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The Number One Sign From The Universe Your Manifestation Is Near

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 07

This is the number one sign from the universe that your manifestation is near. So if you've been looking for a sign, this is number one biggest sign that what you want is close. Today's a great day to be alive to live on this little tiny rock spinning through endless space and to remember that we live in a friendly universe. So take a deep breath in and out with me. Let's dive right in!

Let's talk about the number one biggest sign your manifestation is near. The number one sign that your manifestation is near is that you either feel good for no reason, or you're starting to realize that what you want isn't as important as you think it is for your own happiness.

So a lot of times we can really want things because we live in a society that conditions us to just want as many things as possible and we get in this place where we think we'll be happy once we get it. We put a lot of importance on getting everything we want and achieving every goal. Because if we don't, we believe we won't be as happy as we could be because we think the happiness comes from achieving that goal or getting that desire.

So it's the cyclical pattern. It's a cycle where we get caught in. I'll be happy when I get this thing. And a lot of times the whole journey of working on your dreams, your goals, your business, your, your whatever they are, your relationships, sometimes it can not be as enjoyable as we want it to be because we think we won't be as happy until we get the thing.

Now, there was a famous Indian guru and supposedly one time during one of his events, he asked the question, "what's the difference between good and God?" And everyone gave all these philosophical answers about how it's all these manifestations of things and all this crazy stuff and it sounded really cool, but it was just philosophical and metaphysical. eventually after a while the guru held up a hand sign and he went like this.

the number one sign from the universe

What he was saying was there is zero difference between good and God. Technically the difference, one single little circle because there's one more of those circles in good than there is in God. And what he was saying was that when you feel good, you are connected to God, you are connected to the universe, you are in God energy when you feel good. And so Wayne Dyer started always saying a beautiful affirmation.

He would say, "I intend to feel good today. Regardless of anything that occurs, I intend to feel good. I will build my relationships around these principles, my work, my morning routine, the information the television shows and movies that I choose to watch will be around my little bubble i'm building. My bubble is that I intend to feel good. I do not intend to argue. I do not intend to to dwell in drama.

I do not intend for anything other than to feel good and when I feel good, I feel God. And when I'm doing this, I am raising my vibration because in the most basic ways, the law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. if you can raise your energy and you can actually be connected to this God energy, this universe, then you're going to get everything that you want because you're in alignment with it. You're not offering resistance.

This universe is infinite. It is for total expansion in the most basic and rational ways. When you wake up in the middle of the night and you look out at nighttime and you see all those stars, how long do those stars go for it? Infinitely. They go forever and it's always expanding as well. Space is always expanding. Well, everything is made up of the same things and it's just all different manifestations of it.

the number one sign from the universe

You are energy, the stars are energy, the sun is energy. It's just all different. It's all just different variations. Frequencies and vibratory patterns have the same energy and this energy is universal energy. It is God energy. It is spirit, whatever you want to call it. Alan watt says, you can't get wet by the word water. You can't get wet by the word water so it doesn't matter what you call it, but this energy is for constant expansion. It is infinite in nature. Therefore your life is meant to constantly expand just as the universe in space itself is.

Meaning your bank account is supposed to constantly expand. Your success in your career endeavors, your business endeavors, It's for constant expansion. Your relationship is for constant expansion. Everything is for constant expansion. You are meant to have a great life. When we let go of our resistance to all of our beliefs we start getting all this great momentum.

Things just aren't going our way because we start to feel good. Instead of waiting for things to happen and make us feel good, we we start to, we start to generate an abundant energy instead of waiting for abundance to bless us, we start blessing others. We start blessing it by being a generator of abundance rather than a waiter of it. I'm waiting for it. It may come, it may not come. So say this, "I intend to feel good". Comment that down below.

If you want the life you dream of, it all begins by feeling good today by making that the priority, by making that the intention. And when I feel good, while I'm doing my work, when I feel good, when I'm making my YouTube videos, those are the videos that go viral. When I feel good, when I'm moving throughout my day and I start feeling love, I start feeling grateful.


the number one sign from the universe

That's how I attract the right people. That's how the perfect high vibe people come into my life in business or in relationships. That's how I attract those experiences. When I'm in that energy, that's how the good news comes to me and the unexpected phone call and the unexpected good fortune and right opportunity. That's how it will present itself to you.

Things show up in response to your own change of energy because your energy, your consciousness is always broadcasting to the universe and when you are one with it, when you are are no longer waiting for something good to happen, you feel freaking fantastic and when you feel freaking fantastic, you attract freaking fantastic things.

Take a nice deep breath in and out. Realize that right here, right now you've been blessed with the real privilege of being alive. It is a real privilege. Sometimes it can be hard. I understand that, but it really is a real privilege and you get to feel a super complex nervous system that allows you to take a nice deep breath in and out and do to this beautifully complex nervous system.

You can feel the relaxation and the ease and the bliss that a nice deep conscious breath gives you. You can actually see a smile right now. You can see this smile and you can give one off. Do you realize how complex and miraculous your nervous system and brain are? do you realize how miraculous and complex this life is?

What a wonderful day to be alive and to feel good.


Miracles are normal.


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