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Bible Verse That Explains How To Manifest

In this blog I want to talk about a bible verse that explains how to manifest in your life. When you apply these lessons on a consistent basis in your life, the things you desire will make their way to you. Let's dive in! 

Manifest heaven on earth using this Hidden Bible teaching. Have you ever wondered what heaven is like?

I'm going to share with you bible teachings, what they mean, and how to utilize them so that you can manifest all the qualities of heaven in your life.

We've all heard the phrase, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within". But it's the hidden teaching behind the word that will give you everything that you want in life.

What is the Kingdom of Heaven and what created it? There's only one energy in the universe. That energy makes up the planet we live on, the air we breath, and you and me. We call that energy, God. You can call it the universe, you can call it consciousness, you can call it spirit.

Alan Watts said, "you cannot get wet by the word water". It doesn't matter what we call it, but this conscious intelligence is the only thing that exists. The atom, the physical building blocks of the universe are 95 to 99% empty space. My Body is 95 to 99% empty space. I'm more no-thing than something.

bible verse that explains how to manifest

95% of every of all the cells and subatomic particles and atoms that make up what I am is empty space. The same goes with everything else that you want in life. And your consciousness is what manifests that energy in your life. What is the consciousness that you have?

It is an individualization of God energy. What are some qualities of the intelligence of the universe? Well, it's perfect. The fact that the earth spins around the sun perfectly in the middle of infinite space and nobody has ever fallen off before??

You mean we're in the middle of endless space and when you look way out there, it goes on forever. And we're this little blimp, a few planets away from the sun in our solar system.

If we were any further away from the flaming planet We would be in a giant freezer, a little closer, we'd be barbecue chips, right?

bible verse that explains how to manifest

You started as this tiny microscopic thing. You became a baby within that tiny microscopic thing. It knew what color your eyes were going to be. It knew the color of your hair, how tall you are going to be, the shape of your eyes, all of it. It's perfect. This universe, this spirit energy, this God energy is perfect.

It's infinite. There's always new galaxies being birthed from nothing. New black holes being formed, stars dying and new ones being created.

It's infinite and if you are an individualization of God, individualization of this divine intelligence, you also embody in your true spiritual DNA, all the qualities of this higher intelligence. You have to have all those same qualities within you.

They're within you. Because most of who you are is nonphysical. So on the micro, you're meant for the perfection of the universe to unfold in your life. And for all areas of your life to be getting infinitely better.

law of attraction

So you may be thinking about how at the beginning we talked about the Kingdom of Heaven is within and how we can create Heaven on Earth.

If this place is infinite, why do we believe in an idea that sometime in the future we will be in heaven? 

If this place is infinite, why do we believe in an idea that sometime in the future we will be in heaven? What would the qualities of heaven be like? Bliss, freedom, true self realization, knowing that you are divine being and having a connection to God or the universe...

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and essentially the Kingdom of Heaven is God. You are expressing this higher power with your own mental faculties. It is your spiritual essence, your true DNA.

You have more than your biological DNA. You also have a spiritual DNA. You know how your Bio DNA will write what color eyes you have, if your hair is curly or not, how tall you will be.... similarly, spiritual DNA contains you're right for abundance, great success, and for awesome things unfolding in your life.

It's meant for expansion. You're meant for abundance. It's possible for you to have your dream home, your dream career. It's possible for you to have the life that you want because it's in your spiritual DNA. It's your destiny. And just like your eyes are a certain color in your DNA. your meant for all of these amazing things that you want in life because it's a part of your spiritual DNA!!

bible verse that explains how to maniest

You are a divine being. God runs through you. It is you and working through you at all moments. When you bring your attention to it, that's when you see it manifest in your life. Where attention goes, energy flows.

In the Bible, it also says "to those that have, more will be given. To those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away".

When your attention is focused on the fact that you are a divine being, everything you do works to your perfect benefit. You channel that consciousness, that divine intelligence with your own thoughts.

That's so exciting because it means you can manifest heaven here on earth by radiating this high, beautiful, powerful vibe of divine, true nature. You are a perfect whole spiritual being in a physical body. It's time to manifest heaven on earth.

I created a software called the second mind to keep your brain wired into a heavenly state so you can continue to manifest what you want.

Most people's brains work against them because they're living from their neural connections. The chemistry of the brain is wired to their past. For most of us, our past blocks us from what we really want in the future. But when you train your brain to live from a heavenly state, all things become possible to you. I created it and want to give you a free demo right there, down below.

Great things are unfolding in your life. Say yes to your dreams and desires. Every area of your life is going to continue to get infinitely better and better and better. Everything will continue to multiply. Everything you touch and experience will continue to succeed and grow. I'm so excited to hear about your success. Come back and share something amazing that happened to you from using these teachings. I might feature you on another video in my law of attraction success story series. Remember to use the Second Mind and have a beautiful day!


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