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Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques That Really Work

Manifestation techniques that really work. If you want to attract what you want, here are manifestation techniques that really work.

This first one is what my wife and I call Oogling. We had this dream of what we wanted our life to be like. We had a dream of where we wanted our life to go, so we would walk around the neighborhood and then we would talk as if what we wanted had already happened. I call it Oogling. You may not have someone to do it with. You can do it by yourself in your car.

People don't understand that every single second you're receiving information. People just go and they drive their car to Target. It's a 14 minute drive to Target and they're listening to some song and they're spacing out the whole time while they're doing it. I started to think, what if I spent all that time commanding my subconscious for what it is that I want it?


You can drive around in your car or while you're on a walk with a friend. If you have a roommate, a best friend or someone you're dating and you guys are all on the same path, you can talk as if you already want it. You're so used to the way things have always been and the way that you think that they will be. It's a habit at that point. You have to start to talk differently in order to change your mind.

Your mind is just a habit. That's all it is. How it habitually is used to working is how it will create your future. Your mind has a habit about your financial life and that is controlling the digits that are in your bank account. It has a habit. It has a story, a habitual reality of what's possible for you in your career, in your health, in every area of your life. You have to start telling it differently. Oogle it. You have to start living into that reality.

Some people will read this blog and they say 'That's woo wooey". I want to backtrack first and help you understand actual science behind this as well. Every time you have a thought, you fire brain cells, right? It's a science fact. Every time you have a thought or an emotional reaction, you're engaged with something. You fire brain cells, right?

There's a term in neuroscience called Hebb's Law, and it says that brain cells that fire wire together. The neurocircuitry of your brain gets formed based off of the habitual emotions or the habitual reactions, the habitual circumstances, thought patterns, beliefs. They form, and they create the way your brain habitually operates and produces your reality.


Wouldn't it make sense to start to train your brain for the reality that you want? Most people don't train their brain for the reality they want. Instead, they do the opposite. "Look at my bank account. I'm broke. This was a cool blog, but you don't understand I'm broke. I mean, my last five relationships haven't worked. There's no good guys left." They use what has happened like a gunpowder fodder. They pack it all in and they shoot it out.

They use the past and they pack in all the fodder in there. Every time you're doing that, you're firing those same brain cells over and over and over and over again. You have to start to activate different brain cells in order to change your brain, and thus how your brain creates your reality. Does that make sense?

Oogling is like you firing consciously, you deliberately taking advantage of your brain and your physiology to fire different brain cells and engage different brain cells to create new neural networks so your brain starts to get conditioned to a new reality. That's why I always talk about The Second Mind. The first mind is the way the brain used to be wired. The second mind is you consciously wiring your brain the way that you want your brain to be wired.

That's why I created the software The Second Mind.

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You can demo that for free. That is an actual process to start to recondition the brain, but then you take Oogling or you just take living into the reality. I like to have fun with life. That's why we named it a silly word, but if you want to be very serious, you could just call it acting as if; talking into the reality that you want.

Why would I spend any time entertaining ideas other than what I wanted?

Why would I drive around in the car and listen to some famous song on the radio when I could be saying "God, I am so grateful now that I'm inspiring millions of people worldwide, that my message is is finally starting to reach people and that I'm able to inspire people. People are buying my books. People are inspired by my services and they're paying for my services with great satisfaction. I'm so grateful that I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I'm so grateful that Ashley and I have created this fantastic lives for ourselves and we're living in our dream home."

I started talking like that. There was nothing in my reality that would've said that was a logical thing to do, but remember, just keep taking it back. Every time you're firing your activating brain cells. Why not start to condition your brain for a new reality?

Most people just keep activating the same brain cells. "'m broke." They use their outer evidence to say "Look, there's no money. Look at my last seven years. Look, I'm not very good at numbers. Look, I didn't get the right education. Look, the one percent is controlling the economy."

They're using the evidence to keep activating those brain cells. Hebb's Law says that brain cells that fire together, wire together. Unconsciously, their brain, nervous system and entire physiology is operating at this frequency that they don't even want to be on, but they keep affirming it and they keep activating those brain cells so they keep staying in that frequency that controls their entire physiology, their entire nervous system. Every cell of their body is vibrating in harmony with this thing that they don't even want.


When I started learning, I said "Well, why don't I take it to the logical extreme and do the exact same thing, as opposed to what I don't want?" What I didn't want was things like "I'm too young. Things haven't worked out for six years in a row. I don't have a college degree. I have this problem. I have that problem." It's just noise. That's all it is.

What happens is, we're used to it. It's kind of like when you stay in the same friend circle for so long, but you don't really want to be in that friend circle anymore, but you're so used to it.

Your brain gets used to you perceiving your reality in the same way so it can be hard to step out of that. The quickest, fastest, and easy way to do it is your self talk while you're driving, while you're walking. Walk around the street and try to do a 10 minute walk where all you do is talk about what you want as if it's already happened. Literally just in your own head, walk around and just make all of your thoughts focused on that. Begin it with on your first step out the door when you tie your shoes. Use this as an exercise and mental concentration.

