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The Most Shocking Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

In this blog I'm going to talk about the most shocking spiritual awakening signs and symptoms that you may or may have not experienced. I'm so happy you're here. let's dive right in! 

Spiritual awakening symptoms, signs and secrets - what they don't tell you, what the universe is trying to tell you and how you can use that in order to awaken your own soul, your mission in life, create more success and manifest the things that you desire.

Number one, your life seems like it's falling apart. I can only talk from my own experience on this one. When I had the spiritual awakening where I realized I'm a spiritual being in a physical body, I realized I only get one life, I'm only alive one time, I might as well make it worthwhile.

What became most important to me was being happy versus trying to be validated by other people following what everyone else is doing, pursuing society's parameters of what it means to be successful and how to be successful. I was a 19 year old college freshman and was in economics class. I raised my hand and I asked my teacher why we couldn't audit the Federal Reserve, which seems like a logical question in economics class. There was a lot of questions about the printing and controlling of the US dollar from the Federal Reserve that a lot of people have.

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I thought that was a legitimate question. My entire class argued against me because they just wanted to memorize the textbook because we had a test next week. My teacher told me to be quiet and memorize the textbook. I began arguing with him back and forth.

Picture this; I'm a freshman in college and I'm like "Dude, why? This is a legitimate question. Why should I just memorize this textbook? How is that going to aid us? This was during 2010, still going on during the global financial crisis that we had. I asked him "Hey, look, we've got this big economic problem that seems like a legitimate question to me. Could you please tell me why should I just not say anything about it?"

All he would say back to me pretty much is "Be quiet. Do you want to be successful? Memorize this. We got a test coming up. This isn't a creative discussion class." I said "This isn't about creative discussion. It's about critical discussion."

It ended up getting so bad that I stormed out of the class and I turned to my friend Tyler and I said "I'm quitting. This is ridiculous. I'm going to travel around the world and write a book about it."

spiritual awakening

Tyler probably was starting to wonder if I was losing my bolts. He was sitting next to me in class during that and then other people started thinking I was losing my bolts when I said I was going to quit. "Why would you quit? Why would you leave school? You're not going to be successful now. You're going to ruin your life. Everything you work towards, why don't you go travel and write a book later in life? Just focus, get your degree and then go work a job that you don't really care about. Then when you retire, you can do these things besides, you don't even know how to write."

What ended up happening was people all started thinking I was crazy and it became this weird thing where the things I wanted to talk about and the questions I had about the socioeconomic climate of the world, about our own spirituality, our own mortality and our own eternal nature, the impact consciousness has in reality.

Most 19 year olds don't normally talk about that so I lost some friends. People started thinking I was crazy. I went through this period of being really like alone and it was like "Am I crazy?"

Even my own mother - love her so much, she's been so incredibly supportive, but she even thought I was losing my bolts. She was supportive of me doing what I wanted to do, but she wanted me to stay and get my degree and do all these things, play basketball, and I understand where she was coming from, but I had to walk my own path, even though nobody understood it.

To me, a spiritual awakening is really about a reassessment of your own values and priorities in life. Mine went from trying to be successful by doing what everyone else was doing, to wanting to be happy, finding out who I was and discovering what my purpose in life was.

If you decide to make your number one priority to discover who you are, what makes you happy, and define your purpose, those are very different motives from how the rest of the people that you're around live.

People start questioning you. They think you're crazy. They think you're losing your mind. You feel alone, you feel isolated. You feel like you have nobody that can relate to you.

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That's great. Why? Because when you don't have the outer world to depend on and validation from other people that depend on and trying to fit in and fitting in and all these things, what occurs is it pushes you within yourself.

When you go within yourself, you have the opportunity to discover the Kingdom of Heaven is actually within you, that all the answers that you seek are within yourself and that your purpose will be revealed to you.

When you go within yourself, you find out how to be truly happy and fulfilled, rather than being stimulated by validation and other outer things, circumstances that we think we need. We find out that when we tap into that place within ourselves, we find true happiness.

You find a connection to soul and that's why I actually think it's a good thing that those things occur. I got a message recently about someone's sharing that they felt out of place and that's good.

That's a sign that you're on your spiritual path because it's an opportunity for you to trust yourself more. When I lost all those types of relationships, I felt alone and I could focus on the fact that I felt alone, or I could say "What is this trying to teach me? What is life trying to reveal to me?" My soul was pushing me to focus, hardcore on writing my first book.

