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How To Talk To The Universe To Manifest Money

In today's blog post, I'm going to talk about how to talk to the universe to manifest money into your life.

It's true, you can attract more money in your life if you learn how to communicate with the universe. I'm going to share with you how to do so you can see your bank account grow quickly and unexpectedly.

Before we get into these five methods for you to communicate with the universe and to see more money flow into your life as a result, I want to quickly share something. You are an individualization of God. Everything in this physical universe is energy, whether it's the wall or your body, it's all energy and it's all one in the same energy, just at different rates of vibration just at different frequencies. Isn't that exciting? You are an individualization of God or you can call it the universe.

You're an individualization, you're an extension of this universe. You're one with this universe and you're one with everything that you want. If everything is energy, whether it's money, whether it's a house, a car, a job, a certain reality you want, a relationship you want, It's all just different energy patterns, different arrangements of that one source energy. It's in every cell of your body and it's in every cell and atom of everything else in the physical universe.

You're already connected to everything that you want. It's just about communicating with the universe in an effective way to attract what you want in your life.

Comment that down below in the comments section: "I am one with everything that I desire".

Today is going to be amazing, and these five things I'm about to share with you are going to change your life. They're going to bring more money into your life. It's going to be exciting to hear about what great things unfold for you.

how to talk to the universe to manifest money blowing wish
How To Talk To The Universe To Manifest Money Method #1

Number one, get an index card and write what it is that you want financially on an index card. It's not that the universe reads index cards. The universe reads frequencies. The universe doesn't speak English. It doesn't speak Spanish. It doesn't speak Portuguese. It doesn't speak Arabic. It doesn't speak Chinese. It doesn't speak any language of any country that you're from. The universe speaks frequency and what happens is while we're moving through the day because we've been programmed to react to the outside world, we generally are frequency vibrates in accordance to our present reality.

We can't do that anymore if we want to attract a greater reality, especially financially. What I noticed when I was year after year, I was struggling, my wife was in debt, my life wasn't changing and I noticed some very interesting things. What I noticed is that I was always thinking the same as my environment. You must start to think greater than your environment because your general thought patterns is what is going to create your emotions, which is what's going to create your frequency.

The law of attraction, which is one of the basic laws of the universe, says that like energy attracts like energy. Wherever your frequency or energy is dictates your financial future. I realized "Hey, I always think I don't have money. The reason I think that is because my bank account says I don't have it."

Remember, everything is two things; what you want and the absence of what you want. You're either in the consciousness of having it or the absence of having it.

You can want money but wanting money doesn't mean you're in the frequency of abundance. I think it's one of the best metaphysical quotes. Jesus said "To those that have, more will be given. To those that do not have, even that which they have, will be taken away." When you're in the consciousness of having, you attract more. When you're in the consciousness of not having, you continue to attract more scarcity.

I noticed that I used to always say...

"I want money." What I'm really saying is "I don't have money. I wish I did."

how to talk to the universe to manifest money - empty pockets

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The subconscious receives that and the subconscious is the mind that communicates with the universe. The universe says "Jake doesn't have money. Lisa doesn't have money. Susie doesn't have money. Billy doesn't have money." Because they're saying "I wish I had it. I really want it. I desire it. I'm working hard for it. You don't understand."

There's a difference between wishing for something and knowing that you are receiving it. The best way to do that is to put it on an index card. Get a three by five index card and start with "I am so grateful.." Write it out, whether it's $2,000 a month, an extra 1000, 10,000, $1 million a year. Whether you want to make an extra $500 a month, put it down on a piece of paper. I have a sticky on the back so I put one on my mirror. When I go to brush my teeth, when I go to go in the mirror and check my hair out, what I do is every time I'm subliminally seeing it, you put it on your steering wheel. When you hop in your car, you see it really quickly and it's a signal every single time you put in your pocket. When you walk around, make a bunch of them.

