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Powerful Morning Routine To Reprogram Your Subconscious

The three step morning routine to reprogram your subconscious mind that will change your life. You can use this to manifest anything that you want because the subconscious mind is most susceptible to being reprogrammed in the morning.

When you utilize these three steps, you can rewire it to attract the money you want, the love you want, a job opportunity, whatever it is that you want. If you want to learn how to reprogram your subconscious very easily in the morning, then you can start to attract the money you want, the love you want, job, success opportunities, easily in your life because your subconscious is programmed to attract them for you.

Step number one, use hypnotic writing in the morning. In the morning, you just woke up. I make a lot of videos on how to reprogram your mind when you're sleeping and it's similar when you're waking up because you're in the theta brainwave state. Theta is most akin to hypnosis and it was what you were primarily in in the first six to seven years of your life where a lot of your subconscious programming happened. That's determining your financial situation, your love life, and all the different areas of your life.


Hypnotic writing is quite literally where you sit down and you write over and over and over and over again what it is that you want. The reason that it's called hypnotic writing is because you are hypnotizing yourself through writing. Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real.

When it sees the same thing over and over and over again, it starts to rewrite the record player. Think of your subconscious mind like a record player. Have you noticed that you primarily have the same money thoughts every day? You primarily have the same relationship thoughts every day.

You might think that there's no good guys left or you're bad in relationships. Every time they get good, you mess it up. They never lasts as long as you'd think. You just can't find the right one. Around money, you think that it's the root of all evil or it's not that important or you're just not very good at making it, or the rich people control it.

Have you noticed that you have the same thought patterns over and over? Why is that? Because it's your subconscious mind and it's most akin to a record player. It repeats itself over and over and over.

It's a program that plays itself out and it's been predominantly programmed in your early years of your life and your adolescence years through your parents, through your grandparents, adult figures growing up around you - even if you weren't consciously aware. 

It just started entering your subconscious because your subconscious can pick up sound that is beyond the wavelengths that your conscious mind can perceive that you can consciously hear.


It's picking it up below that and then it programs your mind and then you play those programs out. A very obvious way that you see it is generally people have the same political belief systems as their parents or grandparents or whoever raised them. Why? Because they listened to them talk about it at the dinner table their entire life. Or, they listened to them talk about it in the TV room their entire life and it got programmed into them.

Whether it's the right political or social ideologies or economic ideologies or not, we're generally programmed by the older people around us. Now, unfortunately, this program has happened financially and in every other area of your life. If you want to attract more money, if you want to attract your dream relationship, if you want to reclaim your mind and be the best version of yourself to have your epic, absolute dream life, you have to reprogram it.

I created a success hypnosis and it's free to use.

I created that for myself and what I would do as an experiment is I would play that softly. Then I would write my same affirmations over and over and over again in the present tense. I'd literally pull out a piece of paper. The reason hypnotic writing is so valuable is because you're engaging all the different senses. You're engaging everything in a new way. You're writing. You're thinking about what you're going to write.

You're seeing it with your own eyes. Your body is literally moving while you're writing. If you do my success hypnosis, you're getting your hearing, too. You're engaging so many different faculties of your mind, of your physiology and you're using repetition over a five or 10 minute span.

I just do it for five or 10 minutes to engage it. By the time you're on your seventh day of doing this every day, not only do amazing things start showing up, but what happens is then you notice you that you start to think that way.

Even if before you thought the opposite -if you used to think you weren't good enough or smart enough, or you had this problem or that problem, you notice a new record player starts playing and it starts saying "You're good enough. You're smart enough." More money comes to you every day. You're attracting the love of your life and it starts changing it.

Psychologists say 95% of your life is controlled by your subconscious so when you do that, 95% of your life starts working on your behalf unconsciously and it becomes easy to attract the things that you want in your life because subconsciously, you're programmed to have them.

Make sure to 

Every day, start with the words "I am" and write your affirmation in the present tense. It can be financial, it can be around love, it could be around happiness, joy, opportunities, luck, anything. It doesn't matter, but spend at least five minutes and write them out real quick. If you drink coffee, just drink a quarter of your cup of coffee while you're writing them out. It's so fun. Or if you like tea, do that.

Just sit down for five minutes. What's going to happen is you're going to have so much energy and your subconscious is going to start getting programmed towards the way that you're consciously suggesting it, as opposed to all the crap programming and limiting beliefs by society that have infiltrated in my mind. Now you can reclaim it using hypnotic writing.

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Step number two, write whatever your goals are down on a piece of paper. Put them somewhere you can read them and read them out loud in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, you might have to do one or two quick things, but in the first few minutes, just stop and read them out loud. Stand up. Do what with energy. Do it like you're speaking them into existence. Get your mind focused.

