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Jake Ducey
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Secrets of Manifesting Money Part 3

In this blog im going to talk about the secrets of manifesting money part 3! This will finalize our series on manifesting money with Stuart Wilde. I'm so happy you're here. Let's dive right in! 

Today I want to talk about the secrets of manifesting money now. These are secrets that the richest people in the world and the people that have set up the world know. They don't want us to know this because they're into control.

 I'm going to be sharing the most powerful teachings on how to manifest money. These teachings are inspried by the great Stuart Wilde and this is part 3 of a 3-part series.

When I found these out I was struggling so bad that my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) was in debt because I couldn't pay for anything at all. She was taking on the financial burden for both of us. What i'm about to share with you, I started doing this every single day. I became a millionaire, I manifested my dream home and my entire life changed.

Stuart Wilde is no longer alive. But he's one of the greatest metaphysical teachers ever. And it's a two hour lecture. 

 I'm going to break it down for you and how you can apply this in your life so you can attract all the money that you wish, desire, and need

.And this is what they do not tell you and what they don't want you to know about. This is going to change your life. Watch your bank account grow from using this material.

secrets of manifesting money

​The next big thing and key point in order to master your your money and your energy and your freedom in this physical plane according to Stuart Wilde is to push against the system

Do not conform. He's talking about the paradigm that we've been raised in. We need to change our view of ourselves and what's possible for us in our relationship with the energy of money.

Wilde says. Governments are what are they. They're individuals that are looking after their own interests. They're looking after their own power unit. They're looking after their own election.

They're not worried about whether you and I make our mortgage payments or whatever. They could give a damn. They're just worried about their own position and they get to play the game.

They get to spend our cash and then they send us a "love letter" called the tax bill. We have to pay for their creativity that doesnt serve the majority. But it does serve themselves.

All of the wealth of this world is created by who. It's created by you and I and our ideas. It's created with our time and it's created with our energy.

And when we realize that, what happens is you realize you're the one with the power in your financial life. A lot of times we can think all the power resides outside of ourselves. Maybe we think it lies in the hands of the experts or to older people or more experienced people or to governments.

secrets of manifesting money

​The best way we can break free from this matrix in this setup is to create our own freedom. All the wealth, the gross domestic product of America for instance, Do you think that's created by one person? That's created by all of us. You, me, and all of our ideas.

Our time our energy. You're the one with the power. You're the one that can create wealth and freedom for yourself.

The only way you can win your freedom is by having enough cash in order to pull out of the system. Now the exciting thing is that it's just energy and it's going to give you the options to experience all you want in life. It is very possible for you to actually have enough cash to pull out of the system.

Most people never decided to be rich because they either think it's bad or they think it is impossible and they want to save themselves of the heartbreak of failing.

The next big idea Stuart Wilde talks about is what's stopping you from getting money.

What's stopping you from getting money in your life? What is actually the thing stopping you? And the coolest thing is that actually nothing else except for illusions is stopping you. It's that we've been programmed to believe that there are barriers stopping us. When we grasp that, doors start to open.

Money is just an energy system that exists in the universe. One person can't corner the the market.

the exciting thing about that is that you actually receive money from your interactions with other people in this reality from your service, ideas, or from your energy. And so it all comes down to your feelings about money.

I always thought that money was bad. I was 19 years old and I was dissatisfied. I thought we have all these problems in the world and the rich people/money has ruined the world.

Now I realize that that isn't true at all. Years later when I started writing books and doing my work, I couldn't pay ment rent. Year after year my girlfriend was in debt because things weren't working out for me.

I realized that even though I was working really hard, it always seemed like money was the donkey and carrots in front of it. I'm the donkey running after the carrot but I can't get it because it's just outside of reach. That's how I always felt about making real progress on my goals and my dreams.

secrets of manifesting money

But I realized that was because my feelings about money were pushing it away because I thought that it was bad. And so when you decide in this moment that you're building a new relationship and you start saying, "that is not my belief system anymore.

My belief system is that money is good. My belief system is I love money. It comes when I call. My belief system is that money is just energy and it's going to make me more of what I already am. It's not going to make me greedy. It's going to make me more of what I already am."

"Money is useless when it just sits around", Stuart Wilde says in his speech. He says that money is like manure - it's useless when it just piles up all around. It starts to smell bad. Nothing happens with it. When you spread it around, it can act like seeds and bare lots of fruit.

the secrets of manifesting money

Money is just a medium of options. In this reality you get to use money to experience the things that you want most often. And so what are the emotions behind it? Why do you want it? What decisions have you made about it? Take inventory of how you feel about it. Is it good? Is it bad?

This is why I created the second mind. I created a software. I created a manifestation technique to retrain my brain because all of these collective ideas and emotions with respect to money, freedom, options, and goals were crafted in me by my outer influence of society. The world has programmed you.

