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Attract A Specific Person Into Your Life

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 09

In this video I'm going to talk about attracting a specific person and how I manifested my soulmate. You can do it as well. This truly changed my entire life and I'm very excited for you to give this a try because it's going to work miracles in your life as well. So here's how to attract a specific person into your life and how I manifested my soulmate.

The first thing to note is needing versus allowing. What I mean by that is allowing what's naturally meant to unfold in your life for your highest and best good. A lot of people do not trust that process, so they try to force love. They need this one person so bad that what actually happens is subconsciously they send out an unattractive message to that individual that makes that individual actually not want to be with them or makes that person unattractive.

Needing versus allowing is important to understand because everything is working out for your highest and best good. That includes your love life. And when you can trust that process, you don't get in a place where you're desperate or you need a certain person.

True need and desperation can also manifest itself where the other person actually gets repulsed by it and they become unattracted to you. When you realize that life is happening for you, you understand that you will attract the perfect person at the perfect time.


attract a speific person into your life

They will come into your life. It's hard to accept that when it hasn't happened. I understand that because I was in the same situation before I met Ashley I was with someone that I thought was my soulmate. I thought we'll be together forever and all these things.

They broke up with me and they went for somebody else. It was really devastating. It broke my heart and it made me kind of depressed. Ultimately what happened was the best thing ever for me because in reality that wasn't meant to be. But I wanted so bad to be in love that I forced this relationship that really had things that weren't right for each other, but I kept a blind eye to that. So understand that everything will work perfectly for you.

The second thing is fulfilled versus needing happiness. When you need happiness or you need pleasure or you need to be with someone because you don't want to be alone, what happens is you actually don't attract the right person. You actually attract the right person in theory, but it's the right person to teach you the lessons that you don't want to learn.

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If you need happiness or you need stimulation or you need to be with someone, you're going to attract a mirror back to you because all relationships are a mirror. You attract where you're at. So if you need happiness or you need stimulation, you need to be around someone because you don't want to be alone anymore, you attract that situation to solve that lesson. And that's what happened to me before I met Ashley. I attracted this person and then it ultimately ended in heartbreak and depression and disappointment because everything was working for my highest and best good.

It didn't feel like that at the time. So it fell apart. But then it helped me understand the distinction between happiness and needing happiness. It helped me understand the difference between fulfillment and needing happiness and needing to not be alone.

attract a speific person into your life

In truth, when you are alone, you're really in the greatest company because it gives you the opportunity to truly get to know yourself. You truly are your own best friend. And most people don't realize that because when they look around and get sad that they are alone, they feel they need happiness from somebody else, which causes problems.

It creates recyclable relationships where we keep shuffling into the next one and the next one and the next one. But it's the same problems in the same relationships only it's recycled into different people in different circumstances, in different situations.

After my relationship that wasn't Ashley, I had neglected my health a little bit. I had gotten out of my cycle of fitness and health and I wasn't taking my career goals as seriously, my own true spiritual purpose and mission in life, which was to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

I wasn't taking all that as seriously because I needed to not be alone. I had my priorities backwards and my priorities weren't creating real happiness. I didn't know that until that person left me. And then I got faced with a mirror because all relationships are is a mirror. It made me realize there was a difference between happiness and needing it and fulfillment. And I wasn't fulfilled. I just was busy. I was stimulated. I had this person I was with and I thought I really liked them and all these things.

It all came crashing down which led me to say, "I'm going to make it my goal to be the happiest person I can be". I didn't get to that point until that relationship fell apart. That's what got me to the happiest part I'd ever been. And when that occurred, I started getting so healthy and I started having all this great progress in my career, and I finally felt so fulfilled.

attract a speific person into your life

That was when I finally met Ashley. And that was when I finally broke the cycle of learning these lessons of these recyclable relationships because I found my own heaven within instead of trying to seek heaven in a relationship, I found it in myself. And that's what allowed it to multiply when I met Ashley.

Remember the kingdom of heaven is within you. Heaven is here on earth, and it's something you create. When you feel most alone, you're really given the opportunity to be in the greatest company, which is to truly get to know yourself. Ultimately, fulfillment comes within ourselves. Even if we attract the perfect person, if we are not fulfilled and whole within ourselves, happy with our health, our career, our life purpose, somebody else can't make us happy, even if they're the most amazing person ever.

When we understand that and we go to work on ourselves, we ultimately attract people that mirror that shift in our life. So we start to attract more amazing people back into our life. So make sure you hit the like button on the side right over there. Hit the like button right over on the side. Remember, you live in a friendly universe.

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Miracles are normal.


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