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3 Ancient Signs From The Universe That What You Want Is Coming

3 ancient signs from the universe that what you want is coming. You do not want to miss these three signs because it's the clearest evidence of whether or not what you want is on the way. They're ancient signs from the universe.

Number one, it's a desire larger than just yourself. It might have to do with your family. It might have to do with your community. It might have to do with impacting people. It might have to do with helping them run out in your office. It might have to do with helping your mother, your father, and you want money to help with your dad's bills. Whatever it is, just larger than yourself.

Albert Einstein's goal was to think the way God thinks. It was to understand and know the thoughts of God. Think of what God is. What is God? God is the universe. It's the creative force in the universe. What is that creative force of the universe?

It's all given. It's so abundant. It just keeps giving and giving and giving to you and I. It's brought us here. It beats our hearts. It's allowed the earth to circulate around the sun and the universe to constantly expand. It's put us here in this beautiful planet earth. It's just pure giving.


If you want to know the thoughts of God and harness the creative force of God or the creative force of the universe, if you want to harness the power of consciousness or infinite potential, if you want to harness the power of the universe, you have to act and behave like the universe. Have something bigger than just your body.

My question is, what is your why?

When you have a why, a real deep why that's larger than just yourself, you tap into the creative force of the universe because your consciousness is outside of yourself. 

It's larger than yourself. It's mirroring the consciousness of the universe. Then, the universe starts conspiring on your behalf because you're stepping for something bigger than you.

What is your why? What is your deep sense of urgency behind what it is that you want? That's how you draw on the creative forces of the universe.

Martin Luther King said "Until you cast off the narrow confines of your personal concerns, until you step outside of the confines of your personal concerns from the broader ones of those around you, you'll never be free."

It could be about your mom. It could be about your husband, your wife, your kids. It could be about your charity. It could be about your future kids. It could be about your friends. It could be about your fellow coworkers. It could be about your customers, your clients.

It has to be something bigger than you, so you have inspiration when you're tired, so that you have motivation when you feel weak, so that you have a higher power you can tap into and that allows you to be propelled forward.

The universe says "He, she is stepping for something bigger than themselves. Let me provide for them because this desire is in the highest good of all." Then you start accessing dormant forces and talents you didn't know you have. 

Doors open, where before there were only walls.


 Synchronicities, coincidences, luck starts unfolding for you. Why? Because your desire is for the highest good of all. In any desire for the highest good of all, the universe conspires to make it so.

Why? Because it's mirroring the unconditional life giving energy of the universe.

What's your why? Comment your why down below.

Write it on a piece of paper. Remind yourself of it everyday. Allow it to help you transcend your own limited little mind so you can tap into the divine mind of the universe that's all powerful, all knowing that can solve all of your problems, give you everything that you want and help you in such a way that when you get everything that you want, it makes other people's lives better. It's larger than yourself. That's number one.

Number two, the second sign that what you want is on the way is that you're growing as a person. The point of a goal is not what you get. The point of a goal is who you become in the process. Henry David Thoreau said that. 

At the end of the day, I could wake up and my bank account can be deleted. I'd be able to get it all back because I have the experiences. I have the lessons, knowledge and skills that I've acquired. Who I've become as a person is more valuable than money. Who I've become as a person is more valuable than any objects or circumstances in my life. It's who I've grown into.

If you're growing, you may not have what you want yet. You may be like "Is this really working?" That's the wrong question. The question is "Are you growing? Are you tapping into a greater version of yourself? Are you developing new habits, new skills, new knowledge? Are you learning more? Are your talents being stretched? Are you growing as a person?"

The point of the dream is to stretch you so that you become a greater version of yourself. As you become a bigger person, as you tap into a greater version of yourself, as more of your potential is realized, the result of that is you get exterior things. You get the money, you get the relationship, you get the job, you get the life you get the circumstances you want.


They're an effect, and the cause is you've become a different person. You've grown. You've tapped into a greater level of yourself, your potential who you are really meant to be. What you're really capable of. You've tapped into that.

The reason that the cemetery is the richest place on earth is because most people die with their greatness still inside of them. You're more powerful than what you believe.

So many people try to build their business. They try to get into a relationship. They try to start dating, but it doesn't happen as fast as they want and they look out with their eyes out into the world and say "Oh, it must not be meant to be. Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I'm not smart enough. Maybe God doesn't love me. Maybe it's not meant to be."

Then they start reacting to the world around them and they base what they do based off of what they see in the world instead of their own inner vision.

For awhile, I wasn't getting what I wanted but I was growing and eventually I became a different person. I became a new person. I developed who I was supposed to be before the outside world started to mirror it back to me. The outside world is a mirror of the inner world.


The question is, are you growing? Are you developing new skills, new talents, new character, new will, a new mindset, new beliefs, new levels of confidence, self esteem?

Those are the things that are going to serve you. If the economy fell apart and you lost your job, you lost your money, you lost your opportunities, but you still had yourself, you can get all those things back. It's about process, not outcome.

The outcomes will come when the process is honored. You'll get the money, you'll get the car, you'll get the house, you'll get the job, you'll get the relationship, you'll get your ideal body weight and your ideal health and fitness. You'll get all the things that you might want out of your dream life. You'll get them. The outcomes will come when the process is honored.