When you stick your hand in your pocket and you forget it's there, you're like "What is that?" Then it prompts you to say the affirmation in the present tense. It's keeping your consciousness in the place of abundance. It's so easy and it's so powerful. When I was really trying to make change, I would carry one with me everywhere I went in my hand. I'd be in the grocery store and I'd have it crumpled up in my hand because if you have 65,000 thoughts in a day, do you know how many thoughts that is?

I was trying to take as much of those 65,000 thoughts into my conscious mind to suggest new ideas that would enter my subconscious and that had to start with what was on this piece of paper. Get an index card, write it down, start with "I am so grateful that .." Write out whatever it is. It doesn't matter what the number is. It's always going to be that or something greater and put it on this and then put an extra one on your mirror. Put an extra one on your door. Put one in your pocket. Put one in your wallet. Every time you see it, it'll be a prompt that's going to re-engage your brain cells, your nervous system, and your consciousness in a more powerful way that's going to communicate the abundance that you desire to the universe.

How To Talk To The Universe To Manifest Money Method #2

Step number two is utilize prompts to get you in a place of abundance. My favorite are hypnosis, visualization, so really this is number two and number three right now. Number two, hypnosis. Number three, visualization. The reason that these are important is because they're designed to evoke new emotions. You need to evoke new emotions in order to change your frequency and the way that your brain is used to operating.

As you do that, you'd send new signals to the universe. That's how you communicate with it through the frequency of it. When I realized all of my thought patterns were negative about me not being good enough, smart enough, it wasn't possible for me to be successful, ll of these things, I hypnotized myself.

Psychologists say you 65,000 thoughts in a day and 95% of them are subconscious, meaning you aren't even aware that you have them.

how to talk to the universe to manifest money thoughts

Sub means below, so they're below conscious. You aren't even aware that they're going on, but they've been programmed by other people and programmed by the world. You've been hypnotized by them. Now you have to hypnotize yourself based off of what you want. You've been hypnotized by the world's limitations.

Now it's time to hypnotize yourself for what you want. I created a success hypnosis -- I made it like seven years ago. I made it for myself because I didn't know how to get rid of all these thought patterns. I had no idea that eventually I'd give it away for free like five years later and 300,000 people from all over the world have used the hypnosis. It fills my heart with joy. Every day, I get these epic messages of people whose lives have changed.

My only request is after something epic happens, send us an email to or comment down here below and let me know what amazing things unfold in your life. The reason that this is important is because you have to brainwash yourself before the world brainwashes you.

You have a conscious mind that can reject negative ideas. What I always say is...

"No thanks, but that's not part of my belief system. Thank you for suggestion. I love you. I appreciate it. Thank you, but that's not a part of my belief system. I'm creating my own belief system. One of abundance, one of prosperity, one of joy."

You might have a negative family member, you might have a negative coworker, and you have this idea to start your dream business. You might have a negative friend. You might have a negative romantic partner. It can be anyone, but you can't let their ideas brainwash you. If you accept what they say, then they're brainwashing you. That's what I mean by we get brainwashed by the world's limitations.

Think about this. Nine out of ten people die with less than $10,000 and virtually no financial assets. An estimated 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. What happens is, so many people are struggling financially that the collective consciousness is one of financial limitation. If you accept that energy, it's going to be your future. It may be your present now, but that's fine.

The present has no bearing on the future. Given those stats, it's true that the majority of people have financial limitations that they probably wish they didn't have, but are severely limiting. If we accept that collective consciousness, it's going to brainwash us for those same limitations.

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How To Talk To The Universe To Manifest Money Method #3

Number three is visualization. Here's the trick that I want to share with you and I'll even walk you through the visualization. When people are visualizing, they're generally wishfully thinking about the future that they hope they get to. The universe speaks frequency, so if you're wishfully thinking about a future you hope you get to, what you're really saying is subconsciously and on a frequency level is...

"I don't have this thing. Man, it'd be so amazing if I did."

