The Most Powerful Way to Deal With Negative People Using The Law Of Attraction - Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey
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The Most Powerful Way to Deal With Negative People Using The Law Of Attraction

In this blog I will talk about the most powerful way to deal with negative people using the law of attraction! 

Today I'm grateful, excited and happy about life. Here is the most powerful technique to deal with negative people using the law of attraction.

The thing about when other people come at you with their projections of reality is that if you engage their energy field, that's how you lose in a negative or toxic or difficult situation to deal with.

How can you manipulate the energy of whatever situation it is that you're dealing with? I have a few suggestions. Number one "No thanks, but that's not part of my belief system." Comment down below: No thanks, but that's not part of my belief system.

Everybody is energy. The word emotion means energy in motion. It's your energy in motion. Everybody is an energy field. Some people's energy fields are like a black hole and they suck things into it because they're so negative or they've had so much pain and trauma in their life, or they're dealing with so much stress or setbacks or heartbreaks.

You never know what someone's going through. The end product could be they're extremely negative, difficult, toxic and they project "You can't do this. Your life's never going to have this. Just be realistic. This won't work out for you." They may be even trying to be positive or they're trying to love you. Or sometimes they're just trying to hurt you because they feel so bad about themselves.

What I invite you to do is say 'Thank you, but that's not part of my belief system." If someone comes at you and it's like you're using telepathic judo against them. Instead of like "Hey, why don't you be nicer?" You're saying "Hey, you know what? Thank you. I appreciate your suggestion. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and your experience but that's not part of my belief system."

"I have a belief system that's totally different and I have this stream goal idea, this ideal way, this idealistic version of how I want my life to be and I need to take charge of my belief system. Thank you, but that's not part of my belief system." That's step number one.

The second most powerful way to deal with negative people using the law of attraction is to realize that how other people feel in a lot of instances has absolutely nothing to do with you at all. Nothing to do with you at all. Byron Katie said it in another way. She said "Essentially, it's not your job to get other people to like you. It's not your job how other people feel. It's your job to feel good. It's your job to like you."

The mind has a tendency to get fixated on a negative person or a toxic person or whatnot. One thing that I've really learned is it has nothing to do with you at all. The only time it has something to do with you is you allow it to affect you. Your conscious mind has the ability to think anything it wants to think and reject any ideas that it wants to reject.

If I say to you "You're stupid, you're never going to be successful. You're too old, you're too fat. You can't attract your soulmate, you're not good looking enough. There's no good people left."

You could reject that idea, that energy that someone else is shooting, that projecting that energy system. You could reject it like a force-field or you can accept it. You could be like, "No, as we talked earlier, no thanks. That's not part of my belief system."

Or you could inherit that energy. Your conscious mind basically gets to be like the overseer of this most powerful territory called your thoughts and your belief systems. Your thoughts and your belief systems create your reality and whatever energy you let in will ultimately become your life.

Your conscious mind can drag people's energy into the mental delete button when they say something. They don't agree with you. They don't think your dream is possible. They think you're this. They think you're that. You could go over and just drag their energy into the trashcan. What I'm inviting you to do is actually do like a mental rehearsal on that.

Make it funny. If you make things too serious, then your nervous system goes into a fight or flight mode. That's how a lot of times how other people's negative energy, they're toxic or they're difficult. They affect us because we react to it and our nervous system goes into fight or flight to their negative energy, to their toxicity.

Instead, if we can just bring them over into the trashcan, their energy's gone and it's a fun practice that helps you realize that your conscious mind determines whether you let somebody else in. You have free will. You have the ability to choose. You have the ability to think anything that you want to think. What I'm inviting you to do is ask yourself this simple question. Is it worth losing my peace over?

Comment down below: Is it worth losing my peace over?

Ask yourself that. It might be. There might be something you really need to stand up for, but 99% of the time the answer is probably no. Ask yourself that. Is this worth losing my peace over?

The Most Powerful Way to Deal With Negative People Using The Law of Attraction Number three, last but not least, is two fold. Ask yourself "Is this really personal? Is this really about me?" If we can detach our consciousness to look at it rationally, I think what will almost always see is that no, this isn't about me. Don Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements, one of the most powerful one is not to take things personally.

When we learn that other people's energy and emotions and their behavior is about them, then we can detach from the situation. We can not stay as long, not go as often, create more distance from them, but more specifically not take it personally when someone is just so negative and so toxic. It has nothing to do with you. It's all about them. We can actually instead do our best to send them love from a distance.

Send them love and create separation and distance. Send them love. Life is beautiful. You can be in love or you can be in fear. Right now, I choose love.

Comment down below: Right now, I choose love.

Today's going to be a beautiful day. I can feel it. Your energy is getting bigger, stronger, more powerful, lighter, happy, more expansive and more loving. Can you feel it? Take a deep breath in and put a smile on your face. Life is going to be great today.

There's all these negative people in the world and if you can actually train yourself for positivity, then then it never affects you. I created a successive hypnosis seven years ago for myself. It changed my life forever because I brainwashed myself for success, good luck and opportunities and I want you to do the same.

​If you haven't yet,

I never would have imagined I use it for myself for over two years before I even gave it away. I never would imagine over 300,000 people from all over the world have now used it. Everyday, I get these amazing success stories. The only thing that I ask is that you come back and you share the amazing success stories with me. It makes me feel good.

I send you so much positive vibes, good energy for great things to occur in your life. Thank you for reading this blog.

Comment down below: I choose love. 

Thank you for reading this. I'll see you on the next blog.

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