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How To Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Anything!!!

What are the things in your life that allow you to say "all is well"?

Well, for starters depending on your perspective, we are on a giant or tiny little rock in space, spinning perfectly around the sun and you haven't fallen off yet. At least I don't think we've fallen off yet. Someone let me know in the comments if you have fallen off and how you got back on most importantly.

So for starters, we got that going for us. Second, trees seem to keep growing, which produces oxygen, so that's a good start. Um, all my limbs are working! I'm not having to remind my heart to beat right now, which is fantastic. It's really easy to get sucked into the day and immediately starts looking for the ways things are not well.

Instead, what I invite you to do is look at the world as if all is well because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. That's what Wayne Dyer said and I love it.

If you keep looking around for the smallest things about how all is well, it's slowly but surely changes your entire frequency.

It changes our entire energy and the law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy.

so an energy of wellness and understanding of the perfection of the universe that's going to attract more situations that match and show you the perfection of the universe.

How to use the law of attraction

Maybe you're thinking it's easy for me to say. Well, everything is energy and everything is a part of this God energy or this universal energy. Money is too. Your soulmate is too, but if you start the day believing in an illusion that you're unlovable or that the rich people have all the money or you're too old or too young, or yada yada yada.... the universe responds to your energy.

The universe loves you so much. If you want to truly know how to use the law of attraction to manifest what you want, you need to grasp this on a soul level. that it gave you free will to express your consciousness and then it immediately gives back what matches your own consciousness. That's how much he loves you. It wants you to experience what it's like to know that your thoughts create reality.

Unfortunately, some of you down on planet Earth are going to use your thoughts negatively and you're going to create a negative light for yourself. It loves you so much, it gave you free will so what you think about, will create your life.

how to use the law of attraction

All is well. You're on the internet right now! That's crazy cool and we are so blessed for that. It's a pretty good start.

So then the question is what do you want your life to look like? The other questions don't matter. What do you want your life to look like?

When you can start imagining the life that you want, what happens? You send that frequency out and the frequency returns to you in physical form. That's essentially what the law of attraction is!

Go to a still place. Go to a quiet place and start imagining the life that you want. Say and feel "all is well". You do not allow the thoughts to enter your mind about how your dreams are not possible.

You're given consciousness. You're given the ability to create your reality, and right now you're broadcasting a frequency. Is it a frequency that's in awe of the universe?

A frequency that says "all is well" and "great things are here and great things are coming". Is it a frequency of I'm good enough, i'm worthy of money, and abundance is coming to me?

Too many fall back to a frequency of, "this isn't working". T. Harv Eker says that most people are crap magnets because the universe always responds to your frequency. But most people are spending all their time looking at what's wrong. They attract further crap that matches it. Don't be a crap magnet.

That's what I had to say to myself. Dude you got to stop being a crap magnet. And I had to start making a conscious effort to look around and see why is all well.

Everything in the physical world can be changed from my inner state of consciousness. So even if I don't like something in the physical world, I could change the way I think about it and change the images in my mind and I could start rearranging that reality to something that I wanted.

Do it. Close Your eyes and imagine your new bank account. This is how to use the law of attraction. Say thank you God, thank you universe and keep saying that. Imagine your new life. Imagine your new job. Imagine your new friendships. Imagine your new relationship and say thank you God! Thank you universe! That is the energy you want to be broadcasting.

how to use the law of attraction

All the frequencies and all the realities are already there. They didn't go anywhere. They're not hiding anywhere. They're just beyond visible light. They look like they're hiding because you can't see them. Where is the reality you desire? It's already here. You just have to step into alignment with the frequency.

That's why it says in the Bible to those that have more will be given. And to those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away.

By staying in old patterns of thought, you're pulling the same things back to you again and again and again. It's a cycle. And it's a vicious cycle if you don't become aware of how you're thoughts are effecting your reality.

That's why I created the second mind! Beause you've got to break the pattern. I created a technology to break that pattern and train the brain to live in a state of all is well.

What would your life look like if "all is well" was the theme in your life?

All things are possible. Demo The Second Mind for free and see all the abundance rain down in your life. Just tap the button below.

Thank you for tuning in today! I hope this shed some light on how to use the law of attraction to manifest anything you want. Come back with your success stories and share them below 😁 Life is great. Awesome things are coming to you today. Are you willing to receive them? Say, yes.


Miracles are Normal.


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