I am honoring the gifts that I truly believe that are within me and I know that are within you. I truly believe that what you're capable of, you can't even imagine. It is so far beyond your possible comprehension. You can't even imagine what you're really capable of. I'm committed to honoring that to find out what I'm capable of.

When you make that choice, when you make that decision to yourself, when you make that commitment to your own greatness, in your own potential, that's the number one sign that you're going to get whatever you want.

It's going to be secondary because you found the Kingdom of heaven within yourself. If you want help with that,

It's designed to rewire your brain so that you can live from your inner vision more easily, rewire your brain for success, love, happiness, confidence and get your mind working for you even if the results haven't come yet.

Comment down below "I have greatness within me. I'm committed to it."

Number three, you have an affirmation that you use every single day. Mine is "I'm so happy and grateful. I'm a globally influential thought leader, inspiring millions of people every week." I've been saying that for years. I've been writing them down index cards every day for years.

When it stressed me to buy my groceries, I told myself that everyday. I carried an index card with me every single day. There wasn't a single thing in the outside world that told me that was possible, other than my own belief and will, but I still carried it with me. I still said it every day.

Six years ago, my wife Ashley framed my index card. I came home and she had it on my side of the bed. She said "This is to remind you every day of who you are."

You need an affirmation to remind you everyday of who you are, why you're waking up and why you're still here on God's green earth, why and how and who you're meant to be. Why? You're showing up everyday with a positive mindset.

Why everyday? You're reading these blogs to grow your mind. You need that to remind yourself every single day. You need that to program into your subconscious, so that your subconscious can start helping you produce those realities and circumstances that make that dream life or whatever it is come true.

What is your affirmation? Comment it down below.

I'm going to read them all through, put you all in my prayers and intentions for those great things to start showing themselves in your life.

What is your affirmation? Write it on a three by five card.

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What is your affirmation?

Most people are like a piece of paper floating in the wind. They have no idea who they are, why they're here and what they want. They're letting other people's beliefs and thoughts control their life because they're more interested in validation from other people than validation from God by realizing their fullest potential.

You have greatness within you. You have so much more in the tank. There's so many good things in store for you, but you've got to put the flag in the ground and say "This is who I am. This is what I'm going to be. This is what it is, and this is why I'm alive. "

I told myself "I am a globally influential thought leader, inspiring millions of people every week." I wasn't, but I told myself that it was every single day and now I'm inspiring millions of people every single week.

It's not even me, actually. I said "God, use me as an instrument." It's God doing this work. It's the universe that's allowing you to find my blogs and for new people to find my blogs. It's working through me. I've made a commitment to this statement so many times that the universe is moving through me and that's what's going to happen to you.

The universe is going to take hold of your life and it's going to put the bread crumbs out for you. It's going to lay the stepping stones for you, but you've got to get clear on who it is you want to be and what you want out of life. You've got to stake that claim.

Comment your affirmation down below. Begin it with "I am."

I am what? Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who do you dare to be?

There's greatness in you. You're capable of more than you believe. I'm telling you, you will amaze yourself if you commit to the same affirmation, show up everyday and step outside greater than yourself tap into that potential.

Say it every day and write it on a piece of paper every and remind yourself everyday of who you are, why you're alive and why you're here. Program that in your subconscious mind, and you will amaze yourself at what you can accomplish in just a few years.

Comment your affirmation down below.

This is three ancient signs that what you want is coming. Comment down below, and let me know which of these three signs speaks to you most.

Comment down below "I have greatness within me. I am committed to that greatness."

If this blog spoke to you, please do me the hugest favor and read it again. Read it every single day for the next 21 days to make sure it ingrains into your mind. That's what I do.

I don't read a new blog every single day. I read the same blogs over and over and over again. Why? I want to make sure I learn it. I want to make sure it's ingrained into my subconscious. I want to make sure something speaks to me. I want to ingrain it into my mind.

What I want out of this blog for you is I want to ingrain into your soul that you have greatness far beyond what you can comprehend, that the dormant forces of the universe are awakening within you. You can tap into them and you can use them. You are meant for great things. Your destiny is further and bigger than you can possibly comprehend. This is the time for you to commit to it.

Comment down below "I have greatness within me."

Take a huge, deep breath in. Smile real big , knowing that God has blessed you. The universe has blessed you. Life has blessed you. You are powerful. Your past doesn't matter anymore. Who you are right now is all that matters. What's in your bank account? It doesn't matter.

What was your GPA? It doesn't matter. Did you go to college? Did you not go to college? None of that matters. Do you think that you're a little bit overweight? Do you think you're too old? Do you think that you're too young? None of that matters.

Right now, what matters is you actualizing your potential. You are capable of so much more than you could possibly imagine.

If you haven't yet, ​

Demo it to rewire your brain for greatness. Have an absolutely beautiful day. I love you. I appreciate you. I'm sending you fantastic energy, putting you in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment your affirmation down below, beginning with I am.

I'll be sure to send positive energy your way to it. Have a beautiful, blessed day. You are powerful beyond measure.

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