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Jake Ducey
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Manipulated, Tricked, and Brainwashed

We're all manipulated. Sounds dramatic. But it's the reality. We all have been brainwashed through our past experiences to believe what we do today and those beliefs shape our reality. Let's dive in! 

We have been manipulated, brainwashed, led astray, and run amok.

We have been told and we now believe some very very very dangerous things and they're blocking you from getting the money you want, from getting the job you want, the opportunity you want, or whatever it is you want!

This is what's blocking it. Second of all, Mark Twain said, in essence, it's the things that you think that are true that just ain't so.

And there's a big big big difference between a lie and an absolute truth.

Here's an absolute truth. We breathe using oxygen. The sun rises every day. Here's another absolute Truth -physical matter is made of energy.


Albert Einstein proved this a long time ago with E= MC2, which was essentially telling us that energy and matter are one in the same. Everything in this physical universe is made of energy.
Sometimes people hear about what I'm talking about and the write it off like it's new age spiritual stuff. It's science. It's an absolute fact. There's no debating, it's very simple. Everything in the physical universe is energy. That's not a New Age ideology.

Here's an opinion. Money is sinful. God doesn't want you to ask for money. Money is the root of all evil. Only the lucky get rich. I'm too young I'm too old for X Y and Z. There is no good guys left. There's no right women. I'm unlovable.

These are all opinions. Here's the problem. We mistake opinions with absolute truths.

When we do that, we ache with the emotions of lack and unfulfilled wishes and those beliefs produce chemicals in our brain. We have physiological reactions to our thoughts and beliefs so our whole life is negatively based off of unconscious programming.

My life changed when I was able to start to separate an absolute truth from a belief. For instance, I thought I was too young to become successful. To me that felt like an absolute truth.

I started my career when I was 20 years old. I wrote my first book. All of the publishers denied me and they told me I was too young and agents all told me I was too young. I would try to get booked for speaking gigs and everyone told me the same thing! So the information I received from my physical world around me confirmed my belief that I was too young!

I thought since more than one people told me that, it must be true. Then I met a man named Bob Proctor and he said "Jake, never again tell anyone your age until you can get over this idea of telling yourself that you're too young. You're not too young. You are an infinite soul in a physical body."

So I thought, "alright! I've got it now!" Then my limitations moved on to the next area to focus on and I thought that I couldn't be very successful because I dropped out of college. That's an idea, that's not an absolute truth.

Now what I invite you to do is consider what your ideas and beliefs that you think are absolute truths that are blocking what you want. What is it? Do you tell yourself your too old? You're too fat? Too ugly? Not smart enough? What opinions are holding you back?


The Observer Effect has proven that there are waves of energy vibrating at a frequency beyond what we can see. And the consciousness of them is what's determining whether they would exist or not exist. It's your attention on things that is determining your experiences. Your consciousness is influencing your bank account.

Your consciousness is influencing your self esteem and your happiness. Your consciousness is influencing your relationships and your love life. Have you ever met somebody before who has a extremely fulfilling romantic relationship and they always tell you there's no good guys or there's no bright women or they're unlovable?

No. It doesn't happen because your consciousness is what determines the people who enter your life and the relationship you have with them.

We're told that you should be happy with what you have. So people start to say, well money's not that important, success is not important, at least I'm happy. And they can't buy the things they want, go on the trips they want, live the life they want, put their kids in the school they want, get the health insurance they want, and then they hear what we're talking about here in this blog and they laugh at it like it's some funny magic hippie thing.

Look at the results most people are getting! Is because they're doing what everyone else is doing. It's up to us to switch our habits away from what is culturally normal and into a frequency of high vibration.

So when you can start to realize that we've been manipulated and brainwashed unconsciously by people largely with good intentions but they're passing on their limitations to us... We can recognize that they are not absolute facts. The awareness that we have been manipulated frees us from it. We have freedom to recreate our life the way that we want. Not the way that we thought reality was


While you're diving deep into consistency with noticing your thoughts, remember lack of evidence isn't evidence of lack. Your manifestation doesn't always happen over night! My success came all at once after 2 years of applying these lessons. Remember, lack of evidence is not evidence of lack.

The second mind it's right there down below into to the comments. So go and demo that for free right now. The second mind economy right there down below. And what I'm going to do now is I'm going to invite you to hit the subscribe button the bell notification and like this video and then I'm going to replay that affirmation that I said earlier I am an infinite being in a physical body I'm going to replay that affirmation for a few minutes to ground that into your mind now.

I want to leave you with a prayer as well as the success hypnosis. Repeat this to yourself - 

Great possibilities are here now. I feel excited about the future and grateful for my life now.Fantastic things are on the way. I am an infinite being in a physical body. All things are possible. It is amazing. I am an infinite being in a physical body.


Miracles are normal


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Jake Ducey is a two-time published author with Penguin/Random-House (The Purpose Principles and Profit From Happiness), a leading speaker for his generation having been featured in TEDx Youth, hired by mega organizations such as Nielsen and Accenture, and a leader who has already inspired countless thousands of young people to seek meaningful career success and to make a difference in the world.

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