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Easiest Law Of Attraction Technique Ever

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 14

I'm going to share with you the easiest law of attraction technique ever. This is the easiest manifestation technique there ever was and there ever will be and nobody's doing it. In the most basic terms, what does the law of attraction say? It says that like energy equals like energy. 

That's what the law of attraction is telling us. The law of attraction is really a secondary universal law to the law of vibration. The Law of Vibration decrees that every single thing is in motion. Nothing is resting and everything is energy.

We're truly living in an ocean of motion. The coffee table, your hand, my hand, your body, the chair, the phone or computer, you're watching this on is all just vibration.

It's energy. Subatomic particles we now know are 99.999999999% empty space. So essentially an atom is 99% empty space. So the physical things that we think our physical and our solid world are actually unreal. They're not real. The physical things are actually not physical at all because they're 99% empty space. How could something that feels so real be made up of 99% empty space?

Because it's just energy. That's all it is. It's just energy. So if you can raise your own energy, if you can shift your own vibration, in essence, you change your point of attraction because the law of attraction says like energy attracts like energy. What I invite you to do to make sure that drills in your head is say to yourself like energy attracts like energy.

easiest law of attraction

So the easiest law of attraction technique in the world then is to simply shift your energy as quickly as possible. The easiest way to do that and get in harmony with the universe is to realize that life is beautiful. It's to actually be thankful and grateful because when you're in that, you're in a vibration of no resistance. Most of the time we are consciously or subconsciously offering resistance. We're hoping for a different future.

We're in the future. We're wishing for something to change. We're thinking about the past. We're wishing things were other than they are right now. We're in an energy of resistance, which is holding our vibration back and when you can start going, man, I'm so grateful that I have really nice shoes on today.

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I'm so grateful that I have the money for the internet and you just go around all these things. When you have your conversation with a loved one or friend, instead of asking them, how are you today? Ask them what's the one thing you're grateful for today? What are you grateful for right now? Go on a walk with them and talk about what each other are grateful for. What's going to happen is it works faster than meditation. It works faster than visualization and it works faster than hypnosis.

It's the fastest thing in the world to change your energy. When you get in an energy of gratitude, what happens is things just start coming to you because the universe wants to give you more things to be grateful for. When you're grateful for them, you're in an energy of being appreciative for abundance. So the universe is going to give you more things to be thankful for.


easiest law of attraction

It's going to bring more prosperity, more abundance, new money opportunities. It's going to bring that into your life. When you're grateful for your health, you're going to find more opportunities. You're going to feel better. When you're grateful for all the love and relationships in your life, you're going to attract new, awesome people, whether it's romance, friendship, business partnerships, whatever it might be.

When you're in an energy of being grateful you have connected with the universal supply. When you are connected to the universal supply, more is given unto you, more is given to you. So this is the easiest law of attraction technique in the entire world. AlI you need to do is feel all the things you're grateful for to put you in the place of an abundant vibration.

If you really want to supercharge this, pull out a piece of paper and try to make a list of 100 things you're grateful for. You can start with really basic things like the fact you have toes, and legs, and breath. Work your way through everything you could possibly be grateful for!

You will instantly raise your energy. You change your point of attraction. Gratitude is the easiest law of attraction technique in the entire world.

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