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11 Signs You Will Get Rich One Day

11 signs you will get rich one day. I'm so happy you're here. I have some amazing tools for you to discover today. Let's dive right in! 

You w11 signs that you will get rich one day, 11 signs that money is coming your way.

You will get rich // Sign #1 you've banished the idea that money is bad.

The idea that money is bad is such a primitive idea. Money is a neutral energy system. Money is a medium of exchange. That's all money is. It's not good and it's not bad. It just simply, is. It's just a very simple medium of exchange that makes a very complex world, a lot more simple.

However, if anything, money is good. Why? Because money allows you to do a lot of awesome things in life. Whether it's travel, help underprivileged people, drive your dream car, put your kids through great school. Money is a medium that can allow you to have the experiences that you really want in life. Therefore, if anything, money is good. And it should be acquired by you.

Why? Because it allows you to have more of the experiences that you want. Look, you can be a rich jerk and you can be a poor jerk. You can have the same huge ego that thinks you're better than people when you're rich, just as when you're poor. You know, those poor people who think their so much better and more righteous than people with money. The money doesn't make the person.

I think that money makes you more of what you already are. Money is not the root of all evil. Money is not bad. Money is good because you're going to help more people. You're going to live a more beautiful life and you're going to help others live a more beautiful life. You're going to make the world better by you having money. So comment down below, money is good and It comes to me!

You will get rich // #2 you feel that it is your birthright to be financially free.

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If you feel that it is your birthright to be financially free, I can guarantee you, you will have a lot of financial freedom. See, the reason that money doesn't come is because we have a lot of convoluted belief systems about it. On some level, a lot of us believe we shouldn't want it or have it, yet we need it. So we have a tug of war relationship with money. "Oh, I need it for my bills, but at least I'm happy I don't need it." And it's like we're afraid to admit that we want the things that it can buy. When we do that we naturally push it away on any level other than the bare necessities for our life. We decide we just need enough so we perpetually are living in an energy of "Don't give me any more, i'm fine and better for it".

Well, what happens if you decide to have financial freedom? What happens if you decide that you are an individualization of God? You're meant to be happy. The purpose of life is happiness. Therefore, you should have all the money that you need to live your happiest life as long as it doesn't trample the liberty and the pursuit of happiness by everybody else. You deserve it as part of your incarnation here to be the happiest person you can be.

You deserve money, you need money. It is your spiritual right to have it. And the same is so for all types of things, right? Like if you're somebody who deeply loves cars, not for the need of trying to make yourself look cool, but you just love cars and they make you happy, you should have the cars that you want. If you are someone that is really passionate about education for kids, you can funnel your money into your own or someone elses cause aiding kids education around the world!

it is your birthright to be rich. You have to start to believe that. When you do, your worldview shifts and when your world view with respect to money shifts, that's when it starts to come back to you. As your self worth raises, so does your net worth.

You will get rich // Sign #3 You don't worry about whether it's coming anymore.

You don't worry about if it's coming anymore because you know it will come. Because it's your birthright to have it. You know it's not hard to accumulate. You have a great idea or a great business or a great skill. It's going to come to you in perfect timing and there is no doubt in your mind.

You're just focused on whatever the task in front of you is. You know that money will come and you're not attached to the outcome. You're in the process of taking action and moving forward so there is no need to worry or take count.

You will get rich // Sign #4  You realize that money isn't even what you want.

It's the things that you can use with the money or get with the money or buy with the money. Whether it's travel, a certain house, a farm, a nonprofit, you're putting your kids in school or just the freedom to do what you want without stress. That's what you want. And so then it is just a matter of do you believe you're worthy of those things? And when the answer is yes, "yes, I am worthy of everything that I desire in life"...

Then the money, which is just the medium that gives you the opportunity, comes. You know you're worthy of what you want. Therefore the resources come that allow you to have that experience or lifestyle.

You will get rich // #5 You now know you're worthy of the things

flying first class, having that house, having a car, having the nice job, you know that you're worthy of it.

You know for a fact that you're worthy of it and when that happens, the bank account begins to grow.

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You will get rich // #6 You see God in money.

Now this is a shocking one! What the heck? What I'm saying is God is in everything. This spirit is energy and everything in the universe is energy and therefore it's in money and in essence, money is a way where you can extend the goodness of God, right?