What's going to happen is you'll start firing those brain cells. You're going to start reprogramming your mind and it's going to feel the energy of it. It's going to get you motivated, excited. It's going to get your mind focused and if you do it every single day, you're going to start to think these things have already happened. I can't tell you how many times I've written goals down and I've read them. I've spoke them into existence every morning.

Repetition is how you enter trance and trance is how you get your conscious mind out of the way and you get directly to the subconscious.

Take your goals, whatever they are, or your dream life, whatever it is, write out what your dream life is, put it on a wall and start reading it every single day. Finances, love, career.


Put it all out there so you can get emotionally involved in it, so you can get vivid pictures. The part of writing it down is going to take you longer than it is to read it every day. It might take you 10 minutes to write it down, 20 minutes to write it down. It's only going to take you two minutes to read it. A lot of people aren't actually going to do this that read this blog. They want to be entertained on a blog, but they don't want to do anything.

If you do this, you will reprogram your mind. When you understand 95% of your life is unconscious and you program your unconscious for reality that doesn't yet exist, such as having the money you want, the love you want, the job you want, the house you want, you program your mind as if it already exists. You're subconscious is going to go about creating it without your conscious effort and life becomes easy.

It becomes easier to attract the things that you want into your life. When you're finished reading this blog, write out your goals, your dream life, and then put it on your wall in your bedroom, bathroom, wherever it is that you can read it out loud every day. By the seventh day, it's going to feel like you're already in this reality and great things are going to start occurring fast.

Number three, visualize. Just spend a couple minutes. You could do it standing up, back, whatever works for you. Just sit there. Close your eyes and start feeling the emotions of all the things that you're grateful for, and then call onto the screen of your mind the things you want. Walk into your dream house in your mind. Drive your dream car to work in your mind.

Imagine your boss shaking your hand and giving you a promotion or you landing your dream client or you walking on the beach with your future fiance that you haven't even met yet.

Imagine your mind being in these realities already. You have to condition yourself to the realities. Just like you have to condition yourself to run a faster mile, you have to be able to condition your brain for realities that do not yet exist because for so long, we've carried around the past that we think we know what's possible for our future.

If you haven't yet,

The only way that you can predict the future is by first creating it in your own mind. Spend a few minutes in visualization. If it works for you, take a vision board. That's how I started visualizing. I would put a vision board on my wall and I would slowly go one by one through each image.

Let's say I had an image of my dream house in Maui. I would go to that image and then I close my eyes and I would open them again and I see it really clearly. Then I closed my eyes again and then I'd see it really clearly. By the third time, I'd see it really clearly with my eyes closed. Then, I can go into a little 30 second, 60 second visualization of that experience with so much excitement, gratitude and joy.

Then I'll move onto the next one. Maybe you have a money thing or a love thing or relationship thing or an adventure or travel. You go by one and it's a very easy way. You can just print images off of Google image, Type in the things that you want on Google image and print them off and then cut them out and then one by one, you can use that.

Your mind works in images, so it's actually the most effective way to start suggesting and sending new images to your subconscious. After you use repetition of doing this for a few days, your subconscious starts to pick up the new images.

When your subconscious picks up the new images, you've officially reprogrammed your mind for a new image. It might be an image of money in your bank account. It might be an image of your dream house. It might be an image of you really, really, really happy. It might be an image of you traveling around the world.

I had a thing on my vision board for a while that my wife and I made a few years ago and it was this really, really, really, really beautiful place in Vancouver and British Columbia. We went to the exact spot, the exact spot. It was in my mind so many times because I would stop at it and then I closed my eyes and I would pretend that I was there. I would say "Thank you universe, that I'm in this spot and I'm feeling as if it's already happened."

That's what visualization is. It's an active process; it's not passive. You're actively like "Yeah, yeah" because you need to use emotion to alert your subconscious mind that there's a new program that you would like to enter into your subconscious mind. Emotion is how you do that.

If you haven't yet,

You use the vision board or images that you print out to one by one, go to the next one and then feel that emotion of it. Then go to the next one. Then feel the emotion of it. Visualization is an active process of suggesting images to your subconscious mind and you can easily find these images on Google images. That's the third and final step.

If you use the hypnosis with the hypnotic writing, just play it softly. What it's going to do is set the ambiance. It's going to set the atmosphere of your subconscious mind to program it for success, and that's what you have to do. You have to build your own training ground for your mind.

Make sure you can implement all of these steps. Extra brownie points to someone who comments down the three steps in the comments so everyone can be able to apply them into their life. Please come back and share your success story using this process.

I made a software designed to literally rewire the brain. When I learned about how all the old limiting beliefs are stored in the neuro circuits of our brain, I realized that you actually have to rewire your brain. I was like "Why don't I create a software to do that?"

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