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Manifestation Teaching From Jesus Christ

In this blog I am going to talk about the manifestation teaching from Jesus Christ. There are multiple passages found throughout the Bible that reveal the the truth around the law of attraction. Somehow, so many of us have misinterpreted these readings to our own downfall. Let's dive into this now! 

The most powerful hidden teachings of Jesus Christ are revealing how you can manifest anything you want. How do use the power of your own consciousness to literally bend this physical reality so the things that you want turn into your physical reality. Let's dive right into this blog.

The verse we will be pulling from today for our manifestation teaching from Jesus Christ is this in 2 Corinthians 4:18. It reads, "so we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen. Since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

This is the secret to the whole universe. Let's talk about it.

What happens when people want things in their life? Let's say you want more money or your soulmate. Most people either don't know what they want or they've already convinced themselves it's not possible, so they don't even embrace their desire.

When they want something, what do they do? They use their physical senses and they recieve information that they're getting from the outside world.

They take in this information, process it to the best of their ability in order to decide whether or not it's possible.

manifestation teaching from Jesus Christ

But in this bible verse it says, don't fix your eyes on what is seen. Let's go deeper into that.

You know, your eyes only pick up something called visible Light. There are frequencies of light that we cannot see, limiting us to what we percieve only what we see now. It's the light that's visible that our human senses pick up on. It's the energy that's visible.

If my body, those trees, that street, the clouds and sun, and everything around me is visible light, what's nonvisible light? What exists that we can not see and why would that benefit us?

The bible verse said, don't get your eyes fixed on what is seen. Get your awareness centered on the unseen. Every thing you see and touch is 95 to 99% empty space. My Body is 95 to 99% empty space. Atoms are made up of 95 to 99% empty space.

manifestation teaching from Jesus Christ

So what is this telling us when it says the unseen? It's all nonphysical intelligence. The physical world is made manifest by the nonphysical dimension.

It's made up of light, by spirit, by consciousness. And guess what? You use your thoughts in order to channel this consciousness.

And guess what else? Everything has that God energy inside of them. You're already connected to it.

But as soon as you get your eyes fixed on what is seen, then your mind gets controlled or inflenced by what you can see in the outside world. And if your mind gets controlled by what you can see, you can't think greater than your environment. You think what is financially possible for you is based off of the digits that are currently in your bank account, or what you've done in your tax returns the last four years, or what your report cards looked like in school, or what people told you about what's possible.

You decide how lovable you are and who you can date based off of what you see in the mirror. You're too fat, you're too skinny. We base it all off of all the media we see and then apply it to what we see in the mirror. But you're so much greater than what you can see.

This is just a little space suit that your body is using. Get your eyes fixed on the unseen because that's what's endless, eternal, and ultimately infinite in possiblity. Why are you an infinite being? Because you come from the nonphysical dimension, just like everything else in the physical universe.

And what makes it manifest consciousness? Your thoughts. That's what makes manifest all the things that you find in the physical world. This is so crucial to remember.

When you get your eyes focused on the physical world, you start to believe in manmade creations, beliefs, and systems... like shortages. For instance, let's say you wanted to attract more money.


manifestation teaching from Jesus Christ

If you look at the physical world, you're most likely going to say either "I don't have enough money in my bank account", "I don't have the right resources", "I don't have the right mentors", "I don't have the right education", "There isn't enough money out there", etc...

The great news is that there is no such thing as limitations or shortages in the nonphysical dimension. they doesn't exist. So the money you want, the love you want, it's all there because it's all coming from a nonphysical dimension.

if I blow a dog whistle, you and I won't be able to hear the sound it makes. But a dog can pick it up. Why? Because dogs can hear at a higher frequency than humans. So even though the sound exists, we as humans can't pick the frequency up with our limited perception.

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Try on the idea that everything you want is in an infinite supply in an infinite storehouse, let's say you want money, but then your mind thinks, "but there isn't enough of it". And "I don't know if I'll be able to get it because there's not enough money or I don't know if my soulmates really out there."

Those types of limiting beliefs are an example of getting the eyes stuck on what is seen. And what is seen is not only limited because it's a very small bandwidth of visible light. But as it said in that passage, it's also temporary. this is just a reflection of a higher heavenly dimension. Now, anything you can imagine already exists in the infinite realm.

All of it already exists in the infinite realm. The question is, how do I manifest it? How do I create it in the physical realm? And it goes back to raising your level of awareness to the infinite possibilities of this reality.

Now if you don't look at this world like an infinite friendly universe, then you can get your mind focused on what your eyes see. When that again becomes your view, what happens? You go down the self limiting slope and continue to live in limited place.

manifestation teaching from Jesus Christ

All the energy and all the potential power is waiting on your beck and call. And guess what?

Your beck and call comes from your thoughts.

Start saying and living in the energy of "endless avalanches of financial abundance come into my life!

Pure love vibrates my heart and my life. Every day I'm attracting more success, more great opportunities. Why? Because I'm not getting my eyes focused what I physically see.

I'm bringing my attention to the unseen, to the heavenly relms, to the divine energy which permeates, penetrates and fills this entire universe, this house, this tree, your bank account. It's all being brought to life by spirit energy.

That spirit energy dwells within every cell of your body, every fiber of your brain and tendon of your body. It's within all of it and you have that energy not only within you, it is you because you're not this physical body.

This is just a little meat suit you're using. This is just like a rental car you got when you flew into into existance.

You are a divine being using this body. Now, here's what I'm inviting you to do. Forget about what your eyes are telling you.

Forget about what your ears are telling you or what other people are telling you, and get connected to the real possibilities of your life.

The Universe is speaking to you. God is speaking to you, and what is it saying?

It's saying, "I'm supporting your every wish. I'm supporting your every thought because I love you and your thoughts create your reality".

manifestation teaching from Jesus Christ

The things that are seen don't come from the things that are seen. They come from the unseen. You can't see thoughts, but you see them manifest. reverse engineer every big idea known to man and it started in thought. Plenty of people told the Write brothers they were crazy for trying to fly with man made wings. Now, we fly around the world in jets.

So say to yourself, I am prosperous. I'm a divine being, I am attracting amazing success. Every day. Everything I do prospers. I'm attracting amazing love into my life. It's all there for you.

Energy is never created or destroyed. All the realities you want already exist. But if you focus on what your eyes tell you, you're never going to percieve and recieve things that are greater than your environment!

Every aspect of your life can move in that universal law of ever-increase. Your finances can constantly grow. Your career can constantly grow. Your freedom can constantly grow.

The amazing relationships you're attracting can constantly grow. It's up to you to align yourself with God energy and start affirming the words, emotions, and beliefs that will allow you to maniest what you want.

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Wishing you an amazing day. I'm so excited for all the things that you cannot see right now that are making their way into your life. Start dwelling in that energy. Focus on the unseen possibilities with love and joy in your heart and mind.

That's when you will start to pull them from the universe into your experience. Put a huge smile on your face. Something great is headed your way today. I will talk to you soon.


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