I realize now that science shows us that every time you have an emotion, you fire nerve cells. Every time you have a feeling, you fire cells in your brain and there's a term in neuroscience called Hebbs Law.

It tells us that brain cells and nerve cells that fire together, wire together. Together they create a neuro circuitry. Basically, it's just like the electrical circuits in your house.

secrets of manifesting money

You can't turn the switch in the room and make the lights come on if the electrical circuits aren't set up through the home.

You have to have the circuits set out towards what you want. Our circuits have been set up for the opposite. When I realized this I was like, oh my gosh! So Stuart Wilde is talking in a metaphysical fashion about energy.

Now science shows us that it's wired into our brain because of the influence of society and belief systems with respect to money. That's what creates your energy field and your energy field controls what you do or do not attract into your experience.

Everything you have or don't have is a result of your vibration or your feeling about that certain thing. In the context of this blog, money is the thing.

So I created the second mind to essentially rewire my brain and if you want to retrain your mind - it's free to demo!

Next, identify what your limiting beliefs are.

Do thoughts like the following, sound famliar? Other people are going to start thinking poorly about you or they're not going to like you anymore or you make too much money that your family will tease you... Or they'll think you're better than them.

Do you think that if you make too much money you'll become some rich A-hole who's all about themselves? Or maybe you bought into the belief that God doesn't want you to be rich.

Maybe it's your belief that money is really bad and that the way to righteousness. Or that in order to reach heaven, you must be poor and you always tell yourself, "well at least I'm happy". As if it's a consolation prize between choosing one or the other. Let's be happy and let's have freedom and options and abundance in our life.

You're meant to be free.

The next big idea is begin to resonate with a powerful intention.

So what is intention? First of all, intention is you consciously deciding something and as a result your energy gets directed into that direction. You're an infinite being and you've got all this potential energy that's just waiting to be unlocked and unleashed. It is waiting in response to intention and intention is a physical force in the universe.

excited jumping for joy

It's actually what starts to bend reality to your will. And so in this moment right now decide that you're going to attract more money. Money is going to now be an abundant part of your life. So here's a few little steps to keep in your intention in mind.

First is prepare yourself to be patient but think about what patience is. It's not a desperate energy. Phrases Iike, "I really hope. I really wish. It'd be great if..." That isn't patience because you're vibrating an energy of of lack.

 You told the Supreme consciousness that creates all reality within you, "I hope I wish. Maybe if I'm being patient..." But really what you're saying is I don't have it and I've kind of given up on it.

Patience is an energy of certainty.

I know that what I want is already here in non-physical form and I know that the the the energy of the universe and the consciousness of the universe is going to match my intentions and my consciousness and my energy.


I know that everything in the physical reality comes from the non-physical dimension that thoughts become things my consciousness controls my bank account. I've now shifted my consciousness to abundance.

 I've now started to step into the reality that I am someone who has an abundance of money. 

I have a surplus in my life and I'm not going to allow what my eyes tell me to control my thinking because I understand that in order for my physical realm to change, its first happening in my consciousness.

My consciousness has shifted. So currently the people the circumstances and the situations that match my consciousness and the images in my mind are starting to be pulled towards me so they can manifest themselves in the physical reality.



I know that it's already coming because it already exists in a higher dimension.

So I'm waiting patiently for it to appear here in third dimension. Those are two really different energies even though with the verbiage, both are saying the same thing. I'm patient

But one is coming from an energy of lack and hope and the other is this place of total certainty. That difference is the big shift. That's when life can start to change. So the next.

The second way to really align yourself with your intention is to align yourself with the positive feeling of abundance. To do that, say and affirm things like, "yes it's finally happening.

Abundance is flowing into my life. Avalanches of wealth are flowing into my experience the universe is supporting me at every single solitary second. Every cell in my body is vibrating in harmony with the abundance of the universe."

The key is to actually feel what you're saying. Live in the emotion of your words.

Jake Ducey

Use the second mind. That's the software I created. That's my manifestation technique. It's designed to retrain the brain and change your vibration so you can attract what you want.

Take a deep breath and recognize there's more money printed every single day. You are a divine being. Your past doesn't matter. You're good enough, you're smart enough, the right ideas are going to come to you.

Take appropriate action and be confident today. Say yes to life. Do something that scares you. Move confidently in the direction of your dreams and abundance is going to meet you there.Take a deep breath and bring a big smile to your face, now.

I'm grateful you're alive. I'm grateful I'm alive. I'm grateful that the energy of the universe is beating our hearts, pumping our blood, and sending us to the right places. I'm grateful that we have clean air to breathe. I'm grateful we had water that we have the time to read these blogs.

Thank you for being here. Have a beautiful day and I look forward to seeing you next time.


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