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How To Reset Your Brain In 30 Seconds

Here's how to reset your entire brain in just 30 seconds. What I'm about to share with you is the most powerful way to reset and reprogram your brain, raise and uplift your energy in only 30 seconds. Let's dive right in! 

Do you sometimes feel a little bit tired, you feel a little bit low on energy, maybe you feel like you got a little bit of brain fog, you can't concentrate, or are you feeling a little bit more just emotional or a little bit more negative?

 Chances are it has something to do with not properly releasing your energy and also releasing your lungs. You know, it's like you park a car in the garage for a really long time and you and I are going to go hop in the car and it's been parked in that garage for over a month.

It hasn't even moved and it's also really, really, really warm outside. We left some bathing suits in there, some shoes in that car and the doors haven't been opened. The windows haven't been open and we get in and the air is very stale.

And it's just not a it's not a refreshing energy. Well, we've never been taught how to breathe and we've never been taught how to release our energy. So much of the time, the brain is working on overdrive because it's not getting the proper energy input. So it can't give the proper energy output to make your entire supercomputer called your mind function properly for an optimal life.

So many of us just simply don't know how to breathe in order to fully satiate your health, mind, and energy.

And so this technique is designed to do that for you, which is going to create a stronger energy flow for your brain.

how to reset your brain in 30 seconds

It's going to give your brain more oxygen and it's going to allow your brain to start producing and generating more energy towards creating an optimal life as opposed to regulating a lower vibration, a lower energy.

So before we do this technique, what I want you to do is just breathe out, breathe all the way out to the point where you legitamately feel your abs engage. Feel your stomach engage and tighten.

And when you think you've exhaled all the air out, you keep exhaling until you really feel all the energy, all of the air out of your body, and your abdomen feels tight and engaged. When you get to that point, you can breathe back in just as controlled with the inhale, nothing too deep, just a controlled inhale.

We're going to focus on exhaling more than inhaling every single time. After you repeat that cycle a couple of times, what you're going to do is, take your index finger and your middle finger on your right hand and you're going to cover your right nostril.

When you cover your right nostril, cover it totally so that you cannot bring oxygen in through your right nostril. You can do it with the other side of the left. But what you're doing is blocking the airflow to one of you nostrils. Now breathe in through the one nostril.

And when you get to the top, you let go and you move to the other side and you exhale through this nostril alternate nostril breathing. So this is going to reset both the hemispheres of your brain.


how to reset your brain in 30 seconds

You're engaging both hemispheres of your brain. This is going to allow the energy that your brain is circulating and producing to start flowing more naturally.

So let's do it here.

Actually do this with me for a moment. So you're going to breathe it and you might start to feel better immediately. You're going to notice you're going to have a quick and strong upbeat energy that you can start to feel. Repeat the cyclical breathing covering one nostril and then the other.

Very quickly what you're going to find is if you let those inhales and exhales, especially the exhales, get all the way to the bottom Just like we practice only a few mental moments ago, we practiced before we did alternate nostril breathing to breathe until your abs engage.

how to reset your brain in 30 seconds

If you think about, I made the analogy earlier about the car. That's how most of our brains and our nervous system and our lungs operate.

We have all this old stale energy and oxygen and it's just sitting in there and we're never taught how to release it.

Well, if all of that energy is backed up, it has to be taking up the energy of your supercomputer, of your brain, of your mind, that otherwise you could be using to create the things that you want. You can circulate that energy towards your own success, happiness and wellbeing. The wild thing is you can actually feel it. 

So when you practice getting all the way out till your abs engage and you do this for only 30 seconds, what you're going to find is very quickly you feel the presence that you feel after a meditation or after you're done exercising. It's almost like you have a little cup of tea, an espresso shot, or you have a nice relaxing bath and you feel alert.

​This is something that I use and I invite you to use all the time. You can go while you're in traffic and you're waiting at this stop light with one hand. Now the person next to you is gonna think you're picking your nose, but it doesn't matter what they think of you now. lol

By doing this practice, you're more aware and you feel more energy, therefore you feel more alive. I think this is the fastest technique to reset your brain, reboot your brain and raise your energy and raise your vibration for all the great things that you want in life. So be sure to let me know in the comments.

If you find this technique useful to reset your brain, rejuvenate your energy, and raise your vibration in just 30 seconds.

And thank you for everyone who shares this on social media. This is about helping people with the techniques and tools so that we can change our lives and upgrade our energy.

So thank you for sharing this with a friend. 

Let's keep this movement of wellbeing going. Have a great day. I'll see you in the next blog!

Jake Ducey


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