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3 Ways To Get Rich in 2019

Let's dive into the 3 ways to get rich in 2019! There are many different way to gaining financial success but here are 3 tricks from me to you that will absolutely allow you to attract more wealth into your experience! 

Three shocking ways to get rich in 2019. Here are three shocking ways that actually changed my entire life forever. I was struggling to get my career really going and I was working so hard and my wife was in credit card debt and I did these three things that I learned. I wasn't sure whether they'd really work, but I figured I'll just do them and see.

Oh my gosh, it changed my entire life. I'm so excited to hear about your bank account growing from utilizing these three shocking ways to get rich in 2019 and beyond.

ways to get rich

Ways to get rich #1, attempt to save 40% of your income.

And if you can't start at the highest level, you can possibly save even if it feels a little bit uncomfortable. Now, I was listening to a John Dimartini program, and in it he was talking about Sir John Templeton. Sir John Templeton is one of the most famous investors ever, and he started his investment career by saving 50% of his income.

So John Dimartini suggested that everyone else should be able to do the same too. And if you can't, start at whatever number you can. But push yourself more than you think you can because the worst thing that will ever happen if you save money, is that you'll end up with the money in case you need it. Because he wouldn't be spending it. So there's nothing bad that can happen. And the good out of this is obviously you're accumulating more money, but more specifically what you're doing is you're starting to demand from life that you attract more money.

Let's say for instance, you made $1,000 a month and you said, I'm going to say 40% now. So that would be $400 you only have 600 left over and you say, well, I have enough for rent and you know, a tiny bit of groceries and that's it now. Okay. What happens is if you save more than you think that you can, if forces you to start to think and focus on expansion, you come up with new ways to make more money.

You attract new opportunities and you start to set a higher barometer of what's possible for you in your life. And so you start wherever you can. 40 is a relative term, but that was a term that John Dimartini said to start with.

ways to get rich

So I was like, I'll start with it. And I wasn't making much money. So that immediately cut down other things that I was spending on drastically. And a couple months I couldn't do it totally because of real life expenses like car issues. So I remembered to be easy with myself and just dropped it to 20% some months. But I was always working to try and get to 40 what happened was it made me think I have to double it and made me set my sites on bigger goals and greater expansion.

Michelangelo once said that the greatest tragedy in life isn't that we aim too high and we miss. It's that we aim too low and we reach it.

I had actually set my sights very low and when I started saved more money, you focus me to actually increase my sites that I had set. And what happened is my income slowly started multiplying, which meant that 40% was turning into a bigger and bigger denomination.

That other 60% as my income was growing, I was able to easily spend and afford things, pay my taxes, do all my lifestyle stuff. But that 60% went from a very small amount of money to bigger and bigger and the 40% did too.

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And then what happened was I demanded that I would attract more opportunities. So saving, obviously in a very fiscal standpoint, it made more, you know, digits in in your bank account, but it forces you to come up with higher sights and higher standards and better opportunities and greater and more prosperous, invaluable ideas to society so that your income increases as well. Which is the number one thing income has to increase.

If per the title of this video, you want to get rich in 2019 and beyond. So that's step number one. So comment down below, I saved more than I spent.

Who cares if it's only a $500 to start out of your total income and you can only save 10 bucks the first month or $2. Just start to build the habit instead of allowing the mind to rationalize and say, I'll do it when I have more money.

Now let's start to demand that we haven't now and then this is going to open up our sites for all new opportunities.

Ways to get rich #2 forget about your goal

Set your goal, then actually forget about it and what I mean by that is let's say your first goal was to make $1,000 a month, $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month...whatever it is, instead of focusing on the number we shift our attention.

The question to consider is how can I become that type of person? Let's say for me, I'm trying to grow my youtube channel. Well, how can I become that type of youtuber that makes a good living off of youtube? Well, number one is frequency of publication. I'm adding more value by way of publishing more often. Number two is I'm getting better at what I'm doing.

How can you become more valuable at what you are doing and offering?

What can you do to become the type of person you wish to be?

And if I would have allowed the information I was receiving with my physical senses tell me what i was capable of, I would have stopped and said, I guess this isn't meant to be. But I made a commitment to myself that if I died, I wanted to have a library of amazing multimedia video content out there that will live on forever.

Jake Ducey

I asked myself, what would that commitment look like? It would look like me publishing a video every single day with the intention to uplift the consciousness of humanity, to increase the positivity and joy, to help people become more free and vibrant and live their best life and thus be a domino. To be an example for others. I wanted that. And so that meant I needed to publish videos every day.

I needed to communicate this message succinctly every day with consistency, regardless of the results or lack of results. As I committed to that, eventually I hit something, what I call proficiency threshold. You hit a threshold on financial goals where it seems like, oh, maybe this isn't meant to be. Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I'm not smart enough. Maybe this isn't meant to be. It's a threshold and that threshold keeps most people out. That brick wall keeps most people out.

But the threshold is basically right before something fantastic happens. Right before your big break.

So they lose their optimism and possibility and then they react to their present circumstances and stopped doing their work. So I could've stopped publishing videos, but I didn't. And then what happened is when I was on a camping trip, my channel wasn't getting any results and all of a sudden it took off and went viral and a 48 hour period and I got a bunch of subscribers overnight. And then it's just like the rest was history because I was consistent for like a year without any results. So do what you're doing because you know it's the right thing, not because you can get money for it.

And if you do what you're doing because you know it's the right thing or brings you joy, you're good at it. Or you can help people at it. As you commit to it, your value, your energy, your possibilities will continue to increase.

As that happens, you're going to pull money back to you. Prosperity will be attracted to you as a result of this level of certainty and confidence and commitment. And that's when all the quantum leaps happen and fantastic things start to head your way.

Ways to get rich #3 Brainwash yourself for prosperity

I always say brainwash yourself before the world brainwashes you. Our world brainwashes us for limitations. Brainwash yourself for positivity, success, optimism, prosperity before the world brainwashes you and I made this hypnosis for myself and found amazing results.

I started giving it away for free online. And now almost 500,000 people from all over the world have used it, which is really crazy. I never could have imagined that that would happen so quickly. Similarly, you cannot imagine the financial breakthroughs that are right in front of your face when you commit to one or all three of these ways to get rich in 2019 and beyond. Go ahead and download my success hypnosis for free!

Have a fantastic day! 


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