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Jake Ducey
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The #1 Law of Attraction Technique I Wish I Knew Earlier

In this blog I am going to talk about the #1 law of attraction technique I wish I knew earlier. Thank you for being here. Let's get into it! 

I wish I would've known this law of attraction truth earlier because not only would it have saved me tons of time, but it would have allowed me to create all the things that I wanted in life a lot faster. I want that time to be quicker for you.

I want you to create the things that you want even faster and I want them to be even better. I wish I knew this earlier and when I did learn this, everything in my life came to me so much faster.

I did my affirmations, I made my vision board, I did all of these things and I wasn't getting what I wanted to the utmost. You can do your affirmations, make your vision board, you can work hard, you can do everything. Anything possible. You could do all of it as an added tool in your tool belt of creating the life that you want.

However, if you forget this one thing, it's never going to work and it's because this one thing is the key to manifesting. It's also the key to the science behind transforming your brain and creating the things that you want in life.


That answer is feeling. Feeling is the secret. It's the number one law of attraction truth that I wish that I knew earlier.

Feeling is the secret and if you don't feel it, you will not get it.

t's also the name of a Neville Goddard book. I made a software designed to rewire my mind and I made a hypnosis.

the #1 law of attraction technique I wish I knew earlier

​They changed my life, especially when I learned this, but I did all of those things, but it didn't start to affect me -- every affirmation and vision board and everything, until I learned that feeling was the secret. I wanted to make millions of dollars and inspire millions of people. Very clear, very simple.

I carried it on index cards with me everywhere that I went, but until I started to feel it, it didn't happen. Why? Because law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. You're feeling is your energy. That's your energy in the moment.

When your energy shifts, then what you can attract into your life shifts. That's how you reprogram the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the emotional mind. How you feel determines whether or not you can reprogram it.

I started exaggerating how I was feeling at the beginning where I'd just be like "Yes, I'm already inspiring millions of people. Oh my God, my videos are going viral."

the #1 law of attraction technique I wish I knew earlier

My wife and I would go on a walk and we would talk about it over and over and over again.

 "Yes, it's happening. It's happening. I'm making millions of dollars and inspiring millions of people today. I'm so excited about it.'


It wasn't working at the time. My wife was in debt. She was my girlfriend then, but she was in debt. Nothing was really happening yet, but that was only the outer appearance of things.

Unless you can feel the inner appearance of something, the inner reality of something, you can't change the outer reality. You may have heard about using your vision board, do your affirmation, think about what you want, know what it is that you want. Everyone says "This is the key. This is the key. This is the key. This is the key." None of those keys work without this key feeling as if you already have it.

You might say "Well, how do I do that?" You do it all the time in the negative. Everyone in society does it all the time in the negative because we're programmed to do it. We think about the worst case scenario as if it's already happened and we feel the physiological sensation of it. We convince ourselves there's no good guys left.

If you haven't yet,

We convince ourselves we have some limitation that will not allow us to make more money and to attract more success in our life. We feel helpless or we feel despair. In a funny example of real life, the first time that my parents ever left me home alone, I got so frail. I was sure there was a robber in the house and I got so afraid that I called the police.

It was the first time I was left home alone when I was a kid, I felt as if it was actually happening. I felt my hands were sweating, my heart was beating. I felt all the physiological sensations of this thing, but it wasn't even real. It wasn't actually happening. I thought it was. I called the cops, I was standing by the door with a baseball bat. I was freaking out.

I was having all the physiological sensations of a reality that didn't actually exist.

I experienced this reality for myself. If you use that same principle of your brain reacting to emotion, you can use feeling as a secret to feel as if you already have.

the #1 law of attraction technique I wish I knew earlier

 For me it was that I was making millions of dollars and inspiring millions of people. Today I have $1 million business.

It happened out of nowhere once I started feeling it. I wasn't getting progress at all. The key was I started feeling it and then my life changed.

Before then I spent five, six years working my butt off doing all these things, but I wasn't getting any progress. That was because I wasn't feeling it. I would attach a string of words, like an affirmation. I would do all of these things, but I wasn't like "Yes, it's already happening! This is so awesome." That's the secret.