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I backpacked around the world, came back and I decided to write my first book. I failed junior English class in high school. I got into college because I was a first team all San Diego basketball player. I copied off of everyone all through school. I was not an academic. As for writing a book, I couldn't even write a three page double spaced essay.

It was like this ridiculous concept for me to be able to do it, and it took such an incredible amount of my focus and dedication to get my first book done because I had never concentrated on anything really in my whole life. I didn't even know how to write. I still don't know much about grammar. I still don't know much about like proper Oxford writing structure.

I didn't even know how to write. I never even written 10 pages before. My first draft was maybe 500 pages on the book or something like that. I had never wrote 10 pages. For my junior year in high school, I got kicked out of the English class, so I'd finished in independent study.

Guess what my final project was? It was to write a persuasive essay, two pages, double spaced on why Kobe Bryant was better than Lebron James. I got to pick that topic. They let me pick anything that I wanted because I got kicked out of the normal English class, so I was in independent study where there's one teacher and then there's like 40 kids that are all a nuisance in the classroom. They all like got kicked out of their classes too.


They're all in this independent study, kids from all different grades in there for all different subjects. It's really not a class. Everyone's in there by themselves, but it's just like you had to put them somewhere.

Then there's this one teacher who's really not your teacher. She's kind of like a monitor and she just says "Hey Jake, it looks like you're finishing your junior English class. You're going to write a persuasive essay, pick your topic." I'm like Kobe Bryant is better than Lebron James. This is my topic." Two pages, double spaced. That's what I wrote about.

Do you know how many words that is? Two pages, double spaced, size 16 New Roman font? Not very many. Then I decided I was going to write an entire book only a couple of years after that. That was when I was a junior in high school.

I was probably 16 years old, then I started writing my first book when I was 19, so only three years removed from that. The fact that all my friends started to think I was crazy, I didn't have friends, I couldn't really relate to anyone my age, and people didn't believe in me.

What happened was I didn't have as many distractions because I didn't have social time over absolutely nothing. I was no longer going out on Friday and Saturday night partying like you do in college. I wasn't doing that anymore.

At first it felt really uncomfortable, but then I realized, what is this trying to teach me? What is this trying to show me? What direction is the universe trying to push me in? It was trying to push me in the direction of a short season of life as a social hermit so I could get my work done.


It was excrutiatingly difficult to write a book given the credentials that I just shared that I had. I didn't have any except for passion and an inner vision. I had to focus. It took me really long. I thought I had ADD and ADHD, so I was prescribed stuff in high school and I had to break those ideas of myself as someone who couldn't learn and someone who couldn't focus.

When you're trying to write a book on your own and no one thinks you can do it, you start to believe those thoughts and you're like "Maybe I am crazy." Then I'm like "Besides, I can't even focus." Then I realized all that was just stories in my head that I've told myself so many times that it became my self image, my social identity.

The number one sign that you're having this type of shift is that you're called to something that other people don't understand.

You're called to something. You feel it in your heart, even though other people don't understand it and other people don't get it. That's fine. The question is what direction is the universe trying to push you in? What is this trying to teach you? What is this trying to show you?

For me, I lost those outside things because it was trying to help me become able to have the level of commitment necessary, knowing my experience in my life. I needed to have no distractions to get my book done and I got it done. No one would publish and that's a different story.

Eventually I had to self publish it, fill up my car with books, sold them out of the trunk of my car. I sold 10,000 books on my own. Then I got a publishing deal with the number one publishing company in the world, Penguin Random House. Then my career started to build a little bit of momentum. It started out of other people not understanding me.



The way I broke through that was when I stopped trying to make them understand me. When I stopped trying to use my energy to fight against that and be like "Look, you don't understand. Look, you don't get it." I was just like "Alright, fine. I'll go within myself." That's when I had the vision for the book and then things started picking up and now, however many years later, here we are today making a blog.

That's the number one sign. You're not alone. Life is trying to push you in a different direction and the question is, are you willing to answer that call? Thank you for reading this blog.

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You are a spiritual being in a physical body and individualization of the infinite consciousness, the divine mind, God, universe. You're an individualization of that. You're holy, you're worthy, everything is going to be just perfect. Spirit always manifests itself perfectly. You're supported and you're a spiritual being in a physical body.

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Have a beautiful day. I'll see you on the next blog.


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