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How To Be Grateful

How to be grateful in life! What an awesome subject. I was just lying in this forest and I was asking the universe to say what the next title for my content should be. I've always wanted to make a video on gratitude, but I never made it and I think I never made it because I thought it's not a sexy enough subject.

But that's totally flawed. Gratitude is the thing that's going to allow you to attract money, love, awesome people and amazing opportunities into your life. It also just makes you a happier person in general.

But the first step on how to be grateful is to get outside of ourselves enough to find things to be grateful for. Generally, we're trapped inside the prison of our minds. We're so trapped inside of it that we don't even notice all the things that are great in life. Just pause and look around you.

how to be grateful

Where I am, I can say I am grateful for a light breeze and cool weather today. I'm so grateful that I can feel it on my skin and experience this life because today is so beautiful.

If you really start thinking about that type of stuff, then it's like, wow, I'm grateful that the universe is so perfect. It really is perfect. The only time we notice imperfection rather is when we're living from the mind, the part of us that's developed our sense of identity. We create our own limitations and our own things to be ungrateful for.

Little things like being alive, the sky being blue, the fact that you have limbs, are actually really big things. These aren't little things. And in fact, the more things you find you can be grateful for, the more aligned to the universe you will be. Which in turn means the more you can manifest things quickly in your life because you no longer have resistance because you're aligned with the source of all that is.

And then things start showing up quicker. Learning how to be grateful is crucial. It's actually the most important manifestation secret to get what you want in life. Because without gratitude, you can't align with the universe. And if you can't align with the universe, then you're back to the competitive third dimensional plane where it's me vs. them. The old mentality of "I need to get...I have this problem...I don't know how it's going to work out..."

how to be grateful

But the minute that we start connecting to gratitude on such a deep level where it becomes authentic, is when the magic happens. It's not just saying i'm grateful. It's feeling the gratitude and abundance in your life. You're broadcasting that frequency calling more of it back to you.

Here's what I invite you to do. Pass that gratitude on today. So what I mean by that is when somebody asks how you're doing, say something very authentic and positive. Like, "I'm really grateful. How are you today, Billy?"You know, I'm really grateful for this. What are you grateful for"?

So instead of asking them how they are, ask them what they're grateful for, and if someone doesn't initiate the conversation, ask them. I know this might sound like a silly question, but what's something you're grateful for today?

Every time you're doing that, you're helping other people aligned with the universe too. And when you get outside of yourself to help other people align with the universe, more good things come back to you.

how to be grateful

I created a technology called the second mind to keep you in this state of mind so you can wire your brain for the things you want. It's free to demo! Just tap down below.

Life is beautiful. There's a lot of things to be grateful for. Look around for them right now and what you're going to find is any challenges or obstacles you're facing are going to become easier to deal with as you're in gratitude. And a lot of times they fall away because as the lesson keeps repeating, we keep getting better and better at dropping into gratitude and catching old limiting thoughts.

We're no longer complaining about the lack of money or the lack of love. All of a sudden we're in gratitude. Then the money comes. Then the love comes in. The opportunities come because our consciousness shifted. When you change your energy, you change your life.

have an absolutely beautiful day. Thanks so much for being here. Make sure to use the second mind if you haven't yet! All the love to you and I'll see you next time.


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