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Jesus and The Law of Attraction

The other day I got an email from someone that asked me if God or the universe plays favorites because there's a passage in the Bible that I'm sure you've heard before. This is a quote about Jesus and the Law of Attraction. It's one of the most popular in the whole Bible. It says that to the person that has more will be given. To those who have not to, those that don't have even that which they have is going to be taken away. And the person asked me the about that quote and they said, well, you know, that doesn't make any sense. I'm struggling. Why is God continuing to punish me? Now? It's really important to understand and to examine that as it pertains to the law of attraction, consciousness and manifestation.

That phrase from the Bible is talking about consciousness.

To them who has more will be given. To the person that has not, that which they have is going to be taken away. 

If you're in lack and scarcity, even what you have will be taken away because you will attract more and more lack and scarcity. God as we know it is a universal law. It's a force and that universal force, that universal law, is one of consciousness.

Jesus and the Law of Attraction

When you're in a consciousness of abundance, when you, as the Bible says, seek the Kingdom of Heaven within, you move into a more powerful level of vibration and consciousness.When most people are trying to manifest, attract and create things in their life, they're speaking of God like a vending machine.

Please God, give me money.
Please God, make me healthy.
Please God, get me a soul mate.
Please God, give me a better job.

What are they really saying?

I hate where I'm at right now. This sucks. I'm helpless. Please help me.

God doesn't respond like that. God is an energy field. That energy field responds to consciousness.

That's why to the person who has, more will be given and those who have not, what they have will be taken away. Like attracts like,

That's why in the Bible, it says, "seek the Kingdom of heaven within," because when you connect to that godlike part of yourself, when you connect to the divine perfection, whole aspect of yourself, you can live in a place of abundance. You're happy for no reason. You're excited about life. You recognize the beauty and the abundance and the prosperity. You're in a place of having in essence. You are connected to spirit. You already have what you want, therefore more will be given to you. It becomes easier to attract and create the things that you want in your life, to the energy field of the universe.

Needy is creepy

You might need it, but if you can't shift your energy out of lack and limitation and that you're stuck the way you are, unless God like parts the sea for you and gives you some miracle, then you're screwed because you're in a place where you are already in lack. To those who don't have even that which they have is going to be taken away from them. He's not.

The Bible verse isn't saying if you're poor, then you're going to be more poor, and if you got a bigger house, you're going to get an even bigger house. It's talking about consciousness, stately mansions of consciousness. So when you, when you're in a consciousness of poverty and by all means, you can have the best car in the world. The nicest house in the world make $10,000,000 and you could be in la. You can be a total lack. Your, your emotional life could be total crap.

It's purely about consciousness.

Jesus and the Law of Attraction

You must seek to know the god self within you. You must seek to know and to experience, truly experience the perfection of the universe inside of you, that you are whole in the way you are, that you may look around in your mind, may want to tell you all the reasons that your life isn't good, but unless you can get in a place of appreciation for all the things that have went wrong, the financial struggles you've had or the health problems you have or the relationships you have.

If you can't find something good out of them, then what happens is you can't be free of them because you're in a place of not happening, but when you can learn to find something to be grateful for about the challenges that you've had.

I'm so grateful that it took so long for me to build my career and I had so many years of struggle and my and my girlfriend at the time. Now my life partner was in debt for everyday necessities. I'm so grateful for all that struggle because it taught me to actually learn to live from abundance rather than hoping for it. I've learned to step back and say, okay, I don't need, I need this money and I need this thing and I need this to workout. I'm living for something outside of myself. When you're living for something outside of yourself, you're always going to be in lack.

You must realize that it's all about living from abundance, from gratitude, from joy, from creativity, not a hoping that you're going to get it sometime in the future and you're hoping for it so today, live with joy today.

Live with gratitude today.

Realize that you're connected to God, to the universe and realize that as you radiate that abundance, that love, that joy, that optimism, and you see new found possibilities in your life, more will be given to you. That's the beauty of life.

You have beautiful things in store for you today. You have beautiful things in store for you this week.

Radiate that energy out into the world and good will come back to you.

To the person that has more will be given, to those that have not even what they have will be taken away. It's all in consciousness and the consciousness you come from dictates what you attract.

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I was struggling because I kept affirming and living in my own struggles. Even what I had was taken away from me.

Live from abundance. Make it your intention today to live from abundance, to live from the perfection of your life, of your spirit.

Have an absolutely beautiful day. 

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