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Wayne Dyers Most Powerful Law of Attraction Secret

In this blog, I'm going to talk pull from Wayne Dyer, my favorite spiritual teacher. Wayne Dyers teaching that i'm about to share with you changed my life forever. It's what allowed me to make the shift in order to actually manifest what i want and not just sit around spinning my wheels. Let's dive right in! 

Wayne Dyers most powerful law of attraction secrets. If you want to manifest what you want, this will change your life. When I learned this Wayne Dyer secret for manifesting, all my dreams came true! Before I was so confused on how am I to get there? Everything started unfolding in my life. Real miracles.

Dyre is my favorite spiritual teacher in the entire world. And you know, I was struggling. I was putting up my vision boards. I was saying my affirmations. I knew what my goals were. I was working really hard, but I wasn't getting there. And I came across something that Wayne Dyer said, "you don't get what you want". I was like, what the heck? You don't get what you want? That's what I thought you've been telling me this whole time.

"You don't get what you want. You get what you are!"

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You say your affirmations, you're clear about your goals. You want this amount of money. You want this soulmate, you want this job, you want this type of house. You want this type of car. You want this type of life. You want this, you want that. You know what you want, but you don't get what you want. You get what you are and who you are is an energy. It's a vibration. You see, the law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. I thought all I had to do was say what i wanted a bunch of times in my head and then things would come.

But Wayne Dyer said, you get what you are. So I started going down this rabbit hole of Wayne's work and I realized I knew what I wanted. I wanted an international business. I wanted to employ all my friends. I wanted to live in my dream home in Maui. I wanted to inspire millions of people on YouTube. I wanted to publish my books with the top New York publishers in the world. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't realize that I wasn't changing who I was. Who you are is a state of being. It's a vibration.

Everything in this physical universe is just energy. What you want is energy and who you are is just energy. So you can want money, but you could be in vibrational poverty, you can want, but you could be in vibrational anger and frustration about not having your soulmate.

You could want a job promotion, but you could be in the energy of limitation. So in order to get what you want, you have to become it. Just wanting something doesn't mean you get it. Wayne Dyer said that everything is two things. What you want and the absence of what you want.

And I realized I knew what I wanted. I wanted my YouTube channel to blow up, inspire millions of people, international business, employing my friends. I wanted to live in my dream home in Maui. I wanted my books published with the top New York publishers. I knew what I wanted, but it was separate from me.

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So all the sudden I had this epiphany. I'm not getting what I want because I'm keeping it as a conceptual idea. When Dyer said, there's a big difference between intellectually knowing something and spiritually knowing something, intellectually knowing something means you can recite it. You can recite your goals back to me and say, I want this.

I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this. But spiritually is an experience. What that means is you're living from it rather than moving towards it. And Wayne Dyer says the problem a lot of times with people trying to manifest what they want is they watched the movie The Secret and they believe this is all just a mental construct. And a lot of times their wishes are out in the future. I hope, I wish one day I'll get there. But Wayne Dyer says that time doesn't really exist.

He often quotes Albert Einstein, who showed us that time does not exist. So you have to start feeling it. What I started doing was I started retraining my entire state of being because feeling is the language of who you are and it's how you communicate with the universe.

So I started feeling all what would happen if my YouTube channel went viral? What would happen if I was employing my friends and they were all getting paid great and they were so excited? What would happen? What would it feel like? Ask yourself that question. Instead of what do I want? What would it feel like if, because that's the key to unlocking manifestation. For me, I'd feel incredibly excited. I'd feel incredibly grateful.

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Your visualizations become these active spiritual things because you have to experience it in order to get it because experiencing means you own it in vibration, in energy, in consciousness, and the law of attraction says like energy attracts like energy, so you must experience it spiritually to have it.

So then I created a success hypnosis for myself. I started using my visualizations with that one question, what would it feel like if I had what i wanted? And then I would go into the visualization and I'd imagine my best friend's shaking my hand, giving me the biggest hug, picking me up. Yes, thank you for this incredible opportunity. I just had my best financial month and living by dream. I started experiencing the excitement of yelling to my wife. Oh my God, my first video just went viral. Oh my gosh, look, we just got a thousand emails of people saying this changed their life and that changed their life.

So what happened was I started firing different chemicals in my brain. I started activating my nervous system in my physiology in a different way. I started becoming what I wanted, rather than being Jake wanting this thing in the future, I became that every day. I felt it. I was grateful for it. And what started to happen was my vibration change, my confidence changed who I was changed, and guess what? Out of nowhere, my video started going viral and I went from 20 views on videos to thousands. This YouTube channel getting almost 30 million views in less than two years.

wayne dyers

You don't get what you want. You get what you are. It's great to have a vision board. It's great to know your affirmations, but make sure it doesn't stay as a mental construct. Ask yourself, what would it feel like if I had my soulmate? What would it feel like if I had the money? What would it feel like? The universe responds to the frequency. It doesn't speak English. It doesn't speak Spanish. It doesn't speak Portuguese, but a lot of people think it does. So they say, I want this universe. I want that universe.

It speaks frequency, and when your energy changes, that's when the universe says, Oh, they changed. Let me send them things that match their new frequency. That's when the money comes out of nowhere. That's when the coincidences come. That's when the random new occurrences come because your energy shifted. So ask yourself, what would it feel like?

I created a technology called the second mind to start retraining my brain, my nervous system, and my physiology to live in the realities that I wanted in the future as if I already had them.

So every cell in my body started vibrating in harmony with what I wanted and it went from a desire to a state of being and my life changed. And now over a hundred thousand people from all over the world have used it. It's free to demo. It's right there, down below.

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The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

Wayne Dyers tip on manifestation will allow you to attract what you want. you don't get what you want. You what you are. I changed my vibration. I spiritually experienced what I wanted within my own imagination, and that's what manifested it here in this reality.

You're on your way. You're perfectly where you need to be now.


Miracles are normal.


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