To those that have, more will be given. To those that do not have, even that which they have, will be taken away. The most redeemable super power that you have is your imagination. It's your imagination. That's the most powerful super power that you have in the entire world. Most people use their imaginations negatively. They imagine what it's going to be like if it doesn't work out.

They imagine how they're not intelligent enough to make more money. They imagine what it's going to be like to not be able to pay their bill because they're worried. Our brain is in fight or flight nervous systems so it reacts that way. It takes conscious discipline for a moment to reimagine the reality that you want as if you're already there.

The way to do this that I believe is most efficient and effective is to imagine an end result looping over and over and over again. I use a few. One that I did forever was refreshing my internet browser and seeing my YouTube finally take off.

how to talk to the universe to manifest money youtube

If you seen some of my other videos I've shared about how I made this channel, I wasn't getting any progress on a lot of days. I was getting zero to one subscribers for uh, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many months.

Sometimes it got negative subscribers. I was never getting even over a hundred views on a video in, you know, in a week. Now in one hour I get 2000 and I would imagine this end result of very brief, second of copping on my computer, I could see it. It was in my old home where I would imagine it. And I had my little office and I had my a desktop Mac and I would go into the room and I would sit on an exercise ball, see myself getting on the red exercise ball, uh, opening up, getting the computer off sleep, refreshing the browser and oh my gosh, my video went viral.

Oh my gosh, all these people are writing me about how this amazing success story, how their life was changed. Oh my gosh, my Youtube has all these subscribers now. Yes, it's finally happening. And I would just keep replaying that, walk into the room again in my mind.

Refresh the browser, do it again. Yes, it's finally happening. All these views, all these comments, all these people saying their lives and it's called the end result visualization because the mind wanders and if you don't give it a very specific focus, what tends to occur, not always, but it tends to occur, is after 30 seconds, 60 seconds, the mind wanders and we need to keep the mind focused on an end result that will evoke the emotion and suggest that to the universe so the universe can pull that out of the quantum field and created as your tangible reality.

So what I'm inviting you to do is, is think of an end result around money, whether it's jumping up and down with your wife, husband, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, uh, coworker. You're shaking hands with your boss, you're shaking hands with your client, your jump, jumping up and down. You're celebrating whatever is happening, your dream. You just went and bought your dream car as a, as a gift to yourself.

And if you can, I invite you to just close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Take a deep breath in and out and imagine yourself opening the door of your home.

Hello...  you walk in? Who's there? What's happening? You just what? What big business? What money did you just attract? You just got that check or that phone call and you're running in to tell your friend or your family member, oh my gosh, this just happened.

Say it to yourself. Yes, this is finally happening. Say that. Yes, this is finally happening. Say it in your mind. Yes, it's finally happening. Yes, it's finally happening. You're triggering the emotion. You're in this reality. The money came.

What happened? Take a deep breath in and out and I want you to just sit in that reality for a second. Yes, it finally happened. What happened though? Call it on the screen of your mind. Feel it. Doesn't it feel great, exciting. Yes. It finally happened. Yes, it finally happened. What happened? Step into it in your mind. Imagine it right now and whenever you feel complete, you can just open your eyes.

Big Smile on your face, big smile on your face, feeling excited, grateful about life. Yes. It finally happened. Now that was just a quick end result visualization process that you can use every single day.

Whenever you get spare time, maybe when you and about to walk into the grocery store, give it a try. Before you get out of your car and you're in the parking lot and stopped, close your eyes for a second and do that end result visualization. And as you do it a lot, you can become so skilled at that. You can actually do it with your eyes open. Your imagination can work with your eyes open while you're working on your project. You can just keep going.

Yes, it finally happened and keep recalling the money that came. We keep recalling the the amazing financial surprise and the unexpected shift in your financial life and it's so exciting and gratifying and as you do that, if you're starting to signal that reality to the universe, because if everything is energy, what you want, the financial reality you want already exists, it's just that your consciousness has to become an alignment with it.

