on. None of it really helped increase the gross domestic product of our nation. But, uh, we're going to have to, uh, you know, keep spending some more. And uh, that's just the way it's going to be. And, and, uh, hopefully you can figure it out." sincerely the government...

manifest money

But when you finally know that it's your right to be rich, instead of thinking the rich are terrible and they should just be taxed more...

Instead, I started saying, "hey, that's great. They have it. If I can tap into the financial flow, then I can do good in the world. The other way of thinking is wasting my time trying to fight against what is. Instead I need to tap into my own financial flow and when I do that, my life will start to change."

if I have 65,000 thoughts in a day, which is what psychologists tell us, then I need to retrain those. I need to rewire those thoughts and that's why I created a software to do that for myself. It's called the Second Mind.

The first mind is the one that wants to keep you broke and wants to keep you poor and wants to keep you in limitations and wants you to adhere to all the ideas that society has told you.

Such as -

Money's the root of all evil and at least I'm happy.

I'm limited because of this problem.

No, you can't wire your mind for financial abundance.

And when I learned what we're talking about from Stuart Wilde, I created a manifesting technique. It's a new one designed to reprogram my mind. And it's right there, down below.

So go ahead and start to use that for free. And you can start to train your mind to attract abundance into your life at the exact opposite way that society is trying to program you to stay where you are.

Shocking Law of Attraction Technique To Manifest Money #2

Number two, you have to have a force of will that is stronger than the force of will that's trying to control you. That's why he talked about the earlier part and why I couldn't just gloss over the way that society is set up to keep you down.

 Because when you recognize it, just like there's polarities, there's equal and opposite energies to everything. When you understand that you can build a polarity energy, there's a negative, there's a positive, there's dark, there's light.

There's certain laws to this universe and when you see that the system is set up for you not to be rich.

And what i mean by that is It just means if you think the way they've told you to think, it's impossible. But when you think like this, it becomes very easy.


When you start to build your own energy, you can combat the energy that's holding you down and it's called energy transmutation. Your energy is vibrating at a higher and a more positive energy that starts to take over that old energy. 

And that's what starts to open up the floodgates. I went from 19 years old in economics class, asked my teacher why we couldn't the audit the Federal Reserve tells me to be quiet and I decided I'm going to drop out of college and start writing books. I'll get published with New York publishing company.

Jake Ducey

 People need to know how powerful their minds are. All these types of things.

Everyone said it wouldn't work. Every publishing company denied me, but I realized, Hey, this world is setting me up so that I fail so that I think I'm not good enough so that I'm not smart enough so that I tell myself, I don't have a degree.That's why I'll never be successful and I don't have the resources and I'm too young. Money's bad.

Then I changed all of that with my software and it started to open up the flood gates. And now a few years later, I published books with the number one publisher in the world, Penguin Random House.

I have $1 million business around these things I wanted to write about that everyone said wouldn't work out. The world was wanting to control the way I thought and I took the control back. The good news is, you can too right now. It just has to be that important for you.

law of attraction technique

Most people really want it to be important, but then it doesn't work out quickly enough. So they pushed the importance away. Oh, money's not that important.

I'd rather be happy. No. Say this, "This is really important and I'm going to figure it out because I'm a genius and I apply my wisdom."

I always recommend whenever the collective consciousness shows itself to you, your response can be, "that's not part of my belief system".

When they say you're not going to make money that way, or that's going to be too difficult. You're not smart enough. You're too old, you're too young, you live in the wrong country. You don't have the right mentors, you don't have the right resources.

You just say this, thank you. Thank you, thank you so much. But that's not part of my belief system. I've decided in my mind that I'm going to create wealth. The ideas that society is trying to program me with, im not going to accept them anymore. I accepted them for my whole life. Look where they got me.

I'm not where I want, I'm not where I can truly be. And now I've decided that I'm an abundant being. I attract money easily and quickly. I've decided to have a positive relationship with the energy of money and my life is going to change.

So one of the analogies that Stuart Wilde talks about there is he's like, say you were swimming in a swimming pool in this big monstrous willdabeast,, grabs you by the ankle and it tries to pull you down to the bottom!! How bad would you try to get to the top to get a breath of fresh air?

how bad would you want it? What kind of will would you have to escape this thing that's pulling you down, that's trying to keep you down.It says that for a lot of us, that's exactly how much effort we have to put into becoming financially independent and mastering money because our societies aren't teaching it.

They're teaching us how to exercise the power that they have. They teach us that we are weak, they teach us, we have guilt. They teach us that we're useless.

They teach us that we're supposed to support and send money to everything and we're supposed to be always left for nothing. Instead, I'm saying, it is your right to be rich and you can have an abundance of money for yourself, for everyone you love and be able to send it to everyone else but without feeling guilty about it.

Everything is energy. You're an individualization of this God energy and you are a divine being. You have access to that level of consciousness that can bring about the freedom in the abundance that you truly desire into your life. It's possible.

Shocking Law of Attraction Technique To Manifest Money #3

Number 3. Recognize that you are a trancesndent being.

ask believe receive

Stuart Wilde said it best. He says that you're not your body. You're not your mind. You're not your sexuality. You're not your past. You're not your GPA that you had, you're certainly not your bank account. You're not your career. You're not your occupation. You are an infinite being inside of a body.

Everything is energy and you're an individualization of this energy. You're just using this body to have this experience as an aspect of God. You're like a mini God here on playground starting to understand the powers of creation and how thoughts become things.

You have the power of the mighty universe at your back. The power that creates worlds dwells within you. It grows your finger nails. It beats your heart. It puts consciousness and energy in your brain that allows you to form thoughts and you can channel that energy.


The Universe is conspiring on your behalf for you to have financial abundance. I love the way Stuart Wilde says it In the mastery of money. He says that you took on the limitations of the physical plane in order to be able to transcend them. You as a spiritual being, as a nonphysical (meaning that your identity is greater than the third dimension).

Your multidimensional being you took on, you manifested, you incarnated here in third dimension physical plane in order to be faced with certain challenges and limitations so that you can learn how to transcend them.

Money is just a good practice for you to realize that everything is energy, including money. It's easy to be like, I understand everything is energy. I am spiritual, but I hate money. Everything's energy except money.

Money is energy too. Money has God energy within it. It's made of the same substance you are. You're just vibrating at different frequencies, different manifestations. You're one with the energy of money. You're one with the energy of abundance. It's within your spiritual DNA.

I think some great things are headed your way today. I think some great things are headed your way tomorrow, and I think you're about to really turn the corner on the abundance and freedom that you have in life. So go ahead and demo The Second Mind and use it daily before bed and or/ when you wake up so you can really start to see things unfold quickly.

shocking law of attraction technique to manifest money

Wishing you an absolutely beautiful day. Thank you so much for being here. I'll see you soon 🙂


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