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Scripting To Manifest Money: 3 Techniques For Scripting Money Fast

I want to share with you three techniques that allowed me to manifest a million dollar business. This is scripting to manifest money and these are three techniques. When I was struggling year after year, my wife, she was my girlfriend at the time, was in debt and I started doing these every day and every single night.

A few years later now, I am really grateful to God and the universe to say that I have $1 million business and my life changed forever. I'm really excited to see what amazing things you can create and the money that you can manifest in your life using these three simple scripting or journaling or writing techniques to rewire your mind to bring more money in your life.

Step number one is a one line statement of your ideal finances in the present tense. For me, I actually fluctuated between two. I want to make sure that you actually write this down here. Mine was "I am so grateful I'm making millions of dollars and inspiring millions of people."

The other was "I'm so grateful that large sums of money come to me quickly and easily as I earn.." Write in how much you're earning. I recommend you use "I'm so grateful that large sums of money come to me quickly and easily as I earn.." Then write in your goal a month or a year.

You could use a similar pattern as my first, which was about impact and income. "I'm so grateful I'm inspiring millions of people and making millions of dollars." Pick which one speaks to you the most. What I did is I'd switch generally between days going to one to the other. I would take about a page and I would literally write and put earphones in. I created a success hypnosis for myself because wanted to bombard all my senses with this new reality.

In this instance, I've got my eyes because I'm there seeing what I'm writing. My touch is involved with the pen that I'm writing. My hearing is involved because I've got my hypnosis playing just to stimulate it all so I could start to build new neural connections in my brain towards prosperity, rather than the lack of it that I was seeing in my life.

If you want to use that, I recommend it. 

It's totally free and over 300,000 people from all over the world have used it. You could play that softly while you do this.

You can play that softly and then over and over, I write out "I am so grateful that large sums of money come to me quickly and easily as I'm earning $1,000 extra a month. Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily as I'm earning x amount a month."

Essentially, it's hypnotic writing. Hypnosis is when you can move your brainwave state into a state called theta, which is generally the state you're in when you're in hypnosis because you're bypassing the conscious mind. The conscious mind is relaxed enough where you can directly access the subconscious mind.

I'd play my hypnosis. If you haven't yet,

Then I would write this over. I'd do it every single morning and every night. It would only take me a few minutes and I would write the same statement over and over and over. There's probably 15 or 20 lines. If I was feeling really good, I'd go for numerous pages. Obviously, the more the better because you're spending a longer time immersing your subconscious in a new idea.

Step number one is pick a clear financial statement. What I invite you to do is write it there down below to supercharge it. I'm going to read everyone's through and everyone my positive energy. I invite every single person reading this blog to scroll through the comments. Every time you see someone else leaving their financial statement, send them positive energy for great success and unexpected financial miracles coming their way.

Comment down below: I am so grateful large sums of money come to me quickly

Then write whatever it is that you're earning. An extra 1000 a month, an extra or a total of this a year. Whatever it is, comment that down below your financial statement. This is going to be your statement for the first scripting technique. It'll only take you a few minutes and what it's going to do as you do this every day, it'll only take five minutes.

If you do it every morning and every night, what you're going to do is slowly and surely totally, absolutely reprogram the subconscious, which is what's going to bring more money into your life. As I did this, I started attracting new people, new circumstances and new situations in my life that were bringing about prosperity of my life.

Comment down below: Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily.

Let's move on to number two. Step number two is really just a technique to make sure it's clear in the previous, so write over and over and over again that statement, but make sure it's in the present tense. Go from "I want" to "I have" or "I am."

The reason that you're doing that is because the subconscious mind only receives information in the present tense. There's a lot of people that want more money. There's a lot of people that wish that desire, that dream of more money and they still don't have it. Why? Because it's a desire in the future tense.

Albert Einstein showed us time doesn't really exist. The only time that matters is right now. Right now is what determines the future. If your desire for more money is in the future, then you do not have it now. If you do not have it now, you cannot have it tomorrow. Does that make sense? Go from "I want" to "I am."

Comment down below: From "I want" to "I am"

As you're writing that statement "I'm so grateful large sums of money come to me quickly and easily as I earn this amount a month or this amount a year." Hypnotic writing starts to take place with the constant suggestion, especially when you use the hypnosis to start to retrain your subconscious and put you into a brainwave state more aligned with theta.

What happens is your subconscious starts to perceive this as already being true. That's the point of scripting. You use scripting to suggest a new reality to your subconscious. For some people, it works instantly. For some people it takes a week. For some people it takes a day.

For some people it takes a year and it's a gradual process. It all depends on how quickly and how truly you can use these ideas and how much programming you're rewriting in your subconscious, but your subconscious will think that it's real.

The third technique is a bonus. Albert Einstein said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that his main goal was to think the way God thinks. What is God? God is this universal matrix that creates all energy, all matter. You can call it spirit.

You can call it consciousness, the universe, creative intelligence, divine mind. It doesn't matter what you call it. Alan Watts says "You cannot get wet by the word water." You can't get wet by the word water. It's not the word itself, but Albert Einstein said that he wants to think the way that God thinks.

How does God think, or how does the universe think? Constant expansion, constant abundance, constant generosity. Every day the sun comes up. It never asks for anything from us. It's never like "Hey Jake, can you do something for me now?" It just constantly gives to us. That's what the universe does. That's what God does.

When your consciousness gets in alignment with the flow of the universe, which is one for constant expansion and constant abundance and ever increasing service and generosity, you align with the universe and your desires for financial success come bigger, better and faster.

Why? Because you're truly aligned with the universe. You're truly aligned with God, and so God or the universe returns that energy back into your life ten fold in terms of financial abundance.

If you did not yet, make sure you download my free success hypnosis

Any way you can incorporate that with the clients or the employees or the customers or whomever it is. I would just say "I'm inspiring millions of people and making millions of dollars." It happened because I was focused on inspiring millions of people and then the universe took hold of one of my videos and blew it up and then the channel took off.

When you step into that of looking at how you can serve, what happens is the universe magnifies your financial intentions and rewards you tenfold. So see how you can incorporate that into your scripting process in order to expand the abundance you have in your life and as a result, helping more people in that same regard as well.

Thank you for reading this blog. This technique changed my life and I think if you incorporate all three of these as well, it's going to do the same thing for you. Come back and share your success story right there down below to inspire everyone else.

If you're going to apply this scripting technique, comment down below: Jake, I'm all in.

I'm excited for you to have some amazing success with this and to come back and share your story. How a beautiful day. I'll see you on the next blog.

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