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3 Ways On How To Escape The Matrix

Here are three ways on how to escape the matrix to total liberation. When you apply these tools, you will go from level one or two to level 10 in upgraded consciousness. Let's dive right in.

How to escape the matrix #1

In essence, the matrix is this space time continuum. It's space and time reality that we're trapped in where we've identified with our minds and we think we're our bodies and we are lost in the illusion of time. Albert Einstein said that time is an illusion....All be it a good one.

And so what happens is when we get stuck in time, we're lost in the matrix and we can't have an upgraded consciousness and we can't have liberation because we're stuck in the past, the future and we're always oscillating back and forth between worrying about the past, regretting this, contemplating the future, and we're never really present.

Only in this moment can we access the dormant powers in our own consciousness and find liberation. And so we also project this up because the matrix convinces us to want things in the future. Hey, you'll be happy when you get the house, when you get the car, when you get the money, when you get the job, when you get the soulmate, when you get the diamond ring, when you get the this, when you get to that. But it's always in the future.

 But as long as we keep perpetuating a cycle where we want a better future, we're continuing to be trapped inside the matrix. In the Bible it says, the kingdom of heaven is within you.

So what does that mean? Everything we ever need is within ourselves for all the happiness and freedom we could ever have. And if we can't grasp that, then we can't have the things that we want. Because once we find that within ourselves, then we see it in everything else. And once we understand that time is just an illusion, that this is an infinite reality and all possibilities exist simultaneously (that those realities are living as vibratory frequencies we cannot see).

It's just like when you're on 91.1 FM radio and you're listening to rock 94 at them, exist to, you're just not on the frequency of it through the knobs. Similarly, you're not on the frequency of the thing that you want in consciousness. You have to possess it in consciousness by recognizing you're actually an infinite being who in a physical body to learn certain spiritual lessons and realize and remember yourself as a creator of your own experience through consciousness.

That's what you came here in order to learn. So what I invite you to do is get rid of hoping for a better future. Get rid of wishing for a better future. Get rid of regretting about the past. The only thing we can do is be in this moment right now and start practicing the excitement in liberation here in this moment. Because all the great things are existing right now.

Life is happening now, but how most people live is they think life will happen in the future. So they're always waiting for a future that never arrives because once that future arrives, they've still developed the habit of projecting salvation in the future. So it's a never ending cycle where they're never really present. Here in this moment is beautiful. Take a deep breath in and breathe out and recognize all you want already exists here in this moment.

We can start radiating those feelings and the freedom, the joy, the happiness, and the excitement. We start to pull those things back from the quantum field.

how to escape the matrix

How to escape the matrix #2

In order to go from the matrix deliberation, we have to start trusting our own intuition.

So the matrix is basically a system of control that's been set up to keep our consciousness at very low levels of third dimension where we think we're just our bodies and that's it. We already know you're not just your body, you have a body, but you are not your body. You're a spiritual being in a body and everything is energy. The walls are energy. We already know this. Science has proven that everything is energy. And so what happens is we live in this system of control that keeps our consciousness at a very small bandwidth.

And it makes it easy for the elites to control it and prosper. The way that this illusion perpetuates itself through generations is we are conditioned to believe things outside of ourselves. So the way this whole thing is set up, is just for everyone to be convinced to listen to that person. Oh, they're older than me. They must know more. Oh my mom and my dad knows more than me. This politician knows more. This religious leader knows more and so we're conditioned always to believe in everything outside of ourselves.

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Buddha, Jesus, and all of these wonderful spiritual teachers are telling us that actually salvation is within yourself. Yet we built a society that's conditioned to project consciousness outward, believe in things outside of ourselves, and then youre taught to believe you're not good enough.

You're not smart enough, you're too fat, you're skinny, you're too old, you're too young, you're not good looking enough. You're not lovable. Love is pain. True love is and out there. If you buy enough things, then you'll be happy, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, and it just goes on and on and on.

What it's doing is enslaving us rather than it freeing us, rather than giving us liberation, The only way for us to find true freedom is to start to listen to that inner voice. It's a very soft whisper. Especially in the early stages because we aren't taught to listen to it. We're taught to listen to other people. There's a very soft whisper in your mind. The voice that was whispering to me as an 18 year old when I dropped out of college. It was saying, "you drop out of college now" and everything outside of myself told me I was an idiot if I did that. But I realized this was my small voice i needed to listen to.

You just need to feel it. They don't need to understand it. They don't need to get it. What do I mean by that? That feeling is intuition. I had this feeling that was like, okay, drop out of college and you're going to write books and you're going to help upgrade and awaken the consciousness of humanity, and this is what you're going to do with your life. But how was I supposed to do that really?

 Everyone says this is a bad idea. Should I? Should I do this? Right? But as I started to listen to that inner voice more and more and more, what happened is it actually started to pull the veil back on this illusion.

how to escape the matrix

And I started to see it more for what it was. What intuition really is is the universe or God's speaking its plan to you. And when you follow that, it leads you deliberation. It leads you to freedom in life. It leads you to your purpose, your mission in life. So it starts with your intuition. So the question is, what is your intuition telling you?

It might come off as fear because when I was going to drop out and write the books. It petrified me. That really made me afraid because of the way i was wired. Self doubt that I could find resources, that I could actually do any of it successfully scared me at times for sure! Everyone says that if I do this, bad things are gonna happen. So it may come off as fear, but thats just because the mind has been conditioned by our society to believe things that are just quite frankly just illusions.

And they are true. But we're taught to believe them as absolute truth. So then when your intuition comes in and says something contrary, it immediately makes you afraid. So what is your intuition saying to you right now? What is it speaking to you right now? What is inspiring you? The word inspire means in spirit. So your intuition is bringing you in alignment with your own spirit.

How to escape the matrix #3 

you recognize that everything is energy and this experience is your playground.

There is famous guru, and at one of his live events, a woman stood up and asked, "why are you so smug when everything is so bad in the world?" And he replied, mam, in my world, nothing could ever go wrong."

What is he saying, really? He's saying that he's awakened. He recognizes that this thing is an illusion. This is just a playground for us to experience life and to learn certain lessons and practice love, to remember our oneness with God and our oneness with other people. And as a result, liberate ourselves from the density and confinement of third dimension. Nothing could ever go wrong because this was just all a learning lesson and experience that he chose to have in order to reconnect and to remember and realign with the oneness with the universe.

So to him nothing could ever go wrong. Here's how the matrix keeps us trapped. It wants us to want futures, things in the future. And then it goes, well that thing in the future is going to be hard and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.

how to escape the matrix

And so it constantly traps us. And when we realize everything is energy, we can grasp that our consciousness is always radiating a frequency. And in turn, we're pulling things back to us that match it so we can build a fluidity with life, and a fluidity with the things that we want when we recognize that it's all just energy and this is just a playground here for us to experience.

So relax. Everything is under control. Everything is exactly as it's meant to be. And when we can start to have that acceptance of what is, then we actually get a lot of freedom. It's a paradox because we think, well, if we surrender to what is then we're giving up our power. We're giving up the power of our ego, but we're gaining the power of the universal intelligence moving through us. that's the paradox. And when we start to live and radiate and reflect that inner light out into our lives, what happens is we become a beacon of light for a lot of people. Not only does our life become this huge momentum, domino effect, and we attract all these amazing things and we get all the things that we want in life...ya thats cool, but!!!

More than that we become a beacon of light and we start radiating that outwards to other people. And when we start to live from that place, what happens is we're no longer trapped into the matrix of our mind. We as Martin Luther King said, you'll never be free until you step outside of the narrow confines of your personal concerns for the broader ones of those around you.

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