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Law of Attraction Cheat Code To Manifest What You Want

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 19

Now you might be wondering, is there some type of law of attraction cheat code that I can utilize to become a manifesting beast? In this video I'm going to share with you basically the law of attraction cheat code so that you can manifest what you want quicker. You can manifest which want faster and you can manifest what you want easier. Let's dive right in.

So in order to become a manifesting beast, in order to really unlock the cheat code for life, first of all you need to realize this is your playground. You're a divine being. You're not your little body. You're using your little body, you're a spiritual being in a physical body. You incarnated here in this third dimension as a physical being into a more dense reality so that you could remember that you are a divine being and access your power.

So you could realize that you are a powerful creator, so that you could live this beautiful existence to the fullest. But most people are living so meekly that they're afraid to look in the mirror and say, "I can do it. I can do it. I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. I live in a world of infinite possibilities. This life is my playground and I'm here to live the happiest life I can to have financial freedom. I'm here to attract money. I'm here to attract generosity, I'm here to be a loving human being, I'm good enough, and I can do this!"

law of attraction cheat code

You know the word desire? De sire? It means of the father. Your desires are of God. They're of the highest order of the universe. They are divine, but most people have their desires and they go, "I can't do that". Dude, you have God speaking through. You have the universe speaking through you. The universe is on your side. When you start to adopt this type of consciousness, doors open all the time. Things come to you all the time. You attract the perfect people all the time.

The second thing to become a manifesting beast, to really unlock the cheat code to the law of attraction is to start seeing your imagination as the will of will of God. If you don't like the word God, Alan Watts says, you can't get wet by the word water. It's not the word. Call it universe. Call it spirit. Call it Allah, Buddha, Krishna. Call it consciousness.

Call it divine mind. Call it energy, call it vibration. I don't care what you call it, but your imagination is the actual will of this energy. It's how you actually harness it. A lot of people think they're separate from this universal intelligence. You're not separate. It is you. You have to be like that which you came from. It's within every cell of your body.

You harness this energy. it's just like when you take a magnifying glass and hold it up to the sun, you're harnessing, you're directing that light energy. You direct light energy with your imagination. It's just that most people imagine negatives their entire lives.

law of attraction cheat codes

They imagine that they're not good enough. It's not that they're really not good enough. They've imagined it so long that it feels real. And when you have thoughts, you create emotions and your emotions start to hardwire in your brain and all of a sudden the box that you've created for yourself and you think it's real. When you think you're not good enough and you think you're not smart enough, It's just imagination. What if you imagined that everything opened up for you? What if you imagined that you were a magnet to fantastic people? What if you imagined that you were incredibly successful? That's all you imagined and you imagined it so vividly that it felt real.

See, a lot of people think the imagination is a childish thing. Most people grow out of their imagination. What they don't realize is they're always using it. They're just using it unconsciously and negatively. It is your imagination that says, "Oh, I can't make more money. Oh, I can't double my income". It's your imagination that says there's no good guys left. There is no right women left. It's your imagination that says you're always going to be in debt. This is your imagination and you can reverse it.

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So what I invite you to do is to remember that you are a divine being and that you are one with this universal energy. You are not separate from it, and that your imagination is this Christ consciousness. Your imagination is how you harness the will of God and direct in your life. Your imagination is a superpower. Think about everything that exists in human history. Where did it come from? Imagination. It came from imagination.

So remember your divine being and if you can close your eyes, if you can detach from this outer world.

See the problem is most people are so attached to their physical environment that it's hard for them to disengage their consciousness and imagine a new life. So you've got to take deliberate effort. You've got to put your phone on airplane mode, you've got to turn your computer off. You've got to close the door and put a do not disturb sign on your door for a few minutes. You've got to close your eyes. You've got to listen to my success hypnosis. It's right there, down below.

You've got to start to to imagine a new life so vividly that it feels real. And you have to remember this imagination is no airy fairy thing. It's literally how you channel the incredible, infinite power of this universe. Remember your imagination is your superpower. So use it wisely.

law of attraction cheat codes

Last but not least, I invite you to play the isn't it amazing game. Press pause on

your reality and let's pretend you and I are hanging out right now. I'll go first. Isn't it amazing that this year everything started shifting for you that you watch my video and you finally decided that you're not going to allow your thoughts to be controlled by the past anymore?

You're not going to allow other people to limit you. You're not going to stand for people that aren't positive anymore. Isn't it amazing that when you started to do that your life started changing? Isn't it amazing that you wrote down how much money you wanted to make on a piece of paper and then it happened?

Isn't it amazing that you became a magnet for money? Everything started going your way. You got a promotion, you've got more success. You've got the perfect job. Isn't it amazing that you realized that life is friendly, that you found deep peace within your heart, your soul and your mind. Everything worked out perfectly for your highest and best good.

Everything works out perfectly for you. Isn't that amazing? Imagine if you did that for five minutes a day. See, I just did it for 15 seconds and I already feel better. When you do that, you're starting to retrain your brain.

Your brain is a muscle that developed certain habits and your mind is a muscle that develops certain habits. And most people forget that they have the freewill to live any life that they want.

law of attraction cheat codes

So use the, isn't it amazing game. If you have a friend or a or a romantic partner or colleague, you can do it with them out loud. If not, do it by yourself. Do it in your car. Do it in your room. Say, isn't it amazing? Isn't life amazing? You are more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Press the pause button and you can just turn the volume down a little bit on the old thoughts and just start imagining that everything's going to go your way today. Something great will happen. You live in a friendly universe. You are a divine being. This is the best time in human history to be alive. You are worthy of what you want.

You are good enough, you are smart enough. Everything is going to go your way. You're forgiven for your past. Take a deep breath in and out. A nice deep breath and put a smile on your face. Today is the day your life changes forever.

Thanks to neuroscience, we now know we can rewire our mind. That's why I created the Second Mind. It's right there down below. go ahead and use it 30 days for FREE. I used it and that's what changed my life forever and allowed me to wire my brain for success and abundance and to attract my soul mate into my life.

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