Most people think of a walk is a physical activity. Think of it as an exercise in mental concentration and going on the walk around your neighborhood and say "I'm so grateful." Just do it silently to yourself. "I'm so grateful now that this has happened.."

Most people can't even do that because their mind is so focused on the way things have been, they won't even fully imagine what's possible. When you keep imagining what's possible over and over and over again, every single day you start to fire those brain cells.

Your brain starts getting used to that reality and guess what? Your nervous system, your subconscious mind and your brain don't know the difference between what's real and what's not real. As soon as you start firing those brain cells for day after day after day, they start to create new neural networks.

It's just like a tree that starts to grow deeper and deeper and deeper roots into the ecosystem. It's the same thing and it keeps growing and then it takes hold. Eventually, things start showing up. People call it synchronicities. People call it luck. "Man, you're so lucky. How did your whole life change? How did this happen?"

Just tell them "Well, it's because I started reconditioning my mind. I started changing my thought patterns. I started changing the way that I looked at myself. I started changing the way that I talk to myself." You can call it Oogling, you can call it self talk. It doesn't matter what you call it. The fact is, at every single moment, you're engaged in mental dialogue at every moment.


Psychologists say you have 65,000 thoughts in a day. There's no debating that. The number you could debate. You could say "Well, I believe I'm from the train of thought that we only have 50,000 thoughts, not 65, Jake." Who cares? There's a lot of thoughts, right? Tens of thousands. 

There's a mental dialogue always going on, but most people's mental dialogue is "I'm not good enough. There was no way I could attract that. I mean, this is the way it's been for so long. I mean, I'm unlovable. The last relationship didn't workout. There's no good guys left. Besides, the economy. Besides, my boss. I mean, I don't really even know if I'm good enough. Besides, they probably wouldn't say yes to me anyways. If they did, I wouldn't know what to do if they did say yes."

What would I do with all that money if I I had more money? It seems like it would just be a bigger headache if I had it in the first place. I don't know anything about taxes. What would happen if she said yes to me on the date?"

Change that. Figure all the details out later. Just start affirming what you want. Start speaking it into existence each and every single day. If you have tens of thousands of thoughts every day, you might as well start to form those thoughts to become habits of what you want.

Most people's thoughts are habits of what they do not want over and over and over, and they think they're stuck like that, but they're not stuck like that. It just seems like you're stuck like that because it's wired into your brain for so long.

The neural networks in your brain have habitually fired those brain cells for so long that you're used to that emotion. You're used to feeling like you can't attract more money. You're used to thinking that you're unlovable. You're none of those things. You're an individualization of God. Everything is energy. The chair you're sitting on is energy. That's all it is.


What is your body? Your body is energy. What is all this energy? You can call it God. I call it God. You can call it universe. I like to call it universe. You can call it spirit. I like to call it spirit. You can call it anything that you want. Consciousness, energy, divine intelligence. You are one in the same with that energy. You're not separate from it. You're one in the same with it. 

You're worthy of everything that you desire, but you live in a world of freewill. You're here to learn certain spiritual lessons. Many of them is the law of creation. You are a powerful being and you're learning how to take images in your mind and create them into tangible form and physical reality. What are you imagining for your bank account? What are you imagining for your career?

What are you imagining for your relationships? What are you imagining for your health? What are you imagining for your happiness, for your life, for your day to day life about what's really possible? At the end of the day, if you can start getting your mind, your conscious energy focused on these realities long enough, you're going to start to recondition your brain, your physiology, your nervous system.

Then, every cell in your body is going to be vibrating in harmony with this thing and it's bound to show up in your life. It's just magnetism. It's just the way it works. One plus one always equals two. It doesn't equal seven. It always equals two.

Begin using this pattern of self talk. Call it Oogling if you want. Make another word that makes you enjoy your life, right? Call it whatever you want to call it. Alan Watts said "You can't get wet by the word water." It doesn't matter what you call things. Some people just call it like mental dialogue. You can call it anything that you want.

The fact is, you can take conscious control over your thought patterns in your own mind. You can start to rewire those and you can essentially take control of the operating system of your brain, of your nervous system and the cells of your body. You can get the reality that you want using this reverse process of creation.

You are more powerful than you think that you are. Your thoughts become things. You are a divine being worthy of every single thing that you desire. Why? Everything is energy. What is this energy? You can call it God or anything you want. It doesn't matter, but you're one in the same with this energy. Therefore, you're already worthy.

The past is just an illusion. 


If everything is energy and we all come from this God's substance, then we have the power of creation at our fingertips, right? What do you want to do with that power?

You can change your financial life. I'm telling you, you can attract the most amazing life for yourself. I'm telling you, you might have dormant ideas inside of you - dreams, businesses, ways you want to travel, do cool new things with your life. You may have an awesome idea that's going to improve your city, town or your community. I'm telling you, you're good enough for it.

In your mind you may just be used to so long believing that relationships won't work out, but now it's time to start saying "I attract amazing relationships." It's going to feel uncomfortable at first because you're like "This is silly because my last seven relationships haven't worked out. You don't understand."

