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How To Manifest Anything You Want

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 14

Let's talk about how to manifest anything you want using the law of attraction with Dr Joe Dispenza's manifestation formula. I'm going to share with you how to reprogram your subconscious mind for money, for success, your soulmate, or your health. Dr Joe Dispenza's manifestation formula that has truly changed my life and gave me this totally different view of how to utilize the law of attraction. Let's dive right in.

when you really study Dr Joe Dispenza's work, it gives you a really different viewpoint on the Law of Attraction. The traditional way people think about the law of attraction is just to repeat strings of affirmations. Just say, I want to be healthy and happy over and over again...The thing about the subconscious mind is that it doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real.

Furthermore, your body doesn't even know the difference between what's real and what's not real. And if your body doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real, then what happens is you can build entirely new synaptic connections in your brain based off of things that are only happening in your imagination if you feel them.

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You can evoke any feeling or emotion you want and have it stimulated in your nervous system. It can affect your physiology and it can literally start to fire and wire new nerve cells. Hebbs law says that when you start to practice or memorize a certain feeling, like you start to feel abundant or you start to feel that you already have the problem fixed, You start to feel grateful. You start to be love instead of hoping you'll get love.

how to manifest anything you want

So when you start being what you want and sending out that feeling, you start reconditioning your subconscious. And even if you don't have that thing in your life yet, you've sent a new message to your subconscious which allows you to reprogram your subconscious, your body, your brain, your mind, and your spirit. When that occurs, that's what ultimately shifts the outside events in your life.

The world is a mirror of your subconscious programming. But the way most people think about the law of attraction and affirmations is say what you want enough, you'll get it. But Dr. Wayne Dyer had a quote. He said, you don't get what you want. You get what you are. Now, Dr Joe Dispenza was a huge fan of Wayne Dyer and Dispenza has now proven and is studying and testing, with neuroscience, the same principle Wayne Dyer was telling us through philosophy's eyes. You don't get what you want. You get what you are.

Most people are stuck in, in the pure mental realm. They're attached to the words or the things but haven't shifted at all in there feelings and emotions. So when Wayne Dyer says, you don't get what you want, you get what you are, what he's saying is you get what your dominant feelings are because your feelings are just conscious awareness of your own vibration.Your vibration is your own energy you are emitting into the quantum field. It's your vibrational signal. It's your frequency. That's what you are.

what Dr. Joe Dispenza is telling us is that you can actually change who you are. You can change your personality, and when you change your personality, your personal reality will change. But most people want to rearrange the outside environment all the time. They're like, Oh, why am I not getting the money?

how to manifest anything you want

Why am I not attracting the right person? Let me try a different dating website. Let me try a different business. Let me try a different, and it's always about rearranging the outside circumstances because we've been conditioned through the Newtonian model of physics that we live in a world of matter.

But we know from Albert Einstein that E=MC2 which says that energy and matter are one in the same. So the world of matter is actually the world of energy. Every single thing in this physical universe is just vibration. It's a vibration that's happening within the spectrum of visible lights.

We can see it so our senses can perceive it. And sometimes we fumble and stumble into the idea that because we can see it and sense it due to our sensory feedback, we can make the mistake to think that it's all physical. That there's a world happening out there and a world happening inside.

But there's only one world and it's happening inside. Most people say, I will believe it once I see it. What dr Joe Dispenza is telling us is you will see it once you feel it. Once you change, it will change.

So when you're using your affirmations, when you're doing your visualization, what will really shift in your life is if you start to look at it through the two most powerful words that Dr Joe Dispenza teaches, mental rehearsal. It's running the scenario through in your mind to the level that it affects your emotions and physiology. See the whole thing through in your mind as if it were the real thing.

how to manifest anything you want

When you do that, when you build new synaptic connections based off of emotion, energy in motion, then you will change your outside environment. I went from visualizing about the future and essentially daydreaming to rehearsing already having it. I would visualize and rehearse a little scene over and over.

And the scene in my mind was me refreshing the browser on my computer and the black screen going to color and then refreshing the Google Chrome link to my YouTube channel and seeing that my videos had went viral and I had spent about six or nine months not getting any results, wondering if I should quit wondering or if I should stop. I started rehearsing the scene over and over and over and over and over and over again. Rehearsing it until I felt different because what he says is your meditation or your mental rehearsal isn't working if you don't feel like a different person than before you went into it.

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So if you go into the visualization and you feel just about the same when you leave, it means you're projecting your desire into the future instead of being it now. So i was rehearsing for almost a year and And while my wife and I were camping out in the middle of Montana one day, I went back into an internet cafe with wifi to publish a new video and my channel had went viral! Almost the exact way I had always rehearsed it!

Can you rehearse what you want as if it's already happened enough times that you feel as if it has happened? Because once that occurs, you send a new signal into the quantum field.

That in turn is what poles the infinite possibilities into your life to create new experiences that you want and new manifestations that you want. You can attract what you want into your life and you are worthy of what you desire. It just comes down to two words, mental rehearsal. Ask yourself, what would it feel like if I was worthy of everything I desire? How would I walk? How would I talk? How would I feel? You are worthy of what you want.

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