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#1 Sign From The Universe Money Is Coming Your Way

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 12

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that you live in a world of truly infinite abundance. At nighttime, you look outside of your window at those big, beautiful shiny stars and you ask how long do they go for? They're infinite. Let's get into the top sign money is coming your way ...

This universe is for constant expansion and you are a part of that universe. That means that your financial life is governed by the same laws. In this video, I'm going to share with you the number one shocking signs from the universe that money is on the way and that you are going to become successful. You are going to bring more money and more financial abundance into your life.

This is very important to be able to read the signs from the universe because they can reveal to you a lot of great financial opportunity and allow you to recognizewhen a surplus of money is coming to you quickly.

The number one truly shocking and paradoxical sign that you will attract money is kind of interesting because what happens is we don't realize that our life, including our finances, is governed by a subconscious system. Sub means below. So this is below conscious.

So consciously you say, I want to be in this business. This is a great financial opportunity. We're looking at things consciously and rationally. Psychologists tell us, that's only responsible for 5% of our life. Your conscious mind, your rational thinking, is only responsible for 5% of your life.

money is coming your way

95% of it is subconscious. Now, a lot of times we struggle financially and it can get very frustrating. Or maybe you're just so used to not having it and you wish you didn't have to deal with it. Well, what occurs is people hit a point where they realize they desperately need or desire more money, but they do it begrudgingly. They look at it like a necessary evil.

They look at it through the lens of the subconscious conditioning they received. Maybe they grew up in a religion, a household that said money is the root of all evil and God won't love you. Maybe you heard your parents say "money doesn't grow on trees" over and over so that's what you inherited as a belief system.

There is not a finite amount of things and your abundance and your freedom doesn't mean somebody else's lack of it. But we adopt these ideas as we are raised and through hearing other people's stories. So subconsciously we begrudgingly decide we want money. We know we need it, but are angry at that fact.

The number one sign that money is coming into your life is that you embrace that desire. You wholeheartedly actually love money with only positive thoughts. Can you imagine if you were in a romantic partnership and they said that you were a necessary evil, you know, romance is a necessary evil.

money is coming your way

So I just kinda got to suck it up and deal with you. You would have an unhealthy and poor relationship. You have a relationship with money subconsciously in the same way.

We all have our own ideas of why money is "bad". It's just not true. When you continue to believe these negative phrases, you're essentailly saying, "I can't be a person that can attract a lot of money".

You have to start embracing and loving money. All money is, is energy. So what I'm inviting you to do is say to yourself, I love money. And it comes when I call it. I'm so grateful for any level of financial abundance I've had".

Think of all the things you can be grateful for now. Like you're smart phone or computer. The fact that you can watch read this blog is pretty freaking amazing! Just start where you are to get into a consciousness of abundance. And when you start to do that, you start to actually become a magnet for money. You're able to receive it.

You are in a beautiful, prosperous ever increasing relationship with money. You can do more good. You can stimulate the economy, you can employ new people, you can help friends and family, you can donate to charities, churches, movements, social causes, ideas, political ideas, businesses. You can do whatever you want with it. You can improve the world. You can also be an example of what it means to be an honest, loving, wealthy person, which is going to inspire everybody else too.

money is coming your way

You are able to accumulate it. If you don't have the resources, you will attract them. The perfect people will come into your life. You love money. It comes when it calls because you recognize that you live in an infinite world and that this creator of the universe wants you to experience all the good things in life.

It wants you to be able to fly first class and experience it or go to that beautiful Island or live in that gorgeous mountain home and hear the beautiful sounds of the hawks and flowing river. Don't you think it wants you to be able to retire your friend, your family, your mother?

Don't you think it wants you to be able to build that great idea and change the world in that way? That helps children. It wants you to have the money to have your dream car, but you have to embrace it. And when you do, opportunities work out and come to you quickly and easily because you're subconsciously able to receive them.

If you haven't already, make sure to use my free success hypnosis. It will start to wire your brain for success and rewrite those old belief systems for new positive ones that will pull what you want into your life. It's right there down below.

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