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Manifesting What You Want Using The Law Of Attraction

Warning! Warning! This might shake your belief system. I have proof that you can manifest money or other things that you want quickly and fast into your life. I'm going to share with you real life proof. Then, what's going to happen is you're going to watch the magic unfold in your life.

You can manifest anything you want. If you really are unsure, start with reprogramming your subconscious.

You can use that to start to change your belief systems associated with what you can and cannot attract into your life with respect to money.

If you have amazing success stories, go onto my Instagram, @jakeducey and direct message me. Comment them down below to share your stories.

I grew up thinking that my body was who I am. If somebody said "Who's Jake Ducey?", I would've said "Jake Ducey is this age and he's six foot three. He's this many pounds and here's his life story. This is who he is.

That's not true. That's not who Jake Ducey is. Jake Ducey is the name of my physical body, but I'm a spiritual being in a physical body. The potential of me as an infinite soul that transcends this physical dimension - my life lives on forever. The essence of who I am lives on forever. This spirit energy is beyond my name and beyond my body. It's beyond anything that words can even describe.


When I first heard those ideas, I thought they were ridiculous. When I first heard the law of attraction, I was like "This cannot be real." When I first heard about thoughts become things - comment that down below. "Thoughts become things." I think it's one of the best phrases that was ever created. Thoughts become things. When I first heard that, I thought it was silly. I'm like "It's cute. Yeah, right."

Whatever you truly in the heart of hearts believe, creates your reality. I used to think it was ridiculous that I could manifest money. I used to believe that until firstly, I started putting all these principles to test in my own life. I always say the phrase "Suspend your disbelief."

Comment down below "Suspend your disbelief."

I had to start suspending my disbelief. I was struggling with my career. My wife was in debt. She was my girlfriend at the time, but she was in debt and I couldn't pay for crap and I learned about the subconscious. I was like "Is this really real or is this people that are trying to sell me into an ideology?" I used to believe that, but then I was like "Well, maybe I can rewire it. Maybe these people are telling the truth - these individuals that I was inspired by. I love Dr. Joe Dispenza. I Love Wayne Dyer and Bob Proctor so I created my own success hypnosis.

If you haven't yet,

It's free, and you can start using it every single day.

I decided to suspend my disbelief so I made the success hypnosis for myself and I said "I'll just give it a try." I took it to the logical extreme.

Use these techniques to the utmost. I took it to the logical extreme. I started playing that success every time while I showered - 5 to 15 minutes depending on the day, right?

I started doing it every time I journaled. I journaled anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes a day. I played while I wrote in my journal. I played it while I showered. I played it while I would stretch, which was 10 to 25 minutes a day.

I would play it while I would cook, while I'm cutting vegetables or whatever I'm doing. I was playing this thing for hours, every single day, based off of the ideas I had heard from other people that said "You can rewire your subconscious. The reason you don't have what you want is because you're programming with respect to whatever it is that you desire is blocking it. If you can rewire your subconscious, you can get everything that you want."

I suspended my disbelief to give it a try, and that's when my life changed. Things started showing up in my life. I want to start a new segment on my channel. It's going to be called proof. It's going to be law of attraction success stories. Here's why you actually can manifest money fast.

Everything is energy. By the way, if you have amazing success stories from the things I've shared, you can direct message me on Instagram @jakeducey and send them to me. If you don't have Instagram, send one to and then we're going to start saving them all.

I thought it'd be the coolest thing, like every Sunday, a proof law of attraction success story where I share your story of using these ideas that we talk about in our community in order to create the things that you want in life. Anyways, the reason that you can manifest money fast is quite simple. Everything is energy.


Your past is irrelevant. This isn't woo. Everything is energy. I'm not making things up. Everything is energy. A piece of paper that is a $20 bill, which is really just a piece of paper, is energy. If science looks under a powerful enough microscope, they find this energy. My body is just energy. That's all my body is.

Your body, your chair, your computer, everything, your bank account. It's all made up of energy. That's all moving at different rates of vibration. When scientists started deconstructing physical matter - we used to believe Newtonian physics. Newtonian physics was basically like "The world is physical. We live in a world of matter. Energy is this unexplainable phenomenon that is somehow caused by physical matter.'"

That wasn't true. That was just that we haven't suspended our disbelief long enough to look into the workings of the universe. That was wrong, and what we ended up finding out is that matter is made up of atoms, right? Those atoms are solid. They aren't physical. We would assume that they are physical, but they're not.