You can hand money out to a stranger, someone can lose their wallet and you can pay for it. Your friend could get their phone stolen and they can't afford a new phone and you buy them a new phone. You can put your kids through the best, most memorable schools that changed their life. And it's because money was the medium that allowed it. You can feel the cold wind on your face driving in your favorite convertible with the seat warmer on and the cold air blowing on your face.

And you can feel this excitement and connection to the universe in that moment. So in essence, money is an extension of God. So you see money as good, you see money as truly a good thing. And that's what allows your subconscious to see it as a good thing and therefore attract more of it back into your life to match your new worldview.

You will get rich // #7 you know that money in and of itself can't make you happy in and of itself.

So that means that you don't place an overemphasis on it. So many do this though. They need it so bad that they're in an energy of I'm not good enough, or I'm not worthy or my life. This moment isn't good unless I have more money. So they're in a place where they're never able to be truly happy. And the thing is, you recognize that happiness comes from within.

That regardless of your life circumstances, you can find joy. You can find freedom and you can find peace. You can find peace in the fact that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. You are not your body. You are a spiritual being in a physical body and you live in a friendly universe and this moment is perfect.

And that piece is what allows you to have a detachment from money and that detachment from it means that you're offering an energy of prosperity and abundance already, which then makes money come to you. It's an inverse relationship and then it starts to arrive. Take a deep breath in and out. Happiness is found in this moment.

You will get rich // #8 You're generous, even without!

One time I read that money makes you more of what you already are.

When I didn't have any money, I thought that my career had taken off and I thought that money would make me somehow bad. I didn't realize at the time that it just made me more what I already was. You can be broke and you can be greedy when you're broke. Money is not the only form of greed. It's just money is a way for you to show you're greedy on a bigger scale. It magnifies your current character. Now, you can not have any money and you could be totally greedy. You can be very selfish and not have money. You can also be selfish and have money. Money just makes you more of what you already are. It's a magnifying glass that shows your true character, so in fact, there's nothing to be afraid of about having it.

Money is going to give you more opportunities to be generous. You'd have more opportunities at scale for generosity because you'd be able to allow your money to work for you, so to speak, and impact more people, with schools, feeding homeless in third world countries, with the sustainability industry, Money just magnifies what you already are.

You will get rich // #9 You are thankful that you already possess the prosperity in consciousness.

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In the Bible it says to those that have more will be given. When you have the spirit of abundance, a spirit of opulence, this spirit of wealth in consciousness, you will have it in form. You will have it in the physical world. But first you have to possess it in consciousness to those that have more will be given to those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away.

so for those who do not have, they say "I'm broke, I'm broke." Then I say, "Hey, here's a great idea that's really going to be fantastic. You're going to make a bunch of money." They say, "Yeah, but I'm Broke. Yeah, but I'm not smart enough. Yeah, but I don't have the right education. Yeah, but I don't know how I'm going to do it. That's an example of to those that do not have, even that which they have will be taken away.

To those that have, it sounds like this, "Oh man, that sounds great. I don't know how that'll work out, but I don't need to worry about the how. Let's get cracking. I think this is going to be a great opportunity. It will help a lot of people and it will produce a fantastic livelihood for us. Let's do it!!" To those that have more will be given.

You will get rich // # 10 You are thankful for your life.

Now, you already feel grateful for your life now, and the cool thing about that is money is attracted to the energy of abundance. So when you're already grateful for it, you're already broadcasting an energy of abundance, so more money comes back to you, but also never distorts your life. It never becomes the primary focus of your life because you recognize that peace is found in a natural and simplistic life. And when you're in that energy of being, so grateful for this moment, all the resources you need to fulfill your highest dreams come to you.

You will get rich // #11 Get in the habit of using my neuro programmer. 

If you are someone who has a brain wired for lack, this is so crucial. I'm so grateful for neuro science and all it has taught us about how we can rewire our brain at any age. In fact, it's not just when we are young that we are formed and molded. If we take action and put these practices to work while watching the neuro programmer every morning for 15 minutes first thing, our minds will shift. Our energy will shift. And that's when the abundance starts to poor down at an increasing rate. It happens fast. And it's a wonderful thing. You can use it for free down below! After you've used it for 30 or 60 days, please come back and share your success story. I love to read those.

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