And once it does, you're telling the universe, I'm ready for this thing. When you're ready for the thing, it will appear. So you're, you know that it's already there because you've done this visualization so then the universe pulls it into your experience and you collapse time and you change your reality. That's how it works. 

How To Talk To The Universe To Manifest Money Method #4

Number four, hypnotic writing. One of my favorites, one that I've talked about before. You just pull out a piece of paper trying to do one sheet of paper. At least start in the present tense with I am grateful now and write about as if you already attracted all the money that you want.

how to talk to the universe to manifest money hypnotic writing

What's your life like now? I'll say it again. Start with, I am so grateful and write as if you already attracted the money you want.

Remember of the money that you wrote on the index card at the beginning. You know how much money it was? Pick the number, it's that or something greater. Always. It's this or something greater.  The reason I say that is because what happens is sometimes people get fixated on this number, but it's always this or something greater because of the universe is infinite and abundant.

And if something greater is meant to flow into your life, now you've created the space and consciousness for it to come. So on the hypnotic writing, this will take you five minutes.

Write...  "I'm so grateful now that"...

And in the present tense, you can listen to my hypnosis​​​​​ while you do it very softly. The subconscious mind picks up sound beyond what your years can hear beyond earshot, just like you blow a dog whistle, but you can't hear a dog whistle. So your subconscious mind can hear the affirmations in the hypnosis even if you're not consciously hearing it.

So you write... "I am so grateful now that..." and then write as if you already attracted the money you want and express your excitement.

Use emotions and all of these great pictures of all these things happening and write it out. It'll take you just five minutes. And what it's gonna do is start training your mind for this reality. So your mind starts to dwell in that level of consciousness. So that's hypnotic writing. It's very quick and easy to use and it's very effective. 

How To Talk To The Universe To Manifest Money Method #5

Number five, last but not least bless the things that you want. This was one of the last things that I learned that when I did it really changed my life.

bless the things you want

Because when I didn't have success and I saw other people that did my initial reaction because the mind wants to protect itself is that I would find things that were wrong with them. Oh they, you know, they have a nice car. Even if I didn't want a nice car, I'd be like, you know, well why don't you give it the charity? You'd make the world a way better place if you didn't need that stupid car?

Or I'd see someone very successful on Youtube and in my mind I'd find something wrong with them because I was trying to make myself feel better about the fact that I didn't have what I wanted. But all you're really doing, because remember this is about talking to the universe to attract more money. The universe speaks frequency. So what is the frequency of that? The frequency of that is, let's say it's a Youtube person and I'm in my mind finding out what's wrong with them because they're more successful.

What I'm really saying is that success is bad. That person is bad, which is telling my subconscious to keep it away from me. So in reality, I think subconsciously it's a way to protect the self. But really what you're actually doing is pushing it further away because the subconscious doesn't know what you do and do not want. It just accepts whatever information that you program into it in the present tense. And if you program it like that it thinks that whatever you're saying is true. 

So you want the money and someone else got the raise instead of you. And if you condemn them in your mind instead of congratulate them, what you're saying is, I didn't really want that. And your subconscious goes about continuing to block the money from flowing. So bless the things that you want. So when you see someone in a nice car and if you don't want it in your mind, start blessing them.

If somebody gets a promotion and you wanted it, bless them, be like, I know something. Even this is a signed, something even greater is coming into my life. Start to use the prosperity and success that you see in others as a excitable sign that more is coming to you and even a greater situation is coming into your life. "Yes. I'm so glad that that happened to you. I really wanted that to happen to me, but I'm so excited because now I know that something even greater is coming to my life. This is a sign from the universe. This is exciting".

When you start doing that, your subconscious says success is good. Most people block money and success because they subconsciously think it's bad, but when you're blessing the things that you want, the prosperity you see in others, then you're telling your subconscious is good and then your subconscious says... "Man, let's let's attract more of that, that energy, that positive energy back into our experience".

So, that's how to talk to the universe to manifest money into your life. Give it a try and please feel free to share this post with anyone you think it may help. 

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