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Jake Ducey
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#1 Sign You Are Manifesting Money Using The Law of Attraction

Would you like more money? I almost feel like giggling after asking. Of course you do! We all do. the title of this blog is "The #1 sign your are manifesting money using the law of attraction". I'm so glad you're here! Let's dive right in. 

 You might not see it yet, or maybe you are seeing a little bit of it, but you want more and you're working hard and you're clear on your intentions. When you apply what you discover here, it will actually create the financial shift for more money to come into your life.

Sign number one, you're saving it even without a lot of money because money is just energy and when you're spending more energy than you have, you're in an energy debt. You're in an energy lack. You're in a cycle or a system of that and it can only perpetuate itself.

Whereas when you are saving money, even if you only have $, you're starting to build a rather than a debtor relationship or a lack relationship with money, you're starting to build the opposite.

You're no longer just reacting to money. You're starting to make your own plans about how your financial life is going to go. So what's very important to recognize that when you want more money, if you cannot manage what you have, you will not get more because money is just energy.

I used to think that it's easy for every one else to say. That's what I used to say to myself and I was struggling for so many years. My wife, she was, my girlfriend at the time was in debt because my career hadn't taken off.

I worked really hard for probably four or five years and I wasn't getting the progress that I wanted at all. It got to this point where it almost became a desperation that led me to reading and studying different books about money.

I came across a phrase and that phrase said that unless you can manage what you have, you won't get more than what you got. Or in other words, unless you can respect and appreciate what you have, then the universe isn't going to give you more.

Your subconscious will know you aren't ready to receive more because you can't even manage what you got. You can't even respect what you have. So how is your subconscious mind that is manifesting and creates everything, going to give you more? It's actually impossible.


And I was like, wow, that's pretty interesting. I always would tell myself, I'll do it when I have more, I'll start paying myself first. When I have more, I'll start spending less than I'm earning. Instead, what I started doing was paying myself when I didn't have it. 

manifesting money

​I heard in a talk that Sir John Templeton, who's one of the most famous investors who's ever lived. He saved 50% of his money and I was like, well, that's easy for this guy.

He's a multibillionaire. But I thought, I'm going to try it! I didn't have any income.

It was very random and sporadic. A random hundred dollars from a speaking gig or maybe $400 on a good day. And then the next day I would give away my services for free. It was so random and sporadic and there was no level of consistency to pay my bills.

My wife was working 50 hours a week. She was commuting on top of that for, you know, roughly 90 minutes in Los Angeles traffic. When money started coming in, for instance, let's say I got $100 Gig or $300 speaking gig or a $1,000 consulting service, that was going to be my income for awhile, I saved 50% of it. It was stressful and weird, for sure. All of my old limiting beliefs would come up and want me to go back to old habits of thinking and being.

manifesting money

If you pay yourself at all, the worst that could happen is you're going to have the money. The percentage or denomination of your income that you save is just the details.

 There's only the present moment in your emotional stance. Right now you're sending a message to your subconscious and imprinting upon your unconscious. And eventually, what your subconscious recieves, recreates itself because your subconscious controls 95% of your life - Including finances.

So when you say, "I'll save it when..." Or you go, "I'll pay myself first later but right now, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah", What you're telling your subconscious mind is, I don't have the money and I will not get the money. This is because there is no past or future in your subconscious. Your subvonscious is only hearing "im broke" with that style of thinking.

manifesting money using the law of attraction

The subconscious mind is 100% impressionable. The only way the subconscious mind gets programmed is from your conscious behaviors.As long as you continue to live in the, "im broke" or "ill buy it when..." style of thinking, your scarce reality will perpetuate itself. People get all caught up in the law of attraction and they say, "I get what I want"!!! They know what they want, but their inner dialogue to their subconscious is actually saying I'm broke because it's projecting their desire into the future. But there is no past or future.

So I started putting away the money and what was something else very interesting. Even though at the time I remember my wife and I saving our first $500 then our first thousand dollars then our first $10,000...

 and what happens is the perception of self starts to change because you start to become a person that possesses and has abundance and prosperity and options and discipline and self respect and self love and respect for money.

Well, money has ears and when you call it, it's going to come because it can hear, it can hear your perception of it and when your perception of it is in a lack of respect for it, where you're spending everything you make constantly or your relationship within it is a respect for it in that a lack of respect in that it doesn't exist.

 I'll get it then when sometime in the future if you're just saying, I'm broke, I'm broke, I don't have it, I don't have it, I don't have it. But when it shifts to a respect for it, okay, I've got this, I've got $1,000 from my first thousand dollars saved. You start to attract more of it because like energies attract like energies and you start to build, even if it's small, you start to become the type of person that possesses and attracts abundance into your life.

Once you have money saved and you're feeling abundant, the results start to snowball because you're actually feeling the reality of abundance in your life. Your feelings create your thoughts which as we know, create our reality.

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You showed up to your life, you showed up to your mind, you showed up to your growth, you showed up to yourself... This is amazing not only for you but because there might be other people that you can serve and provide for now that you're in an abundant position.

Pick your percentage. Pay Yourself first. You don't get what you want, you get what you are. You're becoming this new person.

Quite a few years ago when I was trying to change my life, I started hypnotizing myself to reprogram my subconscious mind. So my subconscious mind would start to be programmed to attract finances, great opportunities, wonderful relationships, networking, prosperous opportunities. And what happened was my whole life started changing and I've given it away now to over 400,000 people. Every day I get an amazing financial story or success from someone that is using it. You can use it for free, 100% for free. I recommend using it every morning and every night. It's right there, down below.


Miracles are normal


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