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How To Deal With Negative People and Never Get Upset

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 02

Here is how to deal with negative people and kill all negative energy right in it's tracks. Let's discover the shocking truth about negative energy, how you get rid of it and how to stop negative people from having power in your life. Let's dive right in! 

So I was going to film another video, but my childhood hero Kobe Bryant died today. I made a tribute post on Instagram and someone commented some disrespectful things. Generally when there's arguments online, we want to argue back with people. And I just said, "may God bless your soul" and they said more stuff back. I said "look, I know it can feel good to want to hate other people.

but it just doesn't lead anywhere good. It doesn't feel good ultimately. it doesn't do anything good. I'm not sure this is the best use of your time right now." And they ended up basically saying thank you and thank you for your kind words and all these things like that. I thought it was really interesting because the natural tendency when someone's super negative, hateful, difficult, or frustrated is for us to engage with that. Death shows you that life is way too short. People spend so much of their time hating people.


how to deal with negative people

They hate their ex husband, they hate their ex wife, they hate Donald Trump, they hate Hillary Clinton,They hate Obama with such a deep hatred it actually consumes the limited amount of energy that they have in a day. They hate their mom, they hate their dad, they hate their boss, they hate the government, they hate this world. And it should be different, they think.

I'm here to remind you that life's just way too short. When you combat hatred with love and calmness, you always overcome the hatred or the anger. You're able to overcome it because you're not engaged with it. The way negative energy works is if you move down to that plane of existence. When you stoop to someones bad energy and want to prove a point and teach them something with fire in your belly, none of it is accomplished for the positive and you're stuck in a negative vibration. Whereas if you can just remember all of us can be dead at any moment and we're on a little rock spinning through endless space and the only thing that will ever make us feel good, and the only thing that will ever be important is to love and to be kind and compassionate and respectful.

how to deal with negative people

And you can understand that the reason someone is being hateful, the reason someone's being vengeful, spiteful, aggressive, hostile, negative, uncomplimentary. The reason they're doing this is because they don't feel good. Even if it's on a subconscious level and they're unaware of it, they don't feel good.

First of all, you're not going to help them feel better by yelling at them or getting mad at them or complaining about them to somebody else because then you're in the story too. The way negative energy works is as long as one or more people will stay in the story, then the story will expand. The negative energy field will expand.

We live in such a hateful world and it's only going to get worse as we come into the next election cycle. The blue people are going to yell at the red people. The red people are gonna yell at the blue people. The people that aren't red or blue are going to yell at both of them and families are going to have terrible dinners because they're going to scream at each other over politics.

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What the world needs is people that will ask one simple question. That question is, what would love do? What Or what would God do? And if you can ask yourself that what you find is that you can generally help someone heal from negative energy and if you can't at least you won't get sucked into it too. The problem isn't negative people. That's not the problem.

The problem is our reaction to negative people. When you realize that everything is a reaction or response, we can stop reacting and stop getting sucked down into it and stop condemning the negative person and judging the negative person or fighting the negative person.

Whatever you resist will always persist and there's a reason mother Teresa said she would never go to an antiwar rally. She said, call me when you got a pro peace rally. What would love do? Life is full of death. Life is full of uncertainty. Life is full of setbacks.

Life is full of aggressive, angry people. And the last thing that our world needs is people that will live on that side of the street and there are people you might be angry at. Their may be people who might've done some really messed up crap and the reality is life is just way too short. It made me a little emotional, now as i speak this into existence. It's just too short to carry it anymore. It's too short to keep being mad at them.

how to deal with negative people

It's too short to rationalize why you hate them and why you don't like them and say, yeah, but you don't understand. I have this reason. This is what happened to me and you don't understand it's ruined my life and I hate them. All you're doing this reliving the same thing that happened to you over and over. Yes, whatever happened probably sucked. But what you're doing is you're reliving the same emotions over and over 20 years later, 10 years later, five years later, two years later. What would love do? The world needs more people that can take a breath.

The world needs more people who will not react when that person flips you off, when that boss does this, when that family member says that one thing, the world needs people that will take a breath and not react. Sometimes it's better to not respond at all. And when you do respond, ask yourself what would love do. And what you find when you do this is you start vibrating on a higher frequency. Your subconscious programming starts to attract more loving people. Why? Because the lessons repeat until we learn it.

And when you learn the lesson of not reacting to negative people and hateful people, when you learn the lesson of not harboring hatred or anger, when you learn the lesson of not stepping into the negative story, then you've completed that cycle. And when you complete that time loop cycle, you no longer need to learn through negative people over and over. Yes, you might attract it randomly just as a reminder, but you basically transcended that life lesson of hatred, of negativity, of condemnation, of fighting and you're free from it.

how to deal with negative people

We're here in order to make this world a lighter place, life can be very difficult. Just the fact of gravity is heavy. Body can get heavy, the body can have aches and pains. Just that simple fact can be hard. Not to mention paying bills, dealing with all the sensationalized media, everyone wanting to be right.

It feels better to have compassion for them and say, look, this person's struggling and I don't need to get mad at them. This is not going to solve anything. And if I can say to them something simple as "God bless you. This isn't going anywhere and I wish you the best."

We would have a lot more beautiful place to live in. So let's begin there and be the change that we want to see. Remember, what would love do?

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we're on a tiny rock spinning through endless space and I'm really grateful that through all the chaos, we're here. I'm really grateful that still you woke up today that still I woke up, that our hearts are beating, that our lungs are working, that we're pumping blood through millions of miles of veins and vessels through our body.

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I'm grateful for all the people that have been here and I've come in contact with your life and may God continue to bless you with more abundance and more humility to live a more joyful life. If you're still here, make sure you like this video because it will send this out into the YouTube universe and amen to love. Have a great day.


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