They're made up of 95 percent empty space. What's that empty space? It's nonphysical energy. It's spirit energy. This physical reality isn't the only reality in the universe. It isn't the only reality in human existence. We actually live in infinite reality. Science also tells us that energy is never created or destroyed.

Remember, money is energy. My body is energy. The money you want, the car you want, the house you want, the career you want, the love you want, the life you want. Any thing is just energy. Energy is never created or destroyed, so what is that telling us? Something very simple. If energy is never created or destroyed, where is all the energy?

It's locked up as potential energy in a nonphysical dimension.


Where is the money that you want? Where is the relationships that you want? Where is the career you want? It's locked up in a nonphysical dimension. 

The way that you create it in a physical dimension, in this physical reality, is through your consciousness. If your consciousness is "This guy is ridiculous. He's making things up. Karma's going to get him. There's no way you can attract money."

How could you not attract money? People through all of human history have attracted money. If it's just energy, then how do you direct your energy to attract money? How do you direct your energy to attract your dream career or the goal that you want? Through your own focused energy.

What is that energy? It's called thoughts. See, you can see your bank account. If you log into your mobile banking, you can see how much money you have, right? Whatever that digit is, whatever that number is, what is that? It's an energetic symbol of the amount of money you have. It's an energy symbol of the amount of money that you have, right?

That's all it is. It's an energy symbol of the amount of money that you have. What are thoughts? Thoughts are nonphysical energy. What is a wall? What is my body? It's physical energy. It's energy moving at a dense enough vibration where our eyes can pick it up.

Right now, you're seeing a certain projection of energy and molecules that is sending an energy signal back into the mirror reflectors in your eyes that send an electrical impulse to the cells of recognition in your brain that's saying "This is Jake Ducey." Then we have energy symbols. They're called language that allows you and I to communicate, but it's all energy. That's all anything is.

What are thoughts? They're energy you cannot see, but you see the effects of them. We live in a world of cause and effect. This is the simplest way to explain manifesting or anything else. If you can suspend your disbelief, you'll see these things I'm saying are true and your life change forever. If money is energy and thought is energy you can't see, and we live in a world of cause and effect, what is the cause?

Cause means the causal, the actionary thing that creates the things in your life. The cause is your thought patterns, or your perception. My perception is that you can attract any amount of money that you want because you're an extension of God energy.


Where does money come from? It comes from God. It's God energy. That money is simply energy. Your thought pattern in your consciousness, in respect to your ability to attract money into your life, determines whether or not you can actually do it. That's my belief.

If thought is the causal substance that creates the effects, the physical experiences that you have in your life and the circumstances of your life, then the question beckons, if affects are the results of your life, your bank account, your love life, your career, your happiness, your self esteem, all the results in your life, everything going on. Those are the effects. What's the cause? It's nonphysical thought energy.

You can attract money quickly in your life. It's just energy. If you shift your consciousness into a consciousness of already having, miracles will unfold and quick results will into your life. Thought is simply energy.

If this is starting to make sense to you, ​

Start to use that to train your subconscious mind to attract more success and abundance into your life. If you believe that your thoughts actually lead to you creating the results in your life, then it's not going to be destructive. It's going to be constructive because you're going to change your thought patterns and attract things that you want and have a new found inspiration for life. Then it's the exact opposite.

Comment down below "What I want comes to me fast."

What you want can come to you fast if you're consciousness shifts and you suspend your disbelief long enough to give this thing a try, instead of constantly going back and forth. If you plant an orange seed in the ground and you water it for a week, but then a week later you take it out and you say "This doesn't work. This is destructive to say that you can put a seed in the ground and it'll fruit."

Well, I would say back to you "You've got to leave the seed in long enough. You can't be half in, half out, half in, half out. In the Bible it says that "A double edged man is unstable in all their ways." What are they saying?

Everything is two things. If you're half in and sometimes you believe it's possible and the other times you're going back into saying "No, no, I can't do that", and you're stuck in the physical reality and you forget you're a spiritual being in a physical body and you're not bound to the limitations of this physical realm, then what happens is you're constantly going back and forth. In essence, you're pulling the seed out constantly and not allowing the time necessary for it to fruit in your life.

Comment down below "What I want comes to me fast."

What I'm inviting you to do is suspend your disbelief. Comment that down below. "I suspend my disbelief."

