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How To Raise Your Vibration Instantly

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 29

Life is all about energy. If you can get your energy high, then you can bring anything that you want into your life. See, everything is energy and the problem is a lot of times when we go through our to-do's and busy-ness, sometimes just the negativity of the day, our energy stays low and this stops us from feeling better, having more energy, and simply attracting what we want into our life. I'm going to share with you three tricks to raise your vibration instantly.

Tip number one is conscious breathing. You have to breathe to be alive. If you didn't notice... And we never do it! I mean it happens through the autonomic nervous system, but we're pretty much unaware of it. Take a nice conscious, deep breath. Trick number one is conscious breathing. You don't need a special style. You don't need a special technique.

But what happens is we're in traffic and someone cuts us off or we have a long list of to-do's, we're tired, Maybe your neck hurts, maybe you're worried about finances. The list goes on. What happens is we start to clinch our fingers and our toes and our jaw. Our breath gets smaller and smaller and smaller because the nervous system is always in fight or flight.

And when it stays in this type of frenetic fight or fight place like that, we can't get it out and into a state of equilibrium. When it's in this fight or flight type of state, the breath gets very constricted. And this is very bad for energy. So quite simply with me right now, take a nice rhythmic breath in, maybe count him for four seconds and then exhale.


raise your vibration instantly

See if you can feel the warm or cold air on your nostrils as you breathe in. So let's do it together. One time. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel your belly fall. And now when we breathe back in, see if you can notice the cool or warm temperature on your nostrils as you breathe in. Feel your stomach contract as you let go. Anytime, you can simply tap into this technique and it will calm you down and raise your vibration.

Step number two is feeling your inner state of being. Is there life in your hands? Bring your attention to your hands. Remember that conscious breathing we were doing a moment ago? Keep that rhythmic breath.

See if you can feel the pulsing in your hands. See if you can feel that energy in your hands. Everything is energy, so if you can get your awareness outside of your mind and bring it to your state of being, to your inner being, you're going to feel a pulsing in your hands.

Breathing in, breathing out. Now maybe bring your attention to your feet and say, is there a life in my feet? Can I bring my attention to my feet? Can I feel the energy, the vibration, that the pulsing in my feet? You can move through your whole body and it can bring you right back to the present moment. This is a very simple way to get outside of your mind and to get present.

raise your vibration instantly

Once we're back here in this moment we're no longer offering resistance energetically, but also in our nervous system. And when that happens, the nervous system gets out of fight or flight and it starts to really let go and you feel good right away. So take a deep breath in and out and ask yourself, is there life in my hands?

You can do this while you're working. Put your attention on your feet while having a stressful conversation or you're driving your car. It's a great way to stay really present. It's a reminder that you are just energy and life is just energy. When you do this, you're activating or you're awakening your inner being.

Trick number three is gratitude. This morning when I went to the gym, it was real in the morning and while I was driving, it was still dark out and I was a little bit tired. My mind took me down a rabbit hole. But I started doing these three steps we are talking about. I started with nice conscious breaths. Then I brought my attention to my hands and I have a convertible.

So I felt the cold air on my face. So I was feeling. And then the third step is gratitude. So I started thinking how grateful I am for my toes. Nice reminder to let have them let go. A lot of times we don't even know, but the entire day we're clenching our toes because we're holding stress there.

raise your vibration instantly

I'm grateful for God. I'm grateful for this beautiful universe that supports me. I'm thankful for fill in the blank. You just start moving through things. I like to start with my body. Just going through all those things from my toes to my eyes, to my smell, to my lungs, and just moving through all these things that we take so much for granted. Now this does a few things.

One, it just immediately makes you feel good. Two, it connects you again back to this moment, especially when you start with your body because it forces you to bring your attention here in this moment as opposed to the past and the future and wherever your thoughts might be guiding you.

And this is a simple inner check-in. I just took it all for granted. Like there's a lot of people that don't have well-working bodies. I'm so grateful that I am able and healthy. I'm so grateful for all the clean water and all the food and I'm so grateful for gasoline and electricity. You have a beautifully intelligent nervous system that allows you to smile, and when you do that, it instantly sends chemicals to your brain that allow you to feel good.

Today is a wonderful day to be alive and to raise your vibration instantly. Comment down below, "I am beautifully made! It's a great day to be alive!" And if you haven't yet, make sure to download my free success hypnosis that will allow you to rewire your mind and vibration to one that attracts wealth and prosperity into your life. It only takes a few minutes to use everyday and it's absolutely free!


Miracles are normal.


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