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Jake Ducey
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How I went From BROKE To Millionaire In Less Than 2 Years

In this blog I'm going to talk about how I went from broke to millionaire in less than 2 years! By using what you'll learn in this writing, you can attract the life you want as well. Thanks for being here, today. Let's get into it! 

I want to talk about how I went from broke to becoming a millionaire in less than two years. You know, there's so many videos that say, here's the strategy to become a millionaire or do this business, do this marketing thing, do this stuff, do that stuff. everyone's got a strategy, right? The reality is that you can make money almost any way you want.

I was broke. My girlfriend, she's now my wife, was in debt and I did this thing that I'm about to share with you. It's not what you think. I want to share it with you because I think it's going to change your life and help you attract more money in your life.

I used to think money was going to make me a bad person or a type of person that I wouldn't like or something, you know? I had the belief that it couldnt be spiritual. It's the silliest thing ever.

I wanted some of the things money could buy! To name a few, freedom, a house that I really liked, property, time freedom, the opportunity for my wife not to need a job, the list goes on on.

how I went from broke to millionaire in less than 2 years

Money doesn't make you bad. It's energy. Does monopoly money make you bad? Think about it, really. When you're playing the game of monopoly, does money make you bad? No. Actually it helps. Money actually helps you win. Deep, i know. Right? The point is it's that simple.

My thing was I wanted to help people. I thought that so many suffer from a lot of depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of happiness, and over all fulfillment in life.

I thought if I made money off of this business rooted in service, then I'm a bad person. Ultimately money started coming to me when I made my youtube channel. It just took off. I spent six years and I had a work problem where I would work like 14 hours a day.

I wasn't sleeping and I was broke all the time. And then I had money start coming to me and it started coming to me when I was listening to a Bob proctor seminar. And in that seminar I realized, Dude, money's only going to make me more of what I already am. I believed that I was a generous and kind person and therefore money was going to make me more of that.

Indeed, It has made me more of that. I've had more opportunities to be more generous and I've had more freedom and it definitely hasn't made me more greedy.

It hasn't made me more jealous. It hasn't made me bad. Money can change your outside world, but it can't change your inner world. It's impossible. No matter how many massages you get, no matter how many first class flights you fly, no matter how nice your car or your house is, no matter how nice your clothes are. I wouldn't know. I don't have nice clothes. lol

So what ever is already inside you is ultimately going to express itself.

We're here to learn. This is a lesson we must all come around to if we want to be rich or even have more money at all. When you realize that it's not going to make you bad, it'll only make you more of what you are. You can start to see money in a new light.

The Man saw it this way - We'll control them through guilt and shame! We will retain all the power, assets, and resources on planet earth, and they won't get rich.

And then we'll give them all of these credit cards and they'll have to pay 25% interest rate on all these things. Then we're going to get more rich off of them!!

Uncle Sam

They wanted us to fear God like God was going to judge us if we had money and would somehow would look down on us.

I decided that I was going to have money and that I was going to be a freaking epic human being and live my best life and live the glory of God and the glory of the universe and live it abundantly and be generous and free and happy (taking a breath) and I was going to have money to change some of the things in the outside world that I wanted more of!

Over the next two years I amassed over 30 million youtube views! I had different courses, books, and products that no one was interested in.

All of a sudden, everyone was interested. I became a millionaire very quickly. That's because money is energy and when my consciousness shifted, the money started to come. Similarly, all the money you want, the success you want, the opportunities you want, a house, a car, travel, adventure. It's just energy. You've decided in this moment that it's good to have money.

how I went from broke to millionaire in less than 2 years

Therefore, your subconscious mind, which is the mind of God is going to pull all the financial success that you want into your life, quickly.

It could come to you very fast, but the reason it didn't is because you've been programmed to think it's bad or other people will think you're bad. Or God will think you're bad, or you're going to go to hell or you'll become a bad person. None of that is true.

So right there, down below is my hypnosis.

It's my Success Hypnosis and it's free! Over 300,000 people from all over the world have used it. I made it for myself when I learned these things to retrain my subconscious mind because I realized the reason I didn't have money wasn't because I wasn't working hard. It was because I had convinced myself I didn't really want it. I retrained all my belief systems about money and I became a millionaire. My life has changed.

Say it with me! "I'm going to decide now to be rich. I understand it doesn't make me a bad person. Actually being rich is going to allow me to be more generous."

Great things are headed your way.

You are a child of God and an individualization of this power of the universe. That power is at your back right now. But now it's time to command the abundance of the universe into your life. And when you finally do that, consciously, great things start to work.


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