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Law of Attraction Coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching tip #1

This actually has ended up being the thing that's brought me more happiness, more money, more freedom, more love, and more enriching relationships than anything in my entire life. So I can only imagine what it's going to do for you.

There are so many Law of Attraction teachers out there who unfortunately missing such an integral and crucial piece to manifesting using the law of attraction. People don't tell you partially because they don't understand.

The only reason I know this is because a few years ago I started having these weird heart palpitations and it scared me! So I got it checked out with a doctor. We later found out that I started having super bad anxiety.

My life was really, really good. I was really happy. I was in a great relationship, I was very healthy, my career was going well, but in the middle of the night I couldn't breathe. I thought I should just release it and not think about it.

law of attraction coaching

I didn't really explore it much and it ended up going away. But then shortly thereafter I started experiencing such chronic pain that I could hardly do anything. It was all down my back and my neck.

It felt as if I definitely threw my back out. So I though it was from exercising too much or stretching too little. I went and got x-rays with a specialist and they told me, "well, your shoulder pulls in this way, you neck pulls on your muscles this way. Vertebra c seven c six c five, they're all pulled this other way".

I could clearly see in the x-ray that they were pulled out and they're pinching on the nerves. When muscles are constantly out of whack because of this, you're having alot of shooting pain in the back and up to the neck. It's not fun and anyone who has had serious back pain, probably knows what i'm talking about.

I went to physical therapy. I went to all of these specialists who spent thousands of dollars and I was only getting nominally better. My miracle came along just a bit ago. I came across a book that was called Healing Back Pain by a medical doctor who practiced at New York University named Dr John Sarno.

Law of Attraction coaching

The book changed my life because in the book he said that chronic pain actually comes from unconscious emotions that you're unaware of largely since childhood and can be in the present time that are manifesting in your body because your brain doesn't want you to feel these negative emotions.

Consciously you react one way and then unconsciously you have other reactions that you're totally unaware of and those emotions have to go somewhere because our emotions are energy energy. So if they are not released they store themselves as pain, injury, disease in the body. It started with anxiety. That made my heart feel weird.

Then it turned into chronic pain. I was like, oh my gosh, this guy might be right. You have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. You have conscious reactions and subconscious reactions.

Since you born you have been programmed by everything happening and being said around you. Hence, since childhood, you've had unconscious reactions to things, unconscious, anger, unconscious anxiety, and unprocessed memories that have stored in your unconscious mind. That means you are totally 100% unaware of it.

For instance, you may have constant struggles in relationships. For example, we'll use a woman that I went to high school with and we'll call her Susie. Both of Susie's parents left her and she grew up with her grandmother. Her father was a troublemaker, abusive and was never around. She experienced a lot of trauma around that since an early age.

She harbored a lot of unconscious anger towards her father. Even though on the conscious reactions she would say, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. He's not me. I'm going to live my life and be happy. Deep Down, she always wanted a relationship, but she was never able to attract the right one. So all through high school, she probably dated 30 or 40 people. Every few weeks, she had a new boyfriend. What was happening?

Well all those programmed happenings and traumas in her unconscious mind were manifesting themselves in all the unconscious reactions of anger, rage, resentment, fear, anxiety, and frustration with respect to men.

So that unconscious energy is what was driving the things she was attracting into our life. So as an adult in high school and in college, she's saying, man, I really want to attract an amazing romantic relationship. That's all I want. Why is it not working out? I really want it. I'm doing the best I can. Consciously, she's doing that, but unconsciously, her unconscious emotions are what's driving this relationship to fail and attract the wrong guys over and over and over and over again.

law of attraction coaching

Let's look at this another way. When I was 19 years old, I dropped out of college and I went to pursue my dream writing books, traveling around the world. And while it was really exciting, and I can say it was the best time of my life, I didn't realize it was also such a tremendous amount of pressure and anger that I started to build up. Most notably because all the people I thought were my friends started making fun of me.

My family for the most part didn't understand, but they passionately objected against what I was doing. I was constantly trying to explain myself to people. I was constantly in arguments with people. I was constantly on an uphill battle. Publishers were always denying my books. In the early stages. People were always questioning what I was doing. Are you crazy?

I would handle the situations well. "It's all good. They don't understand." I'm going to keep being positive and following my dreams. That's only responsible for 5% of my life, but 95% of my life I'm having unconscious reactions to things. So I started building all this anger in pressure towards other people, not understanding me towards other people, not getting me and just the sheer difficulty of trying to build a career as an author, especially as a 19 year old dropout.

It's extremely difficult. I sold books out of the trunk of my car. Sometimes people would stop and laugh at me when I would try to sell them the books. I had this girl that I liked at one time and she didn't like me back. We were hanging out with a group of friends and I shared my dreams and goals They all started laughing at me and I actually just got in my car, I went home, and I consciously processed it. I'm saying things like, "they don't understand". But unconsciously it enraged me.

So I had built all of this pressure and stress and anxiety and anger that I was totally unaware of years later as my career continued to grow and then it took off a lot faster than I thought.

