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How To Pray To God | Law of Attraction

Before you pray to God again, read this blog! Today I want to talk about how to pray to god to make all your prayers become a reality. Most of us at some time in our life have prayed to God. And if it's not God, it's some type of thing, whether it's luck or some form of a higher power, right? The first question in order to make your wishes become a reality in your prayers to be answered is what is God?

Unless we know what it is that we're praying to, it's impossible to tap into that source. I can imagine that this statement has already offended a good group of people. Of course, that's not my intention. I invite you to simply stick around to hear what I mean. This will all make sense by the end and if you apply what you discover, your life will be forever changed.

Alan Watts says you can't get wet by the word water. It's not the word that holds the power but more so the energy behind it. But you can call it God. You can call it the universe. You can call it consciousness. You can call it anything you want, but what we know for sure is that everything is energy.

Look around right now. Everything you just looked at is energy. It's vibrating at a frequency known as visible light. There's a bunch of energy or a bunch of God or a bunch of the universe that you cannot see.

If you implant the word "universe" there, then it's an absolute. "There's a bunch of the universe you cannot see." Yes, absolutely. Right? This energy is in everything. An atom is 95 to 99% empty space. Atoms make up everything in our world. Take that in for a minute. The chair I am currently sitting on is almost entirely made of nothing physical, which is crazy. I'm basically hovering right now.

how to pray to god

You and I are energy. I'm an energy field, so is the chair, so it's just two energy fields that are coalescing together. Again, an atom is 95 to 99% empty space. What is this empty space? It's just energy too. You cannot see its intelligence.

What do you mean by intelligence, Jake? There is a perfect intelligence behind all creation and energy that is everything and it spins the earth perfectly around the sun. It grows your little fingernails, makes your heartbeat, grows and bursts the stars, and allows every breath to inhale and exhale with out us thinking about it every day of our life. It was smart enough to know that there had to be a lot of water on earth for humans to be here.

Do you think all this was just some random chance or luck? It wasn't just like, I think I'll make earth 75% water. Hopefully that works. Hopefully that's going to be enough water for them. It was and is intelligence. You're made of the same perfection by the same perfect source.

How could it be separate from you if it made you and you're part of it, how could it be separate from you? It technically is you. You're so much more than a body. And if you pray with, "please, I hope, I wish", all you're doing is manifesting that same lack energy which is taught in traditional christian prayer.

how to pray to god

Science says energy is never created nor destroyed. So if energy is never created or destroyed, where is all the other energy? It's vibrating at frequencies beyond visible light. If energy is never created or destroyed, where is all the energy? Where is the money you want? Where is the job you want? Where is your soulmate? Where are these things? It's just that frequencies you cannot see. Because remember this little place is called visible light. So if energy is never created or destroyed, all possibilities already exist in every potential reality.

It's just a different manifestation. It's just a different arrangement of that divine intelligence. So you're already one with what you want. You can't be separate from it. Here is where we wrap it all in and talk about what to do before you pray to God...

Instead of going into your prayer, asking for things, thank God for what already exists. Even if you don't have it in your life, it already exists. It's just currently not in your experience. It's currently not in your realm of visible light, but it exists. Thank God for it. I'll explain why.

I was 19 years old and dropped out of college. I was trying to build my career and every publisher told me no. Things weren't totally working out for me.

how to pray to god

My wife, she was my girlfriend at the time, was in debt because things weren't working out for me. I wasn't making the income consistently enough to pay bills so she picked up the slack. I was always wondering when things were going to pop off and really work. I was asking, "why isn't this working?"

Finally after months, I started thanking the universe for all the things that existed and I desired. So I started saying, "Thank you God, thank you universe, that I am a world renown thought leader, inspiring millions of people, making millions of dollars."

It wasn't, "I hope I am that i'm successful. Man, that would be great. God, if you're up there please please please give me the chance to be successful. I'll love you so much if you do that. Are you there? Hello? Please God Please!" no no no!

All the energy that ever was and ever will be already exists. Every cell of my body is this perfection of the universe. And I get to use my mind, my brain, my mental faculties in order to channel this God energy, the same perfection, the same power, the same intelligence that spins the earth.

how to pray to god

You channel a variation of it with your mental faculties, with your thoughts, with your imagination, with your attention. You channel it, but most people are channeling it negatively because they're saying and feeling, "I hope" and "I wish".

God is energy so it speaks frequency and vibration. God doesn't speak English, doesn't speak Arabic, it doesn't speak French, it doesn't speak anything besides energy. Energy has different frequencies.

"Please God, help me! I'm such a lowly person and sinner and I just need you to have a life that is happy. Please give me this one thing? That's all i ask! What frequency is that? If you can't tell, that is a frequency of total lack, need, desperation, and have not.

So I started going into it and saying, I'm so grateful that I'm a world renown online personality, inspiring millions of people. Guess what happened? My videos started going viral and it took only a couple of years for my whole life to change. Instead of praying to God from a place of lack and hope, I tapped into a prayer like i was already having the things I wanted with gratitude and guess what happened?

Out of nowhere, my videos started going viral! Then I had new problems. lol right? All of a sudden a whole new obstacle came up for me. What do i do now that I have a following!? I have more responsibility to deliver and step up my game so that every one i'm reaching can expand and grow even greater than what is possible now. Always growing right? Anyway...

open arms

Prayer is opportunity to communicate with or express your frequency to the higher power. In the Bible it says to those that have more will be given to those that do not have, even that which they have will be taken away. I didn't have, that's why my wife was in debt. I remained in the state of hope and wishing while i was working so hard day after day. That hope was an energy of lack and represented itself in my real world situation.

Then I finally realized my energy I was actually in. I decided to say Thank you. I wrote on a piece of paper, I am a world renowned thought leader making millions of dollars inspiring millions of people. I started carrying them with me. Everywhere I went, I started training my mind to being in that reality and thanking God for it. Every day.

Some people will say you're delusional or crazy. That's what they said to me. So much of the time I hear from wonderful people who feel like they are in this mission solo style with no around to collaborate with or understand what they are trying to create. That can be hard. no doubt. But let them say you're crazy. Keep smiling and humbly have a "watch me" attitude. You can always reply with, "Thank you, but that's not my belief system" too.

Because you know what you are here to create. The universe speaks and you speak to it through this higher power, through frequency, through consciousness. Consciousness is what creates the subatomic particles. It's what rearranges the physical world of matter.

You've been given consciousness to collaborate with this divine intelligence and create what you were intended to. I created a technology called the second mind. Now the second mind is a technology designed to retrain the brain.


The problem can be that your brain is wired to past limitations and old ways of viewing reality separate from God and separate from what we want. So I created a technology to retrain my brain to live in the reality that I wanted and it changed my life. And now over a hundred thousand people from all over the world have used it. It's free to demo. It's right there, down below 🙂

Have an absolutely great day! Smile, really, really big. Today's going to be fantastic. Great things are headed your way. I'll talk to you soon.


Miracles are normal


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