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How To Get Rich This Year | Law of Attraction

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 10

Here are three shocking signs that you will manifest money in 2020... The first sign is that your bank account no longer controls your thinking. Most people's problem is their bank account is always controlling their thinking because they're living in reactionary consciousness to the vibration or energy that their brain is processing.

All your bank account is, is an old vibrational pattern. But what happens is we see it and we say, "I'm broke". and we just keep affirming it. The number one sign that you will start to attract a lot more money in 2020 is that your bank account no longer controls your thinking. Here's a question to ask yourself. Does your thinking control your bank account or does your bank account control your thinking?

Next, you've decided to set a C type goal. A C type goal is something coined by Bob Proctor. Now there's three types of financial goals. One is an A type goal. Let's say hypothetically you make the average American income $50,000 a year. So you say, my goal is to make $50,000. That's not a goal. It's the same thing that you already did. So there's no growth in it, there's no inspiration in it, and there's certainly no opportunity for more in it.

Now, the second type is a B type goal. Let's say you make the average American income $50,000. You say, my goal is to make 52,000 there's no inspiration in that. A B type goal is a goal. You think you know how to do. With minimal effort and no real miracles coming into your life, you're going to do it.

how to get rich this year

Now, a C type goal is a goal you do not know how to achieve. Now, this is important. You don't know how. So for me, I heard Bob Proctor talk about it and he said, try to turn your annual income into your monthly income. I was like, this is absurd. How am I ever going to do that? But that's the point of it. It totally takes you out of your present financial paradigm.

It totally takes you out of your current paradigm of work, your current paradigm of what's possible, and it pulls you to a greater version of yourself. Guess what happened? It took me a little over a year and my annual income became my monthly income.

So a C type goal is a goal you don't know how to achieve. What happens is this pulls you out of your paradigm and invites or creates the space for amazing financial blessings to unfold in your life. So pull out a pen and pad. Ask yourself, what is a C type financial goal for 2020? By the way, most people's biggest problem, why they never achieve any real financial success, is they never set a goal anyways, but by not setting a goal, you've already failed. So pull out a pen and pad and write down your C type financial goal.

Last but not least, you've decided that you will have it. Now that sounds overly simplistic, right? Think about this. Most people never decide they're going to have money. Understand there is a big difference between deciding you're going to have it and wanting it.

how to get rich this year


There's a big difference between deciding that you're going to have it and wishing for it and hoping for it and praying for it and working for it. There's a big difference. The word decide, the Latin word means to kill off any other alternative. It means saying this is what's going to happen with absolute certainty.

You move from a state of believing and hoping and wishing to a state of knowing. The only way to get there is to train your mind and body to live from there. The same way that the only chance you have to run a six minute mile is to train your body to get there.

You can't hope to run a six minute mile, but you can train and then with absolute certainty predict that you will do it. Now it's time to declare that you will get rich. There's a lot of reasons people don't actually declare it and it's ironic. People have belief systems like money is the root of all evil, or I'd rather just be happy. Money's not that important. It's too hard. I'm too old, I'm too young, and they have all of these reasons. But deep down, they wish they had it.

Embrace your desire for money. You're not greedy. You're not going to be a bad person. You're going to be more of what you already are. If you're generous, you're going to have more opportunities to be generous with your friends, with your family, and with strangers. If you're already a loving person who values happiness, guess what? You are going to have a lot more opportunities for freedom and to help create happiness in other people's lives. Decide. Actually make a decision.

how to get rich this year

Most people don't think they can do it, so they never decide. You have to decide to go to the gym, to go to the gym. You have to decide to have money to have money, so declare it. Now when you make the decision and you say, I am going to do this, what that means is you block out everything else that impedes from your goal of going to the gym. So the same is so for money. When you do say I decide that I'm going to get rich. What happens is all of your mental energy starts to go towards it.

You start to say no to all the things that don't fit that. That's most people's problem. They say yes to a lot of things they should be saying no to and it sucks and depletes their energy and their time. So when you make this decision, you move into a state of certainty and when you move into a state of certainty that you will acquire money, it activates your reticular activating system. Now your reticular activating system is a part of your brain that focuses on whatever you give attention to.

There's billions of bits of information happening every second. Like right now, I can get distracted by the fan going over my head or the birds outside. There might be your neighbor mowing their lawn. There's so many things happening, but you've centrally focused on my words. You're hearing every word I say. So your reticular activating system focuses in on the sound that my vocal chords are producing and transmitting through your phone or computer and your reticular activating system makes that your central point of focus.

There's so many other things happening, but your reticular activating system focuses here. For instance, maybe you got a new silver Mercedes and then you start noticing them everywhere. Why? It's not because everybody has them. It's because your reticular activating system has started to work to show you that thing. Now, when you make a decision to have money, your reticular activating system starts focusing on opportunities.


It starts moving things in the right direction for you. You start noticing things you didn't see before. You come up with million dollar ideas. You find out new ways to increase your income. Things come to you because of your reticular activating system.

It's crucial to realize that you have everything you need within you to be successful and that you aren't too stupid, too skinny, too fat, too young, too old for your dreams. Those are all limiting beliefs we've been conditioned to believe. You have to brainwash yourself before the world brainwashes you. And when you brainwash yourself for prosperity, guess what?

how to get rich this year

You start to have a prosperous life. When you brainwash yourself for money, guess what? You start to have more money. It's just that most people are brainwashed by society and is pretty mediocre. So we get brainwashed for a mediocre, average financial life.

You have to take control of your mind. That's why I created a success hypnosis to wire my mind for new beliefs that will actually bring more prosperity into my life. Click the link below to download it for free and use it yourself. All I ask is that you come back and share your success stories with me. Thank you so much for being here and I hope you have an epic day!


Miracles are normal.


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