Suspend your disbelief long enough to put on the hat, to put on the level of thinking that says "I am a divine being. I am worthy of everything that I desire. My thoughts do become things. I can manifest more money. I can manifest more prosperity. I can manifest new, amazing, enriching relationships and friendships that uplift me. I can manifest new, enriching, awesome lifestyle, everyday things that allow me to travel the world, or that allow me to get into better shape. I can manifest new levels of vitality, focus, concentration, competence, self esteem, excitement about life."

All things are possible to the people that truly believe and are willing to put on this level of consciousness. That's what I believe and that's my mission. I've seen what's happened in my life. I started my career as a 19 year old college dropout. I did two and a half semesters in college and I decided I was going to be an author.

Everyone told me I couldn't do it. It wasn't going to be possible. Like, there's no way. My backstory is I failed junior English class in high school. I was only passing my college classes because I copied of my roommate, Carter. I would copy off of him and I was in almost all of his classes because we were both on the same basketball team together. I did poorly in my SATs and my GPA in high school.

The reason I got into college is because I was a first team all San Diego basketball player, so I was really good at basketball. I was able to play basketball and the sports department was able to get me into school because of that. I wasn't smart and I knew that. I knew I only got into college because of that , so I had a self image of myself not being very intelligent.

I never did good in tests. I actually was prescribed Ritalin for awhile in high school because my teachers told me I had ADD and ADHD. They told my mom that, and I had a lot of parent teacher conferences

. Teachers were calling my house a lot, calling my mom a lot and complaining about me. I couldn't focus. I didn't think I was smart. I definitely couldn't write. Now, I publish books with Penguin Random House, which is the number one English publisher in the entire world. It's the biggest publishing company in the world.

What changed? I suspended my disbelief about who I thought I was and what I thought reality was. Everyone said that I couldn't do it. Everyone said "Jake, here's why it's not going to happen. Why don't you go back to school and do writing in your spare time? This isn't going to make you money."

Guess what? 95% of authors don't sell 2,000 books. Kid you not, that's a true fact. Ninety five percent of authors. Think about how many books are published now with self-publishing. It's about 20, 30, 40, million a year. Maybe it's more.

Only five percent of them even sell over 2,000 copies. You can't live off 2,000 copies. It's impossible. Do the math. Even if you're selling your book at 10 bucks, that would be $20,000 if you could sell them all in one year. The stat is that 95 percent of authors don't sell 2,000 books in the lifetime of the book. How did I make it out of that rabbit hole?

Well, Steve Jobs used to always say he was the exception to every rule, so I started telling myself that as an affirmation because I watched a documentary on it.

I started hypnotizing myself every single day for success. I stopped believing I was a physical body. I stopped saying "Oh, it's destructive that you can't attract money."

I stopped saying "It's not going to work out for me." I put all those society beliefs on the side and I said "What would happen if I rewired every thought that I had and I literally believed success could come to me quickly and could attract new opportunities out of nowhere. Money could come to me in 24 hours. Great opportunities for love and romance would come to me..

I now have attracted my soulmate. All of these things. What if I believed that? Other people maybe thought that was a silly belief system because it was fairy tale. What if I just truly believed that? What would happen?

The result is my life today. I'm really passionate about this because I know it can change your life, but you have to start affirming. Great things are on the way now. All I want is here now. I'm a divine being worthy of everything that I desire.

Share your success stories with me. Do that because I love to know. They make me happy. When I know that I'm inspiring someone, that makes me feel good, but don't do it for me.

Do it for everyone else because if you send me a direct message on Instagram, if you send an email to and title it Testimony and you share your manifestation or law of attraction success story, whether it's money, love, happiness, career weight loss, share it because it'll inspire other people, so don't do it for me.

Do It for other people, do it to inspire other people. That's what we're all here for, to inspire and uplift everyone else.

Share your success story right here, down below. After you write it down below, copy, paste and send it to Copy, paste it and send it to me in a direct message on Instagram, @jakeducey.

You're a powerful being. You're capable of more than you believe. Please let me know if this blog speaks to you and inspires you. This blog is from the bottom of my heart. I love you. I appreciate you and I'll talk to you soon.

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Jake Ducey is a two-time published author with Penguin/Random-House (The Purpose Principles and Profit From Happiness), a leading speaker for his generation having been featured in TEDx Youth, hired by mega organizations such as Nielsen and Accenture, and a leader who has already inspired countless thousands of young people to seek meaningful career success and to make a difference in the world.

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