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Say This To Manifest Whatever You Want

Say this to attract whatever you want. What I'm about to share with you, I believe is one of the most powerful mantras you could ever use to attract the things that you truly want in your life. So say what I'm about to tell you and you can attract whatever you want. Let's dive right in.

There is a miraculous consciousness or intelligence that is in this universe that has created everything. Everything from allowing you to go from a tiny protoplasm to growing into a full body. All of your organs work on their own. You don't have to expend any energy towards it, your heart beats. The universe is perfect. There really is a miracle presence, and it's in everything.

It's in every cell of your body. One of the biggest ways people stop themselves from attracting what they want is their mantra. Because you always have a mantra. You're always saying something. Psychologists say we have 65,000 thoughts in a day. You have 65,000 thoughts every day!! You're probably only aware of a handful of them because the majority of them are subconscious.

They're habitual. We don't, we're not aware of all of our habits. Why? Because they're habits. They're in the unconscious mind. They're built into us like a robot. Well, we have 65,000 thoughts. They're habitual. They're robotic and they're programmed from society. So we actually often block what what we truly want because we believe in our own limitations.

say this to manifest whatever you want

We believe we are as intelligent as our tax return say how much money we make or how much money's in our bank account or how well we did in school or what the teachers and the doctor said about our intelligence level or what our parents or our guardians of the adults around us accomplished in life. So we think we can accomplish a similar level. We don't really think we're capable of that much and we have reasons we think are so why we can't do it.

Say this with me. "The miracle working presence flows to and through me accomplishing all my desires." There is a lot of energy that you cannot see. This reality is called visible light. It's a bandwidth of energy. There's a bunch of energy that you cannot see. Well, this universal energy is flowing to you at all times.

It's, it's instilling you. It's blessing you with consciousness and using your mental faculties of rational thinking, of imagination, of will. You're able to take consciousness and form your own thoughts, your own ideas, your own pictures, your own mental images, and you can hold the images of things that do not exist in the physical plane that only exists in a mental or spiritual realms and you can create them in the physical realm.

It's just that most people are habitually thinking about what they do not want over and over and over again. This miracle working presence flows to and through you. It's in every cell of your body. In essence, it is you and it's flowing to and through you accomplishing all your desires. Don't you think If it could grow your fingernails, if it can be to your heart perfectly, don't you think it can probably help you make the money you want or attract true love?

say this to manifest whatever you want

There are so many energies that are available to your deeper levels of your conscious. We could tap into, but we don't because we're so identified with the world of form. We're so identified with our limitations. We're so identified with our story. We're so identified with our past. We're so identified with what other people think of us. We're so identified with fear of failure that we live at a very small bandwidth. It's almost like the tip of the iceberg analogy.

You only see the tip of the iceberg. Well, there's a whole lot of power within you. You don't even know exists that occasionally you tap into when you hit that flow state. You have a great day at church, a great day at yoga, a great day at the gym... I have been having a lot of them lately because I changed up my routine in the morning and the first thing I do now is I drink a bunch of water and then I head out to the beach right away and I swim. And I just swim for an hour or so.

I see sea turtles, I see all types of fish. It's crystal clear water. Nobody's out there cause this early in the morning it's like the coolest thing in the world and I leave and I'm just in a total flow state. I feel so connected to God. I feel so connected to my potential, my power to the good things in life. It seems like I'm able to think so clearly. I'm able to be so focused.

It's like everything just seems to go my way after that and I'm sure you had a time like that in your life. Well, the truth is if you say this statement, what you're doing is reminding yourself that this miracle working presence is always available to you and it's not separate from you. It's not a distant memory of the past. It's not a Relic of the past. There's not 9 million steps you need to follow in order to tap into it.

say this to manifest whatever you want

You just have to become aware of it. This conscious intelligence of the universe, it is awareness itself. It is conscious intelligence. If it is consciousness, then if you become aware of it, it will directly and proportionally respond back to you. It's like a mirror. It's a quantum field that contains all potential possibilities, all realities.

Things can show up quickly in your life, but you have to start to become aware of and proclaim this miracle working presence. You surrender your own mind to a higher energy, to a higher order of the universe, which opens the door for miracles. It opens the door for things that haven't happened before. It opens the door to the unknown for you to be blessed beyond measure.

Comment down below. "The miracle working presence works to and through me." And if you want, you can add the latter part, "accomplishing all my desires". When you really get away from the string of words that I just said, and you enter the spirit, what I'm saying, then you really tap into the essence.

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You feel it. You get away from the words and you feel the energy behind it. You know, you find a beautiful song, right? I just found a really beautiful song. It's by a guy named Mike Posner and it's called slow it down. And I, I loved it. I just found it three days ago and I've listened to it 30 or 40 times every day since I found it. I just play it on repeat over and over and over while I drive and while I'm working.

I feel like I've really entered the spirit of it. It's just a really beautiful song. I really love it. It makes me feel really good. I can feel the essence of what the artist was communicating. You can do the same thing. You can enter the spirit of these words. You can enter into communion, into alignment with the miracle working presence of the universe because it's always available to you. It is always flowing to and through you. It's just whether or not you're aware of it or not.

Sending you so much love.


Miracles are normal.


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