All of a sudden I had all these employees and all these commitments and responsibilities that I didn't know I was going to have. Then that brought on a whole new level of stress and slowly what happened is fast forward into lying in bed at night and me thinking I had a heart problem!

But really I had so much unconscious pressure, anxiety, stress and anger that I was totally unaware of. My brain's goal is protect and preserve. It thinks negative emotions are bad, so it wants to hide them from you. What happens when a cup gets too full?

It starts to overflow because there's nowhere else for it to go. Insert anxiety. I couldn't explain it and ultimately back pain came that I couldn't heal. No matter how much money I spent, how much physical therapy and how many massages I got my back wouldn't heal!

law of attraction

Unconscious emotions were manifesting in my life. This explains the whole phenomena of Karma. I was teaching this as part of my program. Second Mind, I do coaching for everyone. By the way, if you aren't in the second mind, you can also do a free demo. It's a software that's designed to retrain the brain. This is so important amd so much more powerful than words alone. You can do affirmations, you can meditate for five hours a day, you can do all the yoga you want, you can take pills which might help alleviate symptoms,

You can do exercise, you can do all these things that may be very beneficial, but the thing is that old emotions have actually rewired and reprogrammed the brain. My brain was starting to get hardwired to a high level of pressure and anxiety that I was totally unaware of. Ultimately, this rewiring was so deep that it manifested as chronic back pain that I thought was physical. The x-ray showed it was all these things like that, but I didn't get better until I learned this information and I started addressing my entire childhood all the way to my present time and I found out, wow, I did have a lot of unconscious reactions that I was unaware of.

So when I finally realized that my problems were from the unconscious, I hired a therapist and I went through a process of uncovering emotions that I was unaware of. My tendency has always been to be positive, but while I'm being positive, I'm also reacting unconsciously. So are you.

So what I did is I created a timeline of my life starting at the earliest memories. I can recall only ones that had emotional trauma or were crazy emotions. Even if I thought I had already forgiven or processed the emotion, I started at the top of the paper on the first line and I started just writing them all out.

Now let me say this to you. You do not need an 87 step process to clear your unconscious emotions. Just the awareness of them and the awareness that you have them is what frees you from them. So you don't need an 87 step process.

There's nothing to be afraid of either. In fact, just bringing them to light is what frees you from them. So I started at the earliest memories. I can recall specific instances and childhood specific instances in school. And I started going through all of them to present time. I just kept going until I couldn't remember anything else.

What I did, is after I made a timeline, I starred or circled a few of the most emotionally volatile or intense memories. And what I did is I simply just journaled about them.

law of attraction coaching

This happened at this time and I felt this way and this made me so freaking angry. All I was doing was addressing my feelings so I could be free from them.

What happens if we don't clear our limiting past beliefs?What happens when we don't acknowledge the rage we felt when something happened to us or the sadness or the depression or the stress or the anxiety?

Then you suppress it. And if you suppress it, it has to express itself. Whatever you suppress has to express. For me, my suppression of an overwhelming level of a pressure as a 19 year old dropping out and no one believing me and all these stressors in my life added up in my body. And so my unconscious was storing all of these emotions even though consciously my life had become very good! I was starting to become very successful. I was starting to make a good living. I was helping a lot of people. I was very consciously happy. I was healthy.

But unconsciously I couldn't explain it. This explains unexplainable anxiety. This explains unexplainable depression is that it's unconscious emotions that start to express. Just like the glass earlier where you pour the water in and then it keeps expanding and then eventually it starts overflowing. Whatever you suppress or ignore or you repress, ultimately expresses itself.

Law of Attraction Coaching Tip #2

Start with the timeline of your intense emotional memories that you can recall throughout your life. Find a few of them and journal about them. Acknowledge your own feelings. If you don't acknowledge your own feelings, you create more disease in your life because your subconscious is filled with blockages from your past.

You can consciously be as positive as you want, but unless you get to the core of the emotions and you start to retrain your brain and build new neural connections, you will remain in a suppressed expression of your life.

I'm doing my affirmations. I show up at work, I'm logging all this eight hours a day. I read the books, I do the thing, I do this thing, I do, I doing all the work. Why is it? Why is everything not happening the way that I want or better? Well, it's because 95% of the life is unconscious emotions. They are crying to be released!

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I created a software designed to retrain your brain to erase the old patterns, the old neurological connections in your brain associated with old traumatic memories that can free you from it to help you attract the money you want, the love you want, the happiness you want and all the things you consciously want now, but when you were younger, may have had difficulty around. It's right there, down below, and you can demo it for free.

Reforming those memories is what's going to free you from any unconscious emotions that stil remain in your mind or body that you're unaware of. Talk to someone. Share this with someone. Thank you so much for tuning in and being apart of this movement. This channel and this blog specifically has the intention of freeing people from things that they don't even know are holding them back. So thank you for reading. Be free of your past and walk confidently in the direction of your dreams!


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