I get that, but those relationships were in the past, right? Yeah. Right now, if we agree that everything is energy and our thoughts control it, let's start getting focused on what we want. Let's start feeling good. Let's start taking control of our subconscious. Let's start taking control of the most powerful commodity that we have, which is this present moment.

Let's start affirming 'I'm so grateful that I'm attracting fulfilling relationships and that each and every single day I feel love in my body. I'm radiating love and the perfect people are coming into my life. I'm creating wealth for others. I'm creating health for others. I'm creating happiness in other people's lives. Every single day, I can feel the the intelligence of God vibrating in my spirit that's allowing all of my ideas to prosper. I'm advancing in my career. I'm hitting my health goals. I'm attracting new, fulfilling relationships. I'm madly in love with myself."

"I'm madly in love with my life. I feel like every single day, new creative ideas come to me. Every cell of my body is vibrating in harmony with wealth. Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily. God's grace flows into my life and fills it with avalanches of financial abundance. God's vitality fills every cell of my body with health, with concentration, with perfection of all of my organs and all of the respiratory system. My mind is pure awake, alert."

Why wouldn't you talk like that? It's hard at first. It was hard for me to even do it in my room by myself because I was so used to saying for so many years of my life "I have this problem. I'm not good enough because of this."

For so many years, I was used to telling the story based off of what I was seeing in my life or repeating what had happened to me, and using that to actually control and limit my whole life. I always told myself "I'm too young. This is why nothing has worked out yet."

I was publishing books and working very hard at doing it and things weren't picking up yet.


I realized something. I always told myself that I was too young. I always thought I was way too young, so my subconscious accepted that and said "You're not going to be successful. You're not going to be successful. You're not going to be successful." Why? 

Because I used logic. I said "I'm too young. I'm too young." What is that really saying? "I'm not successful. I'm not successful." Then another six months would go by and they'd say "Why are things not working out?"

I didn't realize until I met Bob Proctor. He said to me "Jake, you got to stop saying you're too young. You keep saying that. Why do you keep saying that? Who are you really? You've got to start saying instead "I'm a successful teacher, inspiring millions of people."

He said "Stop saying you're young." Say "I'm a successful teacher and author, inspiring millions of people."

"Why would you say the other thing? You're limiting yourself. Why do you keep doing it?" I didn't realize that because it was so logical. For so long, I tried to convince a publisher. People told me no for so long, and the reason a lot of people told me no is I was too young. I started to believe that.

I started to inherit the outer limitations and then that controlled myself talk. Who other people think of you isn't who you are. The thoughts in your head that say you're capable of only so much is not who you are. The present results of your life are not who you are. Who you are is an individualization of God. Who you are is pure thought energy.

You get to formulate that thought energy right now in this moment by starting to affirm the possibilities. Notice that.

That's why so many people struggle for so long. Here you are, your eyes are opening to "Man, I am powerful. I am going to create great things." If you keep doing it, what happens? 

You keep firing new brain cells. You keep activating new brain cells and then your brain starts wiring to that reality. Your subconscious starts to accept that you already have the thing that you want. Your nervous system starts responding to it.

You start feeling great. Every atom of your body is vibrating in harmony with this thing. What begins to occur is you feel great and things start showing up. "Wow, I'm attracting great things. Wow, a new person showed up. Wow, that's a great opportunity. Wow, I just got a raise. Oh, that person said yes. Oh man, this seems like this will be a great day." Things just keep happening like that because we started on the inverse approach. We started to control our thought patterns by Oogling,

Here's my invitation to you. If you've got a friend, if you've got someone working on creating a better life with you, which I know you may, you may not though, right? I didn't for most of my many of my years. If you don't, here's what I invite you to do.

Start going on a walk around your neighborhood for 10 minutes and don't look at it like a walk. Look at it like an exercise and mental concentration. Spend the whole time talking about what you want as if it's already happened.


It's going to be hard at first, or maybe easy right away. You may get it right away and be like "Man, why didn't I do this sooner?"

While you're driving your car, keep your mind focused on what you want. Don't let your mind start wandering to all the things you've got to worry about. While you're at the gym, talk about what you want as if it's already happened. If you have friends that can help you with those things, great.

While you're in the shower, say "I'm so grateful that this and this and this is happening.." While you're at dinner, go to dinner with one of your friends that's committed to the same things you are. Go to dinner with whoever, and spend the whole dinner talking as if what you guys want has already happened.

Spend a whole coffee date with one of your friends. If you don't have someone, do this on your own. I had to do it on my own for so many years. It doesn't matter whether you really have someone with you or not.

At the end of the day, other people can't control your thinking. We have to take control of it right now and understand that as you start to retrain it, things start coming into your life quicker, faster and easier. Why?

Because you're an individualization of God. You're worthy of everything you desire. Comment down below "I'm worthy of everything that I desire." Thank you for reading this blog.

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It's designed to literally start to rewire the mind and you can demo it for free.

Comment down below "I'm worthy of everything that I desire."

Have a beautiful day.

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