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Say This To Never Attract Negative Energy Again

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 22

Hello friend! If you want to never attract negative energy into your life again, I have a powerful something for you. Say this one thing and watch how negative energy will leave the atmosphere of your experience. Let's dive right in!

We live in the third dimension, which is a world of polarity. Light, dark, positive, negative. What so often happens is your subconscious has been programmed by society to attract negative energy. Now you can free yourself from that pattern. You can free yourself from that loop and it starts with first recognizing who you really are and what life is really about. I want you to say this statement, "I come from love, I feel love, I receive love".

Let's break this statement down. Everything in this physical universe is just energy. That's all it is. This hand looks like a solid hand, but it's not a solid. If you get a powerful enough microscope, it's just vibrating energy. That's all it is. Everything in this universe is just energy. An atom, the building blocks of the physical universe are 99.9999999% empty space. 

How could everything be solid made up of 99% empty space? It's non-physical energy that holds everything together. That nonphysical energy is love. You can call it God, spirit, anything that you want. It created us. It sustains us and we are one with the sun that comes up every day. We live on a planet of pure loving energy. You come from love.

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That's your spiritual DNA. You know, they talk about your physical DNA and they say, well, my mom had blue eyes. My dad was short, my mom was tall, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's your physical DNA. You have a spiritual DNA and we never talk about that. Your spiritual DNA is unconditional love that you come from and it's available to you at all times. If you can simply remember that you come from love, that God or spirit or the universe is love. It's not the words. It's the energy.

The second part of that was that you feel love. You have to make a conscious choice what you're going to feel. Are you going to feel upset about that past negative energy? Are going to feel upset because you don't want to go to your job? It's understandable. But are you going to allow yourself, because you create the way that you feel, are you going to allow yourself to dwell in negative energy?

 Because if you do, you're going to make yourself a crap magnet. That's most people's biggest problem. They are crap magnets in this universe of energy. The law of vibration says everything has an energy level. And then the law of attraction says like energy attracts like energy. So when we're vibrating on the energy of crap, we become crap magnets. So I want to invite you to take a deep breath in and out.

Maybe go like this and smile. Take a deep breath in and out and say to yourself, I feel love. I radiate love. I come from love. Remind yourself that you're the one that creates how you feel and right now, regardless of what's going on around you, you can feel love for yourself, for life, for the universe. You can drop into the energy of gratitude. If you take a deep breath in and a deep breath out, you can drop into gratitude. What's one thing that you are thankful for? Remember, it is a conscious choice to feel love.

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Do the best you can right now to do anything you can that will bring you into the energy of love. Maybe imagine a baby laughing. Maybe imagine your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your boyfriend, your girlfriend. Maybe imagine that one time when you were seven years old and you built that really cool tree Fort and it was so fun for like two years? Anything you can imagine, something that will put you in the energy of love. So take a deep breath in and out.

You are love, you feel love. Last but not least, you radiate love. The law of attraction says like energy attracts like energy. If you never want to attract negative energy, again, you have to get off the frequency of it subconsciously. You might be thinking well, I'm not on the frequency of negative energy. It's subconscious, so it's not our fault, but we just have to take conscious control to get in the energy of love.

When you're in the energy of love, you're going to attract great things back into your life. But here's the big kicker. You have to radiate it. So start small. Start small by taking a deep breath in and out. Get yourself in an energy of love. Find something you're thankful for. And go smile at someone.

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People are going to want to help you for no reason. You're going to attract new opportunities. You're going to get a promotion. You're going to get compliments, but first you have to radiate it because when it comes to energy, you don't get what you want. That's not how you get it.

You get it by being it, by becoming one with it. And so if you want to eliminate negative energy from your life, you have to become one with love. You have to be love. And when you start being love, when you start being happy, when you start radiating optimism and positivity, you attract it back into your life. Your past doesn't matter anymore.

You are worthy of feeling good. So you've got to remind yourself of this one thing. "I intend to feel good". Did Gandhi, Martin Luthor King, Jesus, or any spiritual master ever say, if you feel bad enough, everything will get better? No, they said be the change you want to see in the world, right? So when you start feeling good, when you intend to feel good, you become an actual lighthouse for everyone else in this world and then you radiate. You attract that similar energy back to you.

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