It will change your life when you can start to feel as if it's already happened and you might think that that's like hard or something. That's why I created The Second Mind to rewire your brain, your nervous system, every cell of your body for the realities that you want before they actually exist, and that's what will create them.

rewire you mind

You can use that for free and you might be like "Okay so how is feeling the secret? How does this help me manifest what I want?" Science even shows us now that this is the missing ingredient. Go on a walk today around your neighborhood, but don't go on a walk.

You're on a walk in reality, but you're really doing it as a practice, as an experiment, as a challenge to yourself to feel as if whatever it is that you want already exists. It might be money, it might be your soulmate, it might be a new job. It might be that you pass this test. It might be anything that you could possibly imagine.

Go on the walk pretending that it's already happened. Get active. It's an active process. While you're on your walk, be like "Yes, this is happening."

Get excited, like do whatever it takes that you have to do to start to jump start and for you to realize that you can feel this way before it's actually happened. That's what triggers to the subconscious mind that this thing is real. That's what changes your vibration and thus that's what changes what you will attract.

walk with a friend

If you have a friend, go on a walk together. Go on a hike together and for the whole hike, spend one hour pretending what both of you want already exists.

Do it with yourself. If you live by yourself, just imagine. Say to yourself "Yes, I can't believe it."

Just pretend that you finally got that email you've always wanted. Pretend that you finally met that amazing person and went on your first date and you just came home, closed the door and you're by yourself and you're like "Yes, yes, yes. Oh my gosh, this happened and this happened." Exaggerate it.

You have to exaggerate it so that you can feel it the first time and prompt the subconscious mind and then it'll just get easier and easier to do it while you're walking around town, while you're working, while you're doing whatever it is that you want. Feeling is the secret because when you feel it, you're changing your energy, your consciousness, and you're suggesting to your subconscious mind that this thing is already reality.

So many great things in your life are possible when you start to feel that they're already not only possible, but they're happening for you. You might be like "Yeah, but look at my life." Lack of evidence isn't evidence of lack my friend. You can't even conceive what's really possible. Lack of evidence just because you can't see it. 

The Earth pulls the moon in orbit. You're pulling things into your orbit, into your life. That's how the law of attraction works. Imagine yourself, think of yourself like a planet pulling things into its orbit, into its gravitational pull, and what you feel is really your gravitational pull.

That's what pulls things back; how you feel about things. What you feel about your reality. That's what pulls things back into your orbit, into your experience. 

Feel today the truth of who you are, a divine being. You're good enough. You're smart enough. You're not too old. You're not too young. You're not too fat. You're not too skinny. Your teeth aren't too crooked.

Feel who you are - a divine being capable of anything and everything that you desire. 

the #1 law of attraction technique I wish I knew earlier

Feel the truth. Money is not only on the way that it's here now, coming to your experience today that you are today starting to attract your soulmate, new people, new friendships, new opportunities, new raises, promotions, new exciting adventures.

You're starting to feel happier. Get excited right now. Be like "Yes, it's finally happening." Do that right now in your mind. If you can't do it out loud, do it in your mind.

Seriously say that to yourself like five times. Say "Yes, it's finally happening." The number one secret that will change your life is to feel as if it's already happened. Feeling is the secret. You're good enough. You're smart enough. Great things are not only on the way, but they're here now.

What it's going to do is tap into your subconscious mind and it's going to start to pull new things in your orbit today. Come back and share your success story of great things unfolding into your life using feeling. That's the secret. That's the law of attraction technique and truth that everyone should know.

Every time you're feeling what's happening is you're firing new nerve cells and there's a term in neuroscience neuroscience called Hebbs Law. It says that brain cells that wire together fire together. As you keep firing new new brain cells, new nerve cells, they're going to start wiring together and your brain's going to think this thing's already a reality. The law of attraction is going to pull it back into your experience.

You're good enough. You're smart enough. Feel it. Go on a walk now by yourself, with a friend, with your boyfriend, girlfriend, your friend. When you're driving in your car, turn the music down. Practice feeling it. Say to yourself "Yes, it's finally happening." Then fill in the blank on whatever it is that's happening.

I'm excited to hear about the great things that are going to unfold in your life using this. I appreciate you reading this blog all the way through. I'm sending you positive vibes for some great things to head your way. Take a deep breath in and say "Yes, it's finally happening."


Miracles Are Normal, 


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