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How To Deal With Toxic People

Do you have some negative and difficult people in your life? In this video, I'm going to share with you how to deal with negative, difficult, toxic people, how to never get upset by them again, and how to move forward with a lot of positivity.

What if you're not your body? When you look in the mirror, that's not who you are. What if your soul and you incarnated into a body to learn certain spiritual lessons? And one of those lessons is how to move confidently in the direction of your dreams as well as how to not allow outside energies to control your own state of consciousness.

What if that was true and what if the reason that negative or toxic are showing up is because it's trying to teach you one of the lessons that you came here in order to learn. Instead of being overwhelmed and feeling so afraid or frustrated or angry or stressed by it, what if instead it was a sign that you are on the right path?

One thing that I've learned over life is that the lessons repeat until we learn them. When I was in the early stages of building my career, the vast majority of people thought it was a bad idea and I faced a lot of opposition.

I would sell my books out of the trunk of my car. So I got hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people telling me no, they wouldn't buy my book. And sometimes people would lecture me on why this was a bad idea and I felt like I was daily or weekly facing really toxic and negative people because I was putting myself out there in such a major way. I would talk to anyone, tell anyone about my books. And at first it was really defeating. And then I realized, well, what if we live in a world of polarity?

how to deal with toxic people

Polarity meaning negative, positive, dark, light. We live here in third dimension In a world of polarity. What if the reason that I'm attracting this negative nation is because I found what my spiritual mission, I found my purpose here on earth, and that's to uplift the consciousness of the planet.

And so I wrote these books out of that purpose. Well, what if in order to help me navigate that, I am on a deeper level manifesting negative people and negative situations so that I could test my own spiritual will. See, I could've listened to them or got so frustrated that I fell off my purpose, or I could've listened to them and I could've stopped.

"I'm too young anyways. You're absolutely right. Let me quit." I could've done that as well, but I didn't it. Henry David Thoreau has a quote that I love. He says, "move confidently in the direction of your dreams and success will meet you in common hours."

What if the negative people in your life right now, you really manifested them. It could be your parents. It could be an employer, it could be a neighbor, it could be a roommate, could be an old friend. What if you manifested this so that you could learn how to navigate negativity and how you could control your own energy and how you could recognize that other people have nothing to do with you. What if you have a goal, a dream, an idea of path in life you're trying to walk?

how to deal with toxic people

And what if you on a deeper level manifested a negative, toxic, difficult person or situation so that it could be a challenge that further commits you to your spiritual purpose or your path in life or your goals or your dreams? What happened was all the negativity went from bogging me down to being a perfect sign.

Not only that I was on the right track, but it was a perfect opportunity to recommit to my purpose in life and not allow outside information to control who I wanted to be, to practice my own free will. So what if on a deeper level, the negative, toxic or difficult person or persons that you're dealing with right now, what if on a deeper level, they're your greatest spiritual teacher and they're actually your guru? What I mean by that is that they're teaching you the most powerful lessons you could ever learn.

How to sustain your own happiness, how to not allow outside opinions and outside moods and personalities of others to dictate your own mood and your own personality. What if they're your greatest spiritual teacher because they're throwing out your deepest fears to you. Are you going to bite that? Your deepest fears, right? This person is offering you an opportunity to overcome.

What if they're coming into our life to re direct us more fully towards our ultimate goals and dreams in life? Now, it's never the outside person or situation. It's always our perception about it that controls how we feel. So what if right now you could change your perception about that person or that situation.

how to deal with toxic people


What if you could change your perception about it to see it now as your greatest spiritual teacher? What if instead of I have to deal with this person again? Uh, they just don't get it. They just don't understand. I don't want to see them again. What if instead it was silently, "Thank you for this teaching moment. It's here to bring me back to my own joy."

It's here to help me recommit to my own purpose, to my own goals. Because when that occurs, you're no longer resisting. The trouble with negative and difficult people is not the negative people in and of itself. It's our resistance to what's happening. It's not surrender. It's resistance to what's happening. Resistance to what's happening is what causes us tension and anxiety. Tension and anxiety are what cause us to get our energy lowered around this person.

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That person didn't lower our energy. Our resistance to this circumstance is what has caused us to offer a vibration of resistance, which creates tension and anxiety and ultimately anger. And then instead of realizing our perception is created, we direct that towards someone else and we get a angry at that other person. When we get angry at that person, we've given up our power to have freedom in the moment. So what I'm inviting you to do is to just practice for a little while seeing that terrible traffic, that awful person that's very hard to deal with and starting to see that person as actually on some level as situation. You've actually intentionally manifested that you've actually intentionally created as one of your greatest spiritual lessons as one of your greatest virtual teachers.

So the question is, what is this person trying to teach me? They don't know that they're trying to teach you something, but what is this person trying to teach me? What is this situation teaching me? Actually write it down. And when that happens, we reclaim our power and then we're no longer resisting the moment and when we're no longer offering or a vibration of resistance to what is, all of a sudden we're free. We're free to keep our peace. We're free to handle the situation differently and we're free to reconnect to our own joy that was lost when we said, that person is making me angry.

All of a sudden we're free again. And here's a question that you can ask yourself in conclusion. Is this worth losing my peace over?

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