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Is the Universe Asking You To Change What Youre Doing?

There are five warning signs from the universe. Have you been wondering why so much negativity is pouring in lately. Maybe you're receiving signs you need to change what you're doing ... Let's dive in! 

The first warning sign is that you keep getting the same experience or manifestation over and over and over again. So the lessons in this universe repeat until we learn them. You might want more money but you keep seeing the lack of it in your bank account.

You might want to track or so maybe you keep seeing no good guys no right women. So every time we get the same experience over and over again what the universe is saying is "check your thoughts" because this reality is just an illusion.

This physical reality is a playground for your soul. You are a spiritual being in a physical body and you incarnated here in third dimension in this physical reality in order to learn one primary thing. Thoughts become things. What do you mean by thoughts become things? Your ideas in your consciousness both consciously and subconsciously create the things in your physical reality. This is such a powerful tool change what you're doing .

change what you're doing

Everything is two things. The presence of what you want or the absence of what you want. You can want money but your thoughts can be focused on the absence of it.

You can want love but your thoughts or your consciousness can be in the absence of it. In the Bible it says to those that have more will be given and to those that don't have even that what you have will be taken away from them.

If you can check your thoughts and start to think and speak as if you're already in the consciousness of what you want, you will get it. So instead of going to "I really want money" you go to "I'm so happy and grateful that God's wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance." Same goes for love or what ever you desire!

The second warning sign is that you have negative people coming into your life.

The reason that they're coming at you is because you're bein tested by God. The universe is seeing if you've healed or processed that part of yourself. So you may have started your own business and it was scary right?

Then your brother or your sister it's not going to work out and projects fear and lack on to you. The question is, how will you receive the fear and projections from negative people?

You can react in two ways. When your sister does it you can yell, "How dare you! You don't know what you're talking about!" You may get all pissed off and offensive about it. That's you are reacting to the emotional charge of a deep seeded fear of failure. Whereas the other one would be, "Thank you but that's not part of my belief system. I know I'm succeeding.


change what you're doing

I know this and that is coming into my life. I know that I'm a divine being I am worthy of all that I desire. I believe you're worthy of that too. I know you have the best intentions in mind with the things you're saying but they're not helpful to me. And so I have to let you know that this respectfully is not part of my belief system and I will not allow those ideas to enter my mind because I know great things are on the way."

All the sudden you're no longer moving from the reaction of fear of failure because you already know success is inevitable. So if negative people come at you, It's really a barometer to tell you if you've emotionally healed or cleared the emotions at which that person is picking.

The third warning sign is that you're going through some form of pain.

Earlier this year and last year for six or seven months I had a debilitating back injury. I threw my back and neck out. I'd have these crazy muscle spasms where I literally couldn't move my arm and couldn't move my leg. It was the worst pain I ever had. And they would just come and go all the time and I thought it was a physical thing.

So I thought well I'll go to the chiropractor and doctor so I can be physically diagnosed. It wasn't until eventually I realized that it was actually all emotional. My physical was a barometer or a representation of my emotional and I realized that the sign of the pain I was getting was the enormous amount of pressure I put on myself. I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to achieve to succeed to do all these things.

My subconscious was creating an inner conflict and an inner pain. It manifested itself physically in my body. So the warning sign of physical pain is that there is an emotional pain you're creating on and for yourself.

The next warning sign is that you feel stress or you forget about your breath.

this is saying, slow down. I'm telling you to just breathe. This is calling you to change what you're doing .I'm reading a great book right now it's called the Presence Process. In the book there's a certain breathing technique they recommend and it's simply breathing in and out but not stopping so that the breath becomes a continuous movement.

change what you're doing


So when you get to the top you're inhale you immediately move to your exhale so you don't stop and hold your breath. Wether you know it or not, most likely you are pausing and holding your breath far too often...because most people unknowingly are doing this.

Inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. You can try it now if you're in a safe place. Every time you feel overwhelmed it is a warning sign telling you to remember your breath. When you remember your breath you bring yourself back to the present moment.

And when you bring yourself back to the present moment your vibration is no longer controlled by the past or the future. It's simply right here right now. Right here right now you have access to the Kingdom of Heaven which is within yourself and is accessible through your own breath.

The fifth and final warning sign from the universe is that you're being rejected.

So I know this one from experience. I got denied by about 15 literary agents and maybe 20 30 publishers when I self published my first book and on top of that I lost all my old friends. Everyone said this is a bad idea. Jake, won't you do something else?

So I had this overwhelming amount of what felt like opposition. It was really just people coming from their own reality.

So it's an important distinction to make. It's really not opposition and it's important to understand that because if you start to look at it like opposition or people attacking you, or you're a victim to them, then you enter the playground of competition. The problem with the playground competition is that it's based in polarity. Negative and positive.

There's always a winner and a loser. Now if you can transcend that and move into the creative plane then you can start to see opposition. You can start to see people rejecting you as really just another stepping stone to you getting what you want in life.

What I used to do when I didn't get what I wanted is subconsciously get really jealous. That would manifest in me criticizing people about their creative endeavor or why they're so different from me. It was my unconscious reaction to protect myself from the feeling of hurt or not being validated or not getting what I wanted. So every time you get rejected move out of competition.

change what you're doing

when you move out of competition and into the creative plane what you do is you start to mimic the energy of the universe. You start to mimic the energy of God. The creative power of the universe doesn't complete. It just creates and when we start to mimic that energy, we start to get the power of God on our side. We start to get "lucky". We start to get opportunities. We start to move out of trying to defend ourselves and when you stop trying to defend yourself trying to win arguments, you will free yourself of resistance and step into allowance for all the beauty to unfold.

Thank you so much for being here today. Sending so much love, healing, and abundance! Make it a great day and let me know how applying these signs from the universe, changes your mood, day, or life.


Miracles are normal.


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