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Manifest Money With Water!!!

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Nov 06

It may sound ridiculous. How to manifest money using water. But you will be surprised at what you are about to discover.

The very first step you need to realize is that you're predominantly made of water. Dr Emoto who is no longer alive did a lot of research on water and what he found was your consciousness affected the actual structure of water. Where the memory of water.

So you could actually send positive or negative messages to water and using powerful enough microscopes they could study and they could see the different composition of the molecules of that water. Okay, well I'm 70% water, you're 70% water. And if your thoughts affect outside water, don't you think they affect your body? Then get this, you drink that water all day.

So what type of consciousness are you bringing new consciousness, new life into your field every time you drink water? So every time you drink this, just before you drink it, unconsciously you have certain thought patterns. Instead of putting positive energy or positive intentions into new life that's going into your cells, what most people do is they think unconsciously about the things that they do not want. What if instead you sent positive intention of financial prosperity to the water you're drinking?

What if every time it became your actual subconscious prompt that you were so thankful that God's wealth flows to you in avalanches of abundance? What if every time you felt an overwhelming gratitude that large sums and money seem to come to you quickly and easily?

Let's say you had 12 cups of water and every single time you were drinking it, The memory in this water was charged with the reality that God's wealth flows to you in avalanches of abundance. How do you think that would affect you?

manifest money with water

If water has memory and you are predominantly water, you are actually charging your cells with the potential reality that you will or will not create. Your consciousness is stuck on that reality or complaining about the reality or wishing it wasn't so anymore, you keep recharging the same cells with the same reality over and over again, and then you keep drinking the water and then the water gets charged with those cells. All posibillities exist yet you keep recharging with your same reality over and over again because you are so in the habit of thinking the way you do!

This is the hardest thing for people because they're always reaffirming the reality that they don't want. They want more money, but they're frustrated because every time they look at their mobile banking, there is no money in it. Bob Proctor says this, "does your thinking control your bank account or your bank account Control your thinking?

It's a real question to ask. Which one controls your mind? Does your bank account control your mind? Because if your bank account controls your mind and there's not enough digits or commas in that, in that bank account or not enough zeros, what's going to happen? Your thoughts are going to be controlled by lack and you're going to be in a consciousness of lack and not enough money. Therefore, your consciousness will be consciously and subconsciously controlled by this.

Therefore, every time you go to drink water, you're going to be instilling that memory with the same pattern over and over and over and over again. But when you can transform your mind, when you can be renewed by the transforming of your own mind, what gets to happen? You realize that everything is two things. What you want and the absence of what you want.

The problem is most people are just focused all the time on the absence of what they want. They're so attached to their present reality that they keep affirming it and then they keep instilling the memory of the water back into itself over and over and over and over again.

manifest money with water

I've even seen people that have stopped me and they said that they carry water bottles that say, "I'm so grateful large sums of money come to me quickly and easily". It's the best way. Water is literally God energy. Water is in essence a symbolism of God life force, and if you can instill that God life force with the intention of prosperity, you can bring money into your life. In order to turn this into this, you have to do a couple things.

you have to suspend your disbelief. What does that mean? A lot of people watch this video and they said it was ridiculous or absurd or their old thinking and everything they'd been told about reality came into play and they said this wasn't true or this is absurd, or it's too new age.

So they started the video in the cancelled out. You have to have an open mind that's attached to nothing. If your mind is closed in any capacity, think about it like this. Pretend you're this cup of water. When your mind is closed, what happens? If you go over to the faucet right now and you tried to put water in a cup that was closed off with a lid or your hand, what would happen?

You obviously wouldn't get any water in the cup. That was supposed to be an easy question. The infinite possibilities of the of the universe are always available to you. Fantastic financial opportunities, great breakthroughs, quick shifts in life, always available. But when your mind is closed, you shut off the faucet essentially. Opportunities can't come to you because you are so stuck in the way you think things are instead of being open to what's possible.

manifest money with water

I encourage you to start drinking your water with intention. Every time you go for a cup or a bottle, poor your intention of love and abundance into it. See how that affects your thinking and life after 30 days. Remember you are water. You can literally change the energy you create through the feeling and thoughts you create.

My success hypnosis is really going to help you rewire your mind for that of success. It's going to help you remove the lid from your cup so to speak. That's why I created it for myself. Now over 600,000 people around the world use it and write me everyday with amazing success stories. That's where I get my fulfillment. My dream is for you to use it and write me as well. Go ahead and click the link below to see for yourself. It's totally FREE.


Miracles are normal.


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