Law of Attraction Coach Gives Manifestation Technique - Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey
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Law of Attraction Coach Gives Manifestation Technique

Aloha friend! I'm your Law of Attraction coach for the next 5 minutes or so. I encourage you to stick around until the end of our talk today and apply what you discover. Radical abundance is in store for you. Let's dive right in! 

Here's a three step manifestation process that you can use to attract anything that you want in 2019. It can be as easy and as simple as this. It's a process that you can utilize in order to attract what you want this year so the first step is - you've got to be able to think it.

Now, the third step I'm going to share with you is the one nobody understands. It's the most important so make sure you stick with me all the way through. But step number one is in order to have it, you have to think it.

You have to own it in consciousness. So in order for this youtube channel to take off, I had to literally create a vision in my mind seeing my youtube channel taking off, I saw the numbers on my subscriber button go up and up, saw the comments that weren't there yet, all of that.

Now you've been given the ability to think anything that you want to think. So you get to hold any images that you want.

Most people's problem, is they can't do that because what they actually do is they think in accordance to their past.

law of attraction coach

They memorize the emotions of their past, so then they imagine what's possible based off a very small amount of past. What I want you to do is legitimately close your eyes for a moment and imagine what it is that you want.

See your big dreams. I had to imagine myself in my dream home. I had to imagine that my business could get big enough to employ all of my friends and turn our house into a headquarters. I had to imagine all that stuff. I had to see it clearly. I had to see the outcome. it's very simple.

What you see in your mind, you're going to hold in your hand. But what happens is people will see it in their minds for a little while, then as time goes on, then they start reacting to the outside world.

They imagine this big bank account and a lot of prosperity and freedom and options. But then four days later they go into their mobile banking and they say, I'm broke. They react.

law of attraction coach

Their thoughts are reacting to the outside world.

No more of that. Wallace Wattles says to "think what it is that you want to think regardless of appearance.​

That's what truth is".

Step number two is you have to actually feel it.

feeling it is very different than thinking it. You can think of anything that you want, but if it doesn't evoke emotion, then you're not going to fire new nerve cells. You're not going to build new neural connections in your brain. You need to rewire your brain towards what you want.

So I had to feel like it was possible for my youtube channel to blow up. So what I would do, quite literally, I swear I would do this with my wife, girlfriend at the time. We had this little coffee table in our house and we would do something we called victory laps. Now a victory lap was when we would wake up and fake our excitement about something.

We would run around in circles and cheer what we were grateful for like we already had it. Sounds crazy huh!? haha well it looks crazy to the average Joe maybe, but what results does the average Joe get? We don't concern ourselves with Joe. We focus on our own energy, right!? So we would run around and say things like,

law of attraction coach

"Oh my gosh, I got all these subscribers. This is so crazy, i'm getting hundreds and thousands of messages a day from people thanking me that I changed their life and it feels so good!!" When we get in the emotion of the desired reality, our frequency shifts to a higher vibration.

The law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. So until you feel it, you can't have it. Because if you can't feel it, you haven't raised your vibration to meet the energy of what you want.

Like if you want money, your energy has to raise to the energy of prosperity and abundance. You don't need money to raise your energy, but you do need to raise your energy to get money. Same thing with love. You have to feel love in your heart for yourself, first of all, in order to attract an amazing romantic relationship.

If you don't feel it within yourself, then you're gonna attract the level at which you feel within yourself, which is why for a lot of years I attracted unhealthy relationships. And then eventually I finally was like, man, I got to go love myself and create an incredible amount of love in my life.

law of attraction coach

When I did that, out of nowhere, I met my soulmate Ashley.

So I took it a step further and I invented a technology designed to retrain your brain. It's called the second mind. 

is right there, down below. It's free to use and hundreds of thousands around the world are using it as well as myself 🙂


So much of the time people say affirmations for a period of time and nothing seems to be working and then they don't get what they want and then they say, I guess it's not meant to be. I used to do that. I spent six years building my youtube channel and I would start and stop it every couple months because I wasn't getting any subscribers.

I visualized in my head what I wanted. I wasn't getting what I wanted. So I constantly started and stopped. Can you imagine trying to plant a garden and every three days pulling the seeds back out of the garden because they hadn't turned into cucumbers and asparagus yet. You would never be able to grow anything.

Even as a Law of Attraction coach, I can say It's a practice of living in inspiration from your gut and spirit. That's the tug of god. If you've been wanting to attract your soulmate and then you see someone attractive in the coffee shop, you have to go introduce yourself. Even if it's scary, even if you're afraid you have to go over and and begin the conversation.

believe in yourself

What's one inspired action that you can take? Remember, number one, think it. See it clearly in your mind and live from that place as if you already have it. Number two, feel it. Feel it in every part of you as if it's already occurred.

That's going to start pulling the right opportunities to you. And then when those opportunities present themselves, take inspired action. Say Yes. Face your fears. You're going to attract the right people, the right opportunities, the right doors will open.

Sometimes it will be scary. That's great. That's what you want. Make sure to use the second mind so you will be wired for those desired realities!

You're going to feel as if you already have it, your neurocircuits in your brain, your brain synapses are going to get retrained towards what you want.

It's going to bring the right people, the right circumstances and the right situations into your life, but what I'm inviting you to do is now take the step. So many times people do all the earlier steps. They visualize, they use the second mind, the people come, the opportunities come, and then they get afraid and they don't take the action or they think it's supposed to happen only in their sleep or something.

But their soulmate is right in front of their face! The Law of Attraction will pull what you want into your life when you rewire your mind for the things you desire but you still must take action in order to walk through the open door and capture what the universe is offering.

Thank you so much for being here today. Sending lots of love to you and i'll see you real soon.


Miracles are normal.


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