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How to Feel It Before You Have It (Law of Attraction Trick)

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Sep 15

How to Feel It Before You Have It (Law of Attraction Trick) 

The Law of Attraction states, "you get what you are, not what you want." Are you trying to attract a miracle, blessing, financial transformation, a new job, your soulmate? There's one thing you have to release in order to have your prayers answered by the Universe. Do you know how to feel it before you have it? When most people make requests, they are needy. You have to feel it before you have it. This post covers what you have to give up to attract what you want and how to feel it before you have it. 

How to Feel It Before You Have It 

When most people pray, they pray with a sense of helplessness that they feel about not having the thing that they want. They're going into the experience and their entire consciousness is penetrated with the reality of the absence of what they want. They bring the energy, the vibration, in the consciousness of helplessness to the universal intelligence. That universal intelligence can't answer and transform our lives because it doesn't speak language in the way that we're accustomed to. The language that it speaks is vibration and frequency. Yet we're coming to it with words. Prayer isn't about words. Prayer is about the feeling and vibration that you actually bring to that experience.

how to feel it before you have it

Can you feel the gratitude for your prayer already being answered? This is a huge and fundamental shift. Imagine the reality that you want is already here and you're expressing appreciation for that. Whereas the other one is this thing is not here. This thing's not coming and I'm helpless. If you want your prayers to be answered, if you want to ask and receive, you have to give up the feeling of helplessness in any aspect of your own consciousness that's entertaining the impossibility. We live in a world of energy. The universe responds to your frequency. When you shift your frequency in alignment with the reality that you want, then you get that reality. It's called the Law of Attraction.

It's like when you throw a little pebble out onto a totally flat lake. What happens when you throw the pebble out? It creates a ripple effect from the energy disturbance of you tossing the pebble on the flat lake. It creates a broad cast out of those ripples. Similarly, we're in this huge field of infinite possibilities. Every prayer is sending out a disturbance into the energy field. We're casting a vibration out into the energy field much in the same way. You throw the pebble and then it creates the ripples. We live in an infinite world that's all based off of energy and vibration, You are emitting an energy and vibration that's signaling out like the ripples. In return, the universal law of attraction mirrors back to us the level of consciousness that we have. So most people pray on the level of consciousness of not having what they want. This is a participatory universe, meaning that the universe works with you. It responds to the vibration and the consciousness that you're in. When you pray today, forget about words, forget about speaking at the universe at God. Forget about speaking at whatever

how to feel it before you have it

Get into the energy of feeling grateful that it's already been fulfilled. Go into it this energy of thanking the universe that your prayer has been answered to attract more money or your soulmate or your new job opportunity. Go into the energy of how you would be if it had already happened and you were thanking God or the universe for that very thing in your life, in that moment. That's a huge fundamental shift in consciousness because everything is really two things. The presence of what you want or the absence of what you want. You have to come to a place in your life where you're no longer in the consciousness of lack, of have not.

That's why it says in the Bible, "to the person that has more will be given and to the person that has not even what they have is going to be taken away from them." The consciousness that you're in is going to dictate what you attract. When your pray today, move into a state of appreciation to the universe, to God, to whatever it is that your higher power is and give it thanks that whatever you want is already realized. It's already been achieved and you're in the energy of saying thank you.

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Remember, everything is two things, what you want or the absence of it. This is how to feel it before you have it. You can bring the helplessness of not having what you want into your prayer, or you can bring the reality of it already being fulfilled. Either one is going to dictate your reality.

Remember how to feel it before you have it: get in the energy of already having the thing. 

Have a beautiiful day. 


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