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Attract HUGE Amounts of Money fast | Law of attraction

In today's blog I'm going to talk about how to attract huge amounts of money fast! I'm so happy you're here. Let's dive right in! 

Did you know that at every single second you are saying an affirmation. In fact, you have 65,000 thoughts in a day. 95% of them are subconscious. So there's 65,000 affirmations in a day, and most of those are subconscious.

Now think about this! Psychologist say approximately 70% of those thoughts are negative and redundant. They've been programmed into us by other people. 

So in this blog, I want to share with you the most powerful affirmation, the most powerful law of attraction affirmation to attract abundance and financial freedom into your life. This is something that my beautiful wife and I started using a few years ago and it changed our life. I can't wait to share it with you.

One night I'm on a walk with my wife and she goes, I'm so grateful that the universe is conspiring to grow my business. She just started her art career and she had just came from being in credit card debt so she could support my low cash flow career for the last few years. She was working at a clothing store and felt like she was being underpaid and undervalued.

She finally branches off on her own. She starts her art business and months in, the money has not come yet. So she starts saying this - "I'm so grateful the universe conspires to grow my business. I'm so grateful. The universe conspires to make me rich."

Now, it isn't just in the words. It's an entire mindset and perception shift.

The perception shift is going from one where you live and you die. You wake up in this physical being in a body and hopefully you just get lucky and some money comes your way. Maybe out of randomness, you get some options and freedom in life. "Yeah, that'd be great" kind of mentality...

most people don't like that idea because it requires faith. It's relying on hope and it's coming from a place of lack and disbelief at it's core.

On an energetic level and frequency, we pick up on that and it effects our whole life and the way we see opportunities.

Money is not the real value. What is money? first of all, It's absolutely meaningless because we took it off the gold standard. The United States dollar is backed by nothing. At this point, it's essentially backed by the idea of it and our belief in it. That's about it.

attract huge amounts of money

And what's this world made of? Energy!!! You mean everything in this world is made of energy? Yes!

Science shows us money is just energy. That's all it is. So if everything around me is energy and my thoughts are energy, can I get my mind focused on what I want and then attract that energy into my life?


Why isn't anyone doing it? Well, because no one told us that our thoughts matter, that our thoughts have power over our bank account. You know, when I did not have any money and I was always stressed about money, all my thoughts about money were focused on the fact that I didn't have any of it.

attract huge amounts of money

When Ashley was in debt to provide for us, I realize now I was just my energy. I kept asking, "should i give up on this?" I wasn't all in with my emotions.

I thought I was... but my thoughts were always focused on the fact that money wasn't there.

One day I decided to shift my energy.

I took a deliberate intention to start hypnotizing myself every single day. I was training my energy to be in financial abundance rather than scarcity. my life started to gradually build and build every single day after that. I created a success hypnosis that carried me along my path of reprogramming my mind. Now, almost 400,000 people around the world use it and are having results. I love to see people's lives being changed by the very thing that I created and changed mine!

This universal energy is something that you are connected to. So is money and so as everything else in this physical game. Now if everything is energy, what are your emotions? energy!

When you affirm what you want to manifest 20 times out loud jumping up and down with a smile on your face, you better believe your emotions/energy is going to be elevated to a higher frequency and you're going to feel good! Most people will write this off as weird or crazy and never do it. That's the misfortune.

But once you start to get familiar with that emotion of abundance, joy, peace, love, and fulfilment, you can start to be aware of what it feels like so you can tap into the source within you on a regular basis. When we are the positive energy, there is no space for negative. This is when massive quantum leaps and jumps appear.

The Bible even says that "to those that have more will be given". You have to have it in consciousness before you have it in your life. To those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away. I didn't grow up religious but in hindsight, this teaching in the Bible is so crucial to understand!

When you are in the consciousness of the universe working on your behalf, focusing on abundance, focusing on prosperity, you attract more of it. Why? Because like energy attracts like energy. And that's the exciting thing about life.

The pleasures in the world, those are the things that you deserve that are part of your birthright and being a human being. You're good enough for that and you're probably a lot smarter than you think you are. And that's a big thing. People think that they're not smart enough to make money.

Henry Ford with Ford Motors I believe has a 3rd grade education! If you looked up all the richest people in the world, I think you would be massively surprised by the number of people who didn't go to college, dropped out, and even didn't finish highschool! Society likes to put on a face like you're only worthy and smart if you follow the status quo. But all of that is hogwash. Have you noticed how most of our societies are depressed, broke, and unhealthy? And what do most people in our society do? follow the status quo....hmmm....seems like things don't really line up here or make much sense to me. How about you? 😉

Tune into your truth. Tune into what you are. You'll get the phone call, you'll get the email. It will happen when your consciousness is in a state of abundance and freedom.

I encourage you to use my success hypnoisis to erase all past blocks of success and hypnotize yourself for success. from the bottom of my heart. I love you. I appreciate you. I'm really honored that you have stuck around and read until the end.

Thank you so much and have a beautiful day!